Many people may experience a sore throat during the dry season.
If your throat hurts, it can interfere with your daily life, such as talking to people or eating rice.
Therefore, this time I will explain "Ryukakusan", an over-the-counter drug that can be purchased at drugstores and is expected to be effective for sore throat.

How effective is Ryukakusan? What should I take for a sore throat?

First, let's see what kind of symptoms Ryukakusan is effective for.

  • Off
  • Tan
  • Sounds caused by throat inflammation
  • Throat
  • Throat discomfort
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen throat

As mentioned above, it is a drug used to relieve the symptoms of a sore throat.
It is recommended when you have symptoms such as "sore throat, difficulty in speaking", "sore throat, difficulty swallowing saliva and food", "dry air, sore throat".

What are the side effects of Ryukakusan? In fact, it is a drug with low side effects and high safety!

Very worrying "side effects" when taking medication
I think there are many people who experience drowsiness after a period of time after taking this drug.
In addition, there are some that cannot be taken during pregnancy/breastfeeding, and some that cannot be taken.
Over-the-counter cough and common cold medicines contain antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine maleate and codeine phosphate, which can cause drowsiness.
However, the main ingredient of Ryukakusan is "herbal medicine" which contains "apricot powder", "Senega powder", "Kyonin powder" and "licorice powder".
When this herb works in a balanced manner, it is effective for conditions such as a sore throat.
Ryukakusan does not contain ingredients that cause drowsiness, so it is recommended for a wide range of people because it does not adversely affect fetuses and babies, as well as people who drive cars, students, and office workers. It is a medicine.

Ryukakusan is widely recommended for such people, but Chinese herbal medicine as a combination of crude drugs is also an established medicine.
For example, the "licorice root" contained in Ryukakusan has the side effect of pseudoaldosteronism, which causes swelling, numbness of the extremities, and increased blood pressure.
However, since the licorice content in Ryukakusan is very small, and the manufacturer has not given special warnings, there is basically nothing to worry about, but people who take many other Chinese herbal medicines may have side effects if they take too much, so it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist .

Ryukakusan comes in two types, "medicine" and "throat lozenges (food)", with different effects. Please use them appropriately according to your sore throat.

I have already explained Ryukakusan, which is expected to be effective for sore throats, but did you know that the Ryukakusan series actually has two types, "drugs" and "throat lozenges"? ? ?

"Ryukakusan's Throat Refreshing Candy" is a throat lozenge that contains 19 kinds of herbs that are good for the throat, including peppermint, chamomile, linden and kanzo.
It relieves throat symptoms caused by overuse or dry air in the throat.
This "Ryukakusan Throat Clear" is a food product, so it can be purchased at stores such as drugstores and convenience stores that do not have a pharmacist or a registered seller.
Since it is not a drug, it is not a product claiming to have the same effect as the drug Ryukakusan.
Therefore, if you have a mild sore throat, you may want to consider Ryukakusan in the throat lozenge type.

How bad is your sore throat? Introducing the recommended Ryukakusan series, including effects!

There are two types of Ryukakusan, medicine and lozenges, so it is recommended to use them appropriately according to the severity of symptoms.
Therefore, we would like to introduce the recommended Ryukakusan series for medicines and lozenges.

Recommended for throat irritation or daily throat care [Throat lozenge series]

1. Longjiaoshan throat lozenges 88g

Throat lozenges containing carefully selected herbal extracts that are gentle on the throat.
Contains Ryukakusan's herb powder that uses a whole herb using a special manufacturing method.
Not only is it recommended when your throat is dry or overused, but also when you want to refresh your mood.
Allergen-free, so you can use it with confidence.
There are also "Shikuwasa flavor" and "Black currant blueberry flavor", please choose your favorite flavor.

2.10 Ryukakusan Throat Lozenges

The stick type of "Longjiaoshan Refreshing Candy" introduced earlier.
It is easy to carry, so it is also useful when you have a sore throat while traveling.
The herbal feel lasts a long time thanks to the herb powder rubbed into the candy.
This stick also has a citrus flavor.

3. Longjiaoshan Throat Lozenges Honey Lemon Flavor 10.4g

This is a small tablet.
Contains Ryukakusan herbal powder with chamomile and papaya as main ingredients.
This tablet is also available in matcha vanilla flavor.

Recommended for sore throat and throat discomfort 【Pharmaceutical Series】

1. Ryukakusan 20g / 43g / 90g

Ryukakusan is a fine powder medicine.
This medicine works by acting directly on the lining of the throat, so be sure to take it without water.
Three types are sold with different contents.

Usage and dosage are as follows.

age a dose number of doses taken per day
Adult (15+) 1 cup 3-6 times
11 and under 15 years old 2/3 cup 3-6 times
8 to 11 years old 1/2 cup 3-6 times
5 to 8 years old 1/3 cup 3-6 times
3 years old and under 5 years old 1/4 cup 3-6 times
1 year old and under 3 years old 1/5 cup 3-6 times
over 3 months and under 1 year 1/10 cup 3-6 times
less than 3 months Do not take -

2. Ryukakusan Direct Stick Mint 16 Pack

Individually packaged, easy to carry stick type.
Since it does not contain ingredients that make you drowsy, you can take it with confidence even when you go out.
Quick-dissolving granules that can be taken without water.
(*Please allow at least 2 hours between doses.)
Since it's sugar-free, you can even take it at bedtime without worry.
Ryukakusan Direct Stick also has a peach flavor.

Usage and dosage are as follows.

age a dose number of doses taken per day
Adult (15+) 1 pack 6 times
11 and under 15 years old 2/3 pack 6 times
7 and under 11 years old 1/2 pack 6 times
3 years old and under 7 years old 1/3 pack 6 times
under 3 years old Do not take -

3. Ryukakusan Direct Troche Mango R 20 tablets

Longjiaoshan's only lozenge containing fine powder crude medicine.
Take slowly without chewing in your mouth.
(*Please allow at least 2 hours between doses.)
Unlike the powder type, it is a lozenge, so it is easy to take.

Usage and dosage are as follows.

age a dose number of doses taken per day
Adult (15+) 1 piece 3-6 times
5 and under 15 years old 1/2 piece 3-6 times
Under 5 Do not take -

Check the effect of Ryukakusan that suits your symptoms, and spend healthy days without sore throat!

A sore throat can sometimes interfere with daily activities.
If you use Ryukakusan for such a situation, you can expect a symptom-relieving effect.
There are many types of Ryukakusan, such as medicines that can be taken without water and throat lozenges that can be taken easily, so you can choose according to your symptoms.
Take Ryukakusan for sore throat and live a healthy life!