Borraginol is a medicine for hemorrhoids, which can be used according to symptoms such as wart hemorrhoids and acute hemorrhoids. Sorbitol is divided into three types, with different ingredients and drug states. We have summarized the properties, components, and symptoms of borage. Be sure to check the precautions and side effects before using Borraginol.

There are 3 types of energy-preserving hemorrhoids

Borraginol are effective for butt problems such as sharp hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids. There are 3 types of Borraginol on the market: Borraginol A, Borraginol M, and Borraginol EP .

The names are different because they have different properties and ingredients. Details are given below.

Borraginol A

Borraginol A is a second-class drug, which is divided into three types: ointment for injection, suppository, and ointment. It is a drug that can be expected to suppress hemorrhoids, sharp hemorrhoids, pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids, bleeding and swelling.

I am going to explain the properties and ingredients of Polar Hemorrhoid A.

Characteristics of Hemorrhoid A

Prednisolone Hemorrhoid A contains the steroid prednisolone acetate as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Prednisolone acetate reduces inflammation, bleeding and itching. Among the strengths of the steroid, it is classified as the weakest V.

Ingredients contained in Borraginol A

Borraginol A contains the following four ingredients.

  • Prednisolone acetate (steroid)
  • Lidocaine
  • Alan Kane
  • Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate)

Borraginol M

Preserve M is a class II drug that comes in two types: suppositories and ointments. It is a drug that can be expected to have the effect of suppressing pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids, acute hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids. I will explain the properties and ingredients of Bulb M.

Characteristics of Hemorrhoid M

Unlike Preserve A, Preserve M does not contain steroids. Therefore, the effect of suppressing inflammation cannot be expected as that of energy-preserving hemorrhoid A.

However, it contains glycyrrhetinic acid as an ingredient that suppresses inflammation. It is milder than steroids, so it is easy to use on minor hemorrhoids.

Ingredients contained in Borraginol M

Borraginol M contains the following four ingredients.

  • Glycyrrhetinic acid
  • Lidocaine
  • Alan Kane
  • Vitamin E Acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate)

Oral boric acid EP

Oral Preservative Hemorrhoids EP is a granular oral medication that is expected to relieve hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids. We will explain the characteristics of Oral Energy Preserving Hemorrhoid EP and the ingredients contained in it.

Characteristics of oral Borraginol EP

Oral Hemorrhoids EP contains three kinds of crude drug extracts: button bark extract, horse chestnut seed extract, perilla water extract.

Provides improved blood circulation in the rectal and anal area, relieving pain, bleeding, body clearance, etc..

Ingredients contained in Oral Hemorrhoid EP

Oral Hemorrhoid EP contains the following four ingredients.

  • Peony Extract
  • Aesculus seed extract
  • Xikang Water Extract
  • Vitamin E acetate

The difference and storage method of sorbitol injection ointment, suppository, ointment, and swallowing agent

Besides the difference in name, there are four types of boric acid, ointment, injectable ointment, suppository, and swallow. Let's take a look at each function.

Injection ointment

One Injection Ointment in Borraginol A is a single-use ointment for internal hemorrhoids that develop inside the anus and external hemorrhoids that develop outside.

Injection for internal hemorrhoids and smear for external hemorrhoids. No temperature control is required, such as storage in a cool place.


There are two types of suppositories, Preserved Hemorrhoid A and Preserved Hemorrhoid M, which can be used for internal hemorrhoids. It is designed to melt inside the anus and spread the drug directly to the shaft.

The recommended storage temperature is 1 to 30 degrees Celsius as it will melt inside the anus. It must be stored in a cool place in summer.


As with the suppositories, there are two types of ointment, Borraginol A and Borraginol M, which are drugs that can be used for external hemorrhoids. Apply the ointment directly to the affected area with your fingers or a gauze.

It is recommended to warm the ointment in cold weather, as the ointment will harden when the temperature drops. Since it is not used up, care must be taken not to connect the injection port directly to the affected area.

Taking medication

It is a granule-type hemorrhoid medicine, dissolved in hot water or water before taking. Adults over the age of 15 can take granular Borraginol. Take 1 sachet with water or hot water after meals. The number of administrations per day was set at 2 times.

Because each package is stick-shaped, it is easy to carry and convenient to travel.

Side effects of Borraginol

Taking boric acid may cause side effects such as drug allergy symptoms. If you feel a problem, stop taking it and consult your doctor.

  • Rash
  • Red
  • Expansion
  • Rash
  • Stimulation
  • Suppurative
  • Anaphylactic shock

Precautions for boron alcohol

Borraginol can relieve internal and external hemorrhoids, but it should be used with caution. Here are five points to note.

If there is no effect within 10 days, consult a doctor

Use Baonengzhi A injection ointment/suppository/ointment, Baonengzhi M suppository/ointment for 10 days, if symptoms are not relieved, please stop using and consult a doctor or pharmacistLet's do it .

In the case of Oral EP, if it does not work within about a month, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. In this case, be sure to bring the instruction document attached to the Preservative Hemorrhoid.

Not for use by children under 15 years

Pressure A, Preserve M and Preserve Oral EP are not intended for use or consumption by persons under the age of 15.

If it is given to children under the age of 15 with immature visceral function, not only the drug effect is not good, but it may also cause problems with visceral function. Ensure correct maintenance of the target age for energy-preserving hemorrhoids.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Borraginol M Ointment can be used even during pregnancy. The use and administration of other boric acids are not prohibited.

However, if you use it, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

There is no specific prohibition on the use and administration of boric acid while breastfeeding. When using, you must adhere to the usage and dosage, and stop or take it when the symptoms are relieved.

Ask your doctor about usage in older adults

Whether to use sorbitol suppositories for people over 65 years old is up to the doctor's judgment.

Elderly people are prone to side effects due to the decline of liver and kidney metabolism and excretion function, so consultation is required before use.

Do not use different types of Borraginol together

It is not recommended to mix different types of Borraginol such as ointments and suppositories, oral and injectable ointments.

This is because side effects may occur when different types of Borraginol that contain common active ingredients are used together.

The focus is on the correct use of boric acid according to the symptoms

Borraginol is a hemorrhoid medicine that can be used according to the symptoms and the condition of the affected area. If you want to suppress inflammation, use steroid-containing sorbitol type A, and if you have hemorrhoids bleeding, use oral medicine EP, etc., and use sorbitol that matches the type of hemorrhoids.

It is important to follow the duration and usage of Borraginol, and if symptoms do not improve or side effects occur, stop use and consult a doctor or pharmacist.