Introduction of Japanese medicine

  1. New Biofermin S difference between effective and ineffective【Six lifestyle habits that damage the intestinal environment】

    "I'm taking a bowel regulator such as New Biofermin S, but I don't feel well..."
    "No matter which Lactobacillus supplement I try, I can't feel..."
    "I'm tired of thinking about what I should do to improve my stomach..."

    Frankly speaking, "just" taking intestinal regulators such as New Biofermin S will not speed up the adjustment of intestinal environment.

    is because gut activity is a collection of the following two.

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  2. What are the side effects of Borraginol? Detailed explanation of ingredients, usage and precautions

    Preservation Hemorrhoid is a medicine that helps to improve the symptoms of anus and hemorrhoids. There are two series of sorbitol, A and M, and four kinds of medicines: infusion ointment, suppository, ointment and oral medicine. The feature is that you can choose the medicine to use according to each symptom. If you have symptoms of discomfort in your buttocks, we recommend you use Preserved Hemorrhoids. We will explain in detail the properties and ingredients of Preserved Hemorrhoids, how to use it and its side effects.

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  3. What ingredients does salonpas contain? Explanation types, effects, precautions

    Familiar with plasters/salonpas with the catchphrase "Stick, sleep, feel good". It is a popular product of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, which is expected to improve stiff shoulders, low back pain and muscle fatigue while being easy to apply and adhere to the skin. This time, we will introduce the ingredients of this type of salonpas, the characteristics of the salonpas series, and precautions for use.

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  4. Eve a tablets recommended for pain|Efficacy/effectiveness and correct drinking method

    For pain that may occur in daily life, such as headaches and menstrual cramps, it is recommended to use pain relievers that are easily available in pharmacies and not to suffer. There are various analgesic and antipyretic drugs on the market, but eve a tablets are small and easy to take even for those who are not good at taking tablets.

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  5. Kakkonto cold medicine | What are the ingredients, functions and unexpected effects of colds?

    Japanese people often take kudzu root soup when they have a cold. Many people say, "If you have a cold, kudzu root soup". Since it is a traditional Chinese medicine, it may have an image of being beneficial to the body. There are many types of kudzu root soup. Also, it doesn't really work for everyone or type of cold.

    We will introduce in detail the efficacy of kudzu root soup and the correct way to drink it.

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  6. The efficacy and functions of the Biofermin New s and frequently asked questions have been completely answered!

    "The Biofermin New s seems to be effective in regulating the stomach, but I don't know the details..."
    "I want to know if the Biofermin New are right for me!"
    "I continue to take the Biofermin New s, but I can't feel the effect..."

    Speaking of intestinal regulators, Xinbiao Feimings is very familiar with it, but many people do not know how to understand it. I'm happy if you see the effect, but did you know that some people don't like the Biofermin New?

    If you buy a bowel regulator and it doesn't work for you, you're going to get tired of it.

    This time, I will introduce the following to choose a bowel regulator wisely.

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  7. Now, let's get ready to learn about the side effects of Ryukakusan and regain some time for pleasant conversation.

    "The season changes, the temperature difference makes my throat sore..."
    "I have a sore throat, I can't swallow, I can't make a sound..."
    "When the air is dry, my throat hurts and I get sick..."

    Voice is essential to both personal and professional communication. SNS etc. are developing, but there are nuances that can only be conveyed with your own voice.

    When my throat is uncomfortable, I feel "Is it painful to make a sound..." and it doesn't pass as I expected.

    Not being able to communicate half of what you want to communicate, and not being able to talk and dine with close friends is also a problem.

    So, I would like to consider taking Ryukakusan to improve my throat, but I know the side effects for sure.

    This time, I will thoroughly explain the side effects and precautions of Ryukakusan.

    By suppressing side effects, you can deal with problems if they arise, reducing the chances of compromising your QOL. Please read to the end!

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