Stomatitis patch Intrastomatitis Patch is a patch-type treatment for stomatitis and glossitis sold by Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a major Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer.
It is an NSAID that suppresses inflammation while promoting granulation growth and accelerating healing.
The active ingredient of the drug does not flow in saliva, maintaining excellent adhesion in the targeted area of the oral cavity.
It protects the affected area from irritation and provides effective treatment.
In this article, we will explain the effects and precautions of stomatitis stickers.

What is Stomatitis patch Taisho A?

Stomatitis patch Taisho A is a remedy for stomatitis and glossitis.
Many of you may have experienced stomatitis or glossitis.
Stomatitis and glossitis increase the pain when the irritant hits the inflamed area. You're in pain every time you eat, and you're stressed when you eat something that's supposed to be fun.
By applying Stomatitis Patch to the affected area, it protects the affected area from irritation and relieves pain.
Stomatitis Patch Let's understand the ingredients used in Taisho A and the difference from other stomatitis treatments.

Ingredients used

Kou Yan Pie Kou Yan Pie is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug made from a mixture of comfrey extract from comfrey root and glycyrrhetinic acid. These ingredients can reduce inflammation, promote granulation growth, and accelerate the recovery of the affected area.
The Stomatitis patch is made of cellulose, it will not be digested even if it is swallowed, it will be excreted, so it will not have any adverse effects on the body.
Even families with children can use it with confidence.

Differences from other stomatitis treatments

Stomatitis patch Taisho A uses a special technology called a water sensor barrier.
The AXA Sensor Barrier attracts moisture such as saliva to the surface, making it difficult for ointments to stick to the teeth.
Covers the affected area for a long time with excellent adhesion. A non-melting film protects the affected area.
The thickness of the patch is about 0.1 mm, so it is ok to stick it on.

Additionally, other treatments for stomatitis include application and spraying.
Optimal will change depending on the progression of stomatitis.
Stomatitis patch Intrastomach Patch Protects the surface of stomatitis and relieves irritation, so it is recommended to use when food, etc. touches the affected area and it hurts.
Let's use it appropriately according to our stomatitis situation.

Efficacy of stomatitis paste Taisho A

Stomatitis stickers let us understand the effect of stomatitis stickers on stomatitis and glossitis.
Do you know how the stomatitis patch, known as a stomatitis patch for stomatitis and glossitis, treats stomatitis and glossitis to relieve pain?
Get an overview of stomatitis and glossitis and why stomatitis patches intrastomach patches are effective for stomatitis and glossitis.


Stomatitis is a general term for inflammation caused by small sores on the tongue and back of the lips and is associated with stress, fatigue and poor nutrition.
When stomatitis occurs, inflammatory substances such as prostaglandins, bradykinin, and histamine are secreted, causing pain. In addition, pain can be exacerbated when stimulants such as food act on the inflamed area.
Stomatitis patch Intrastomal Patch Protect the affected area from these irritants.
It is not easy to peel off and protects the affected area for a long time, so it is recommended for people with severe painful stomatitis.


Glossitis is a type of stomatitis that causes small sores on the tongue. I get pain when irritants like food hit the inflamed areas of my tongue.
Stomatitis patch is effective in the inflamed area of glossitis and protects the affected area, so it is recommended for people suffering from glossitis.
Since the patch is thin, it can be used with confidence even if it is placed on sensitive areas such as the tongue.

How to use and precautions of stomatitis paste Taisho A

Stomatitis stickers let us understand how to use Taisho A and precautions.
Stomatitis patch can be used if you are 5 years or older. Since it is a non-steroidal treatment, it can be used with confidence even by those who do not want to use steroids.
Use within the prescribed range of usage and dosage. If you are concerned about using this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacy to make a decision.


Children over 5 years old, adults over 15 years old take 1 tablet at a time, 1-4 times a day.
It works by adhering directly to the affected mucous membranes.
Babies under the age of 5 should not use stomatitis patches or endostomatitis patches.
When used by children over 5 years old, please use it under the supervision of guardians.
When using, clean the affected area with mouthwash before sticking, and wipe off the water and saliva in the affected area.
The patch has two sides, so be careful when using it.

Recommended usage

For stomatitis such as the back of the lips and the inside of the cheek where a patch can be used, it is effective to cover it with a stomatitis patch endostomatitis.
In addition, the stomatitis sticker Taisho A is thin and does not disturb you, so you can use it without stress while working or sleeping.
An ointment is recommended because it is difficult to apply in places where it is difficult to apply a patch, such as the back of the mouth.
Taisho Pharmaceutical's stomatitis treatment consists of ointment.
Stomatitis Patch Like Taisho A, it uses a water sensor barrier so it covers the affected area well.
It's a good idea to use it properly depending on where you have stomatitis.

Precautions for use

When using Taizheng A with stomatitis plaster, please strictly abide by the prescribed usage and dosage, and check the usage described on the product before use.
May not adhere if used incorrectly.
Stomatitis patch Endostomatitis patch is an oral mucosa patch, not an oral medicine, please do not swallow it intentionally.
The patches will not melt and will fall off naturally over time. Discard the peeled patch and do not swallow it.
If you are being treated by a doctor or dentist, have a drug-induced allergy, or have extensive afflictions, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.
If symptoms do not improve after 5 to 6 days of use, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Stomatitis Patch Taisho A Recommended

Stomatitis Patch is a stomatitis and glossitis treatment that is applied directly to the affected area, so it is effective for stomatitis that is painful to the touch.
If stomatitis hurts even if you don’t touch it, it is recommended to apply the medicine directly. If you don’t want to touch the stomatitis, it is recommended to spray the medicine.
Even with stomatitis, the progression of symptoms varies, so it is best to choose a drug that suits your symptoms.
Also, while Stomatitis patch Taisho A does not use steroids, many other treatments for stomatitis and glossitis use steroids.
Even people who cannot use steroids due to side effects caused by steroids can use Stomatitis patch Taisho A with peace of mind.

Stomatitis patch Intrastomal Patch Recommended for people suffering from stomatitis and glossitis

If you have stomatitis or glossitis and feel pain in the affected area every time you eat, you can become stressed.
Stomatitis Patch is recommended for people who experience painful symptoms when touching the affected area due to stomatitis or glossitis, and those who do not want to use steroids.
You can easily buy it in drugstores and drugstores, and those who are worried about stomatitis can buy it immediately.
It can be used by people over 5 years old, so you can use it with confidence even in homes with children.
Taisho Pharmaceutical also offers other treatments for stomatitis, so use them according to your symptoms and the location of your stomatitis.
Observe the usage and dosage of any medication, and use it correctly.