"I eat and drink too much during Chinese New Year and I don't feel well..."
"When I travel, I just eat too much and get sick ..."
"My stomach feels worse than before..."

It will settle naturally over time, but if you feel unwell, you won't be able to concentrate on play or work. However, going to the hospital is not enough.

While I've browsed the gut corner of the drugstore, there are a lot of people who get bogged down by the variety.

It doesn't matter if you choose brand-name products! It's not uncommon to think this way, but There is a huge difference between people with knowledge and those without. Let us study hard so as not to take detours.

This time, I would like to introduce the following points about Ota's Isan, which can be said without exaggeration and known to every Japanese.

  • The role of Ota's Isan
  • Ingredients of Ota's Isan
  • Ohta's Isan Directions/Dosage
  • Side effects and precautions of Ota Isan
  • Frequently asked questions about Ota's Isan
  • Varies depending on the type of Ota's Isan

Reading this article will enable you to choose the gastrointestinal medicine that suits you more confidently, please read to the end for reference.

Also, since difficult jargon is omitted as much as possible and the communication is made in an easy-to-understand manner, even if you think "I don't understand the hard stuff about medicine!".

Get to the point!

The Influence of Isan of Ohta

First of all, I would like to introduce the effect of Ota's Isan. Check to see if you have any symptoms that apply to you.

Ohta's Isan works as follows.

  • Too much to drink
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach upset
  • Stomach deficiency
  • slanted belly
  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion
  • Promotes digestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hyperacidity
  • Stomach/bloating
  • Hakike (upset stomach, hangover/nauseous upset, nausea)
  • vomiting
  • Chest use
  • Hiccup
  • Stomach weight

As you can see, Ohta's Isan is effective for a variety of stomach symptoms. Don't have any symptoms of ineffectiveness? I think so.

However, it is not uncommon for people to think that the effect is so broad that it can also prevent hangovers.

Unfortunately, it only works against the "nausea" of a hangover, and Ota's Isan does not prevent a hangover. Be careful not to misunderstand.

Ingredients of Ohta's Isan

Ohta's Isan has remarkable results for upset stomach symptoms, but the secret lies in the ingredients.

Here, I will explain the ingredients of Ota Isan. Knowing how ingredients work makes it easier to determine if they are right for your symptoms, so refer to them.

The ingredients of Ohta's Isan are roughly divided into the following three types.

  • Stomach herbs
  • Antacids
  • Digestive enzymes

I'll explain each one in detail.

Stomach herbs

Stomach Herb is an herb that makes your stomach healthy while you read. APIs are ingredients derived from plants, animals and minerals.

Ohta's Isan contains the following seven herbs for an upset stomach.

It may surprise you if you're familiar with spices, but these are actually spices used in the West for seasoning. Spices work on our bodies in the same way that the aroma of curry is appetizing.

Oddly enough, this spice is called "Ota-chan", it was born and raised in Japan, but Ota-chan was first evoked by Ota-chan founder Nobuyoshi Ota in 1879 from a Dutch doctor . By inheriting prescriptions. Based on the prescriptions of Western meat-eating cultures, adapted to the needs of the Japanese and supported for over 100 years.

It is understandably popular with the Japanese, who are more carnivorous than they used to be.


Antacids are ingredients that neutralize excess stomach acid.

Ohta's Isan contains the following four types of antacids.

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Precipitated calcium carbonate
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Synthetic aluminum silicate

Include up to four antacids because they are fast-acting, long-acting, slow-acting and vary in duration.

Even if the discomfort subsides immediately after taking the medicine, it can be a problem if you try to get back into it over time. On the other hand, even if there is no immediate effect after taking it, you may feel that it is too late to realize the effect later.

I have discomfort and I think you can expect the results to be solid from start to finish.

Digestive enzymes

Ohta's Isan contains a digestive enzyme called bioamylase. Bioamylase helps digest starch and protein.

Unfortunately, as we age, the number of enzymes in our body decreases. As a result, in the past, the amount of food eaten was large enough to cause an upset stomach and indigestion.

In other words, if you supplement with digestive enzymes, you can expect what you eat to be digested firmly with the support of the enzymes.

I'm happy if you like greasy food but can't eat it anymore.

Usage/Dosage of Ohta's Isan

Ohta's Isan is effective, but it cannot be said to be effective unless Usage and Dosage are followed. If you have too much or too little, you will not get enough effect, so follow the usage and dosage.

Ohta's Isan is available in jars and packets, but usage and dosage vary.

The usage and dosage of the canned type are as follows.

  • 15 years old and above: 1.3g once, 3 times a day
  • 8-14 years old: 0.65g once, 3 times a day
  • Under 8 years: Do not use


Weighing in grams may seem difficult, but the scoop that comes with one scoop is a guideline of 1.3g. The back of the inner cover is a worn plate, and it is a point in consideration of user convenience.

Put powder in mouth first, then drink water, stir gently with tongue, then swallow.

The usage and dosage of the sachet type are as follows.

  • 15 years and above: 1 packet at a time, 3 times a day
  • 8-14 years old: 1/2 pack once, 3 times a day
  • Under 8 years: Do not use

Please take after or between meals.

Side effects and precautions of Ota Isan

Ohta's Isan is a gastrointestinal medicine that utilizes the properties of crude drugs, so it is not uncommon for people to think that there are no side effects or precautions.

However, some Ota's Isan is not suitable.

If you have any of the following, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Patients with hypothyroidism
  • People on dialysis

In either case, the antacids contained in Ohta's Isan may interfere with the treatment, or the aluminum and magnesium that are components of the antacids may build up in the body and adversely affect the body.

Ohta's Isan is a gastrointestinal medicine that utilizes the properties of crude drugs, not a Chinese herbal medicine because it contains antacids, which are also used in prescription medicines. If anyone has made a mistake please let me know.

Be careful not to overeat when using Ohta's Isan, even if your stomach feels better

Ohta's Isan can be expected to be effective for a variety of stomach symptoms, but Ohta's Isan should not be taken care of. This is because it can only relieve symptoms, not improve the constitution itself.

A real pleasure in life, to enjoy a long, tasty meal that is less bulky and easy to digest. Don't forget about lifestyle habits like diet and moderate exercise.

But even if you know this in your head, it's hard to improve your lifestyle when it's actually at work. Overeating is inevitable when dining with close friends and family. In this case, why not try to use the power of Ota's Isan without reproaching yourself. The point is not to depend on it, but to use it at the right time.

You may feel refreshed and motivated to work on improving your lifestyle!

API name effect/effect
kirch Rejuvenates the stomach and intestines with a weakened unique fragrance and regulates the secretion of gastric juice
gentian Weaken the unique bitterness of the stomach, rejuvenate and regulate the secretion of gastric juice
Picrasma quail tail