“There are so many types of intestinal regulators, I don’t know which one to choose.”
"I would like to know how to choose the right bowel regulator"
"Can I use intestinal regulators together?"

I was sick and came to the intestinal conditioning agent area, but the first-time user didn't know which intestinal conditioning agent to choose. It's not uncommon for people to get lost because there are more types than I thought.

Also, everyone is a little different, so unless you choose a bowel conditioner that's right for you, you won't get the results you expect. Conversely, if you hold down points, you won't get lost.

This time, we will explain the characteristics of typical intestinal regulators "Taisho Pharmaceutical New Biofermin ", "Qianli WAKAMOTO Tablets" and "EBIOS Aibiasi Tablets" and how to take them correctly!

If you are considering taking bowel regulators, please refer.

Features of the new Biofermin [gut regulation]

New Biofermin

Speaking of "intestinal regulator", the first representative that comes to mind is the new Biofermin s.

Three kinds of human lactic acid bacteria reach the large intestine from the small intestine to prepare the intestinal environment. Since it uses human-derived lactic acid bacteria, New Table Biofermin Fine Granules can be drunk even by babies as young as 3 months. Of course, you can't miss the fact that even old people can drink.

There are many types of lactic acid bacteria, and not all of them are good. This is because unless it is a lactic acid bacterium that is compatible with the human gut, it is difficult to expect an intestinal regulation effect. In this regard, the new Biofermin has a history of more than 100 years since its birth, and has a long history and great popularity in Japan.

With the new Biofermin, you can start drinking with confidence.

Characteristics of Qianli WAKAMOTO Tablets 【Intestine Adjustment + Nutritional Supplement】

Strong Ruoyuan Ingot

Qianli WAKAMOTO Tablet is an intestinal regulator containing brewer's yeast, which has three functions of digestion, intestinal regulation and nutritional supplementation.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is rich in essential amino acids and other nutrients, which can effectively supplement nutrition in the eating habits that modern people are prone to bias.

With the Westernization of eating habits, the eating habits of Japanese people who eat a lot of vegetable-based foods have become high in fat and low in fiber, causing stomach discomfort.

Therefore, "Strong WAKAMOTO Ding" has evolved to suit the life of modern people. Aspergillus oryzae NK was developed from a digestive enzyme-producing Aspergillus endemic to Japan. As a result, highly digestible digestive enzymes such as amylase, protease, and lipase are produced in the body to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

Not only will your stomach function properly, but it will also provide nutrition, which is encouraging.

Features of EBIOS Tablets [Nutrition]

EBIOS Aibiasi

EBIOS is an intestinal regulator manufactured by Asahi Group using dry yeast obtained by purifying and drying brewer's yeast.

The Asahi Group, which has the highest share as a brewer, has been paying attention to the potential of brewer's yeast for about 100 years, and the Japanese are very proficient in the quality of EBIOS based on their technical capabilities and achievements. I believe you.

How to, EBIOS contains 40 nutrients.

  • 9 vitamins
  • 9 minerals
  • 18 amino acids
  • Other 3 types (2 nucleic acids, total glutathione)
  • Dietary fiber

These rich nutrients support the gastrointestinal tract, which is the foundation of good health, by caring for those with upset stomachs and indigestion.

Even now, about 100 years after starting yeast research, there aren't many brands that continue to support the health of Japanese people who line up at the store and think "I want to drink something I can feel easy".Award.

Which bowel regulator is right for you? [two dots]

First, what are you trying to do with the gut regulator? You can't choose the right bowel regulator for you if you don't know it. Yet what you're looking for is surprisingly unknown to you.

Here, we've narrowed down the main points for choosing a gut regulator to two.

When choosing a bowel regulator, keep the following two things in mind.

  • Would you like to supplement your nutrition?
  • Would you like to improve your gut environment?

If you understand which of the above two points you are better off, you can reduce the risk of wasting money and regretting it. If you're wondering which one to buy in store, check back on this page.

Let's look at them in order.

Looking for a nutritional supplement?

If you feel this way, it's best to choose a gut regulator that leans toward "nutrition."

  • I feel my stomach is weak and I worry about stomach upset and nausea.
  • Continuous social seats, reduced appetite
  • I want to supplement my nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Weakness after illness

For example, "Strong Wakamoto Tablet" and "EBIOS Tablet Tablet" contain nutrient-rich brewer's yeast, so they are recommended for those who want to supplement their nutrition.

However, both contain brewer's yeast, and you may be wondering which one to buy. Unfortunately, I can't say which is better. This is because our intestinal environment is affected by lifestyle etc., and everyone is different.

First, try one, and keep drinking it for about a month. If you don't feel results, consider switching to another bowel regulator.

Do you want to improve the intestinal environment?

If you suffer from chronic constipation or diarrhoea, it is recommended to take a gut regulator containing beneficial bacteria, also known as gut bacteria. In addition, People who are prone to stomach discomfort such as antibiotics may have a poor intestinal environment, so choose this type of intestinal regulator.

A typical example is the "New Biofermin s" introduced in this article.

However, there is one caveat.

Regulating the intestinal environmentThe intestinal environment cannot be adjusted by taking intestinal regulators alone.

This is because the intestinal environment will not improve unless the basic diet is adjusted. Because, even if you send good bacteria into the intestine, if you eat processed foods such as fast food, snacks, soda, etc., these are the natural enemies of good bacteria, and the bacteria in the intestine will also be excreted. Congqiang.

Don't eat it! Not to mention, the more processed foods you cut out, the easier it is for your input of gut bacteria to protect your health.

Please find the right route when consulting your health condition.

Maintenance of the intestinal environment and nutritional supplements are hard to lose...

Some people want to improve their gut environment as well as provide nutrition. It's hard to satisfy both with one bowel regulator, but if you're not sure which one to use, we recommend that you choose " WAKAMOTO Tablets".

Because "Qianli Wakamoto Tablet" contains nutrient-rich brewer's yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

However, if you drink "Strong WAKAMOTO Tablets", you will feel better, and your gastrointestinal condition will not improve. Our gut environment emphasizes diversity. In other words, The more diverse your gut bacteria, the better your health.

It is best to use a new Biofermin etc. based on strong WAKAMOTO tablets to ensure the diversity of gut bacteria. If you don't want to be completely dependent on drugs, try adding fermented foods like kimchi, natto, and yogurt to your daily diet. Most importantly, if we cut down on processed foods, which are the natural enemies of gut bacteria, the rate of restoration of the gut milieu will be accelerated.

New Watch FeimingsStrong WAKAMOTO IngotEBIOS Aibiasi

Choose your gut regulator and restore a healthy GI tract

  • Features of "Xinbiao Biofermin ", "Powerful WAKAMOTO Ingots" and "EBIOS Love Biaosi Ingots"
  • Two points to choose the intestinal regulator that suits you

I explained above.

What you eat and what you don't eat is important for good health. However, if the gastrointestinal function is dysfunctional or the intestinal environment is poor, there will be no appetite and poor absorption of nutrients.

Please refer to this article to choose the right bowel regulator for you and take the first step to health.