Hyakudoku-kudashi is a drug marketed as a laxative. Since it uses crude drugs, it is a natural ingredient with mild action. Hyakudoku-kudashi is effective for symptoms other than constipation, but it should be taken correctly.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the function and effect of Baidu medicine and the precautions when taking it.

What is a centenarian?

First of all, let me introduce the basic information of Hyakudoku-kudashi. Constipation is a symptom that many women suffer from in terms of sex ratio. This is because women's abdominal muscles are weaker and they can easily tolerate defecation, which is also related to the effect of female hormones.

However, the number of men who suffer from constipation tends to increase in middle age and old age. Constipation can cause symptoms such as hunger, loss of appetite, and rough skin.

Medicine of Matsudo Midori Pharmaceutical

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Japanese and Chinese use crude drugs

Hyakudoku-kudashi is a six herbs for constipation. Herbs work gently on the entire intestinal tract in a uniquely balanced formula, making it suitable for all types of constipation, such as those with chronic constipation and those with recurrent short-term constipation due to travel or stress.

It is also recommended for people who suffer from constipation but want to improve it without taking laxatives.

The efficacy of less than a hundred poisons

Let's see what kind of symptoms Hyakudoku-kudashi works. Although marketed as a laxative, it is effective for a variety of symptoms. If you suffer from constipation or constipation-related symptoms, you may want to try the Japanese and Chinese laxative Hyakudoku-kudashi.


There are several types of constipation, each with different causes. Rectal constipation refers to constipation that occurs when the sensitivity to sensory rectal defecation becomes dull due to irregular eating habits and prolonged defecation. Laxative constipation occurs when the muscles and peristalsis of the large intestine wall are weakened due to decreased abdominal muscles.

Constipation is also caused by stress and fatigue, which cause the muscles in the large intestine to contract. Hyakudoku-kudashi has a mild effect on these types of constipation.

Rough skin

If you continue to be constipated, you may develop pimples or rough skin. Hyakudoku-kudashi is also effective for acne and rough skin caused by constipation. Pimples and rough skin are noticeable and can be stressful. It can get worse if you crush it to get rid of it quickly, or if you think it's acne and give it the wrong care.

In the case of rough skin caused by constipation, the rough skin caused by constipation will be healed naturally.

Loss of appetite

If you are persistently constipated, your digestive system may also be disturbed. Symptoms such as loss of appetite, feeling fat, and feeling bloated may be due to constipation. Also, if sleep deprivation continues, the gastrointestinal tract will be unrested and weakened, possibly leading to indigestion and loss of appetite.

If constipation improves and these symptoms improve, constipation may be the cause.

Characteristics of Baidu

Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of Hundred Poisons. Some people who have taken other laxatives have constipation problems, but suddenly have abdominal pain or feel like they are forced to stop taking the medicine.

Hyakudoku-kudashi has ingredients and mild effects, so even people who are not good at general laxatives should be able to take it without difficulty.

Use 6 herbs

Six herbs are mixed under Hyakudoku-kudashi. Rhubarb and aloe are detoxifying, licorice and sankirai are detoxifying, Eijitsu and Kengoshi are laxative and diureticThey all relieve constipation symptoms and provide natural functional communication. These six herbs are blended in perfect balance.

Acts the entire gut

Bacteria acts on the entire intestine rather than stimulating one part of the intestine to cause stool, so it has a strong effect and promotes natural communication. It's not as strong as a typical laxative, but it's mild enough to make it hard to get used to.

People who want to get rid of constipation but are hesitant to use laxatives can take it with confidence.

Mid smell

Since Bailey is a medicine that uses crude drugs, some people may be concerned about the smell. However, since Yum is coated with Herbs, the scent is mild and barely noticeable. It doesn't have a bad smell, so you won't feel any stress drinking it every day.

Easy to drink

Hundred years old is small grain type. Unlike common cold medicines and antipyretic analgesics, it is easier to take because of the large amount of grains in one dose. Even people who are not good at taking tablets will not be bothered because it is easy to take with water due to its size. The effect is mild, so please find the right amount for you while checking the condition of your stomach.

How to take a hundred poisons

Introduce the correct way to take Hyakudoku-kudashi. Although it is a Japanese medicine and a traditional Chinese medicine, you must follow the correct timing and dosage to get the greatest effect. In addition, you must read the instructions when taking the medicine to confirm the correct amount and time, not less than a hundred poisons.

Drink water on an empty stomach

Hyakudoku-kudashi is a Japanese and Chinese medicine that uses crude drugs, so do not take it after meals, but take it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to have it before breakfast or dinner, because it is hungry and unforgettable. Also, if it is difficult to take before meals, it can be taken between meals. Between meals is about 2 to 3 hours after meals.

Single dose is 12 to 16 tablets for 15 years and over, 8 to 12 tablets for 11 years and under 15 years, and 7 to 11 years old.
6-8 tablets, 4-6 tablets for 3-7 years old as a guide. When taking Centenary for the first time, start with the lowest amount.

Takes 2 days at first

Hyakudoku-kudashi is a mild herbal medicine. Therefore, there are individual differences in the time and frequency from taking the medicine to the effect. If you are taking Hyakudoku-kudashi for the first time, start with the minimum dose and continue with 4 doses. Try drinking it for 2 days and see if there is any change in your communication.

In most cases, you will experience a natural feeling within 7 to 10 hours of taking the medicine.

Up to twice a day

Take up to 2 times daily. If you don't have desired bowel movements, don't rush, or take a large dose to get rid of constipation quickly.

Precautions below 100 poisons

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking Hyakudoku-kudashi. Even in Japanese and Chinese herbal remedies, if taken improperly, current symptoms may worsen or side effects may occur. Always read the directions and follow the precautions before taking the medicine correctly.

Do not take with other laxatives

If you are taking other constipation medications, do not take laxatives with them. Taking different medicines at once may cause unexpected side effects and allergic reactions. Stop taking another laxative and wait a few hours to a day before trying Laxative again.

NG while breastfeeding

Persons who are breastfeeding should not take Yum! If you really want to take it, please stop breastfeeding while taking Hyakudoku-kudashi.

Protected use

It is said that people over the age of 15 take 12 to 16 tablets below Baidu. Do not take more than one dose at a time. If you are taking Hyakudoku-kudashi for the first time, start with 12 tablets, gradually increase to 16 tablets, and observe the effect at the same time. Decide what amount is right for you.

Cleanse your stomach under a hundred poisons

Hyakudoku-kudashi is a Japanese and Chinese herbal remedy that acts on the entire intestinal tract to provide gentle relief from constipation. When taking it for the first time, please follow the usage and continue for 2 days. This is a drug that does not become habit-forming, so take it in moderation until the constipation resolves and see how it looks.