Ryukakusan, which only contains natural Chinese medicine, is a throat medicine that has been used in Japan for 200 years Medicine!

Ryukakusan is a throat remedy with a proud tradition of 200 years, and has been loved since the late Edo period. What is the reason so many Japanese will choose it?
The reason is not just the influence of a long history.

First, let's explain the characteristics and ingredients of Ryukakusan.

Ryukakusan can improve throat-related symptoms

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Ryukakusan can be taken in the following situations.

・Throat discomfort
・phlegm, cough
・Dry throat
・Hoarse voice
・Cough that does not stop
When breathing in dirty air causes a sore throat

The ingredients of Ryukakusan directly target the inflammation and pain of the throat, so it can relieve itchy throat, cough and reduce phlegm.

Ryukakusan contains only natural Chinese medicinal ingredients

Ryukakusan only contains Chinese medicine ingredients that relieve cough and make phlegm easy to spit out.
Its ingredients are as follows:

1. Platycodon Makes phlegm easy to spit out. Promote the secretion of the respiratory tract, make the phlegm thinner and dissolve the phlegm.
2. Polygala Easy to expel phlegm. Antitussive. Entry into the mucous membranes of the throat promotes respiratory secretions.
3. Almond Sedative cough center and respiratory center. Can relieve cough, asthma and dyspnea. Improve bowel movements.
4. Licorice Antitussive. Improve immunity and liver function. Helps detoxification and cancer prevention.

The above traditional Chinese medicine ingredients can directly work on the mucous membrane of the throat, and the movement of the cilia in the throat becomes active, making it easier to expel phlegm.

Traditional Chinese medicine has the characteristics of stable effect, less side effects and mild to the body.

Ryukakusan has 3 types

Ryukakusan has the following 3 types.

1. Candy type Pearl and chamomile are the main ingredients. Contains 19 types of herbal extracts that are good for the throat. In addition to improving sore throat and dry throat, it can also refresh the throat.
2. Powder It can be taken without boiling water. Strengthens the throat. In addition to platycodon, there are polygala, licorice, almonds, carrots, and elixir.
3. Ingot shape In addition to relieving cough and reducing phlegm, it also has the effect of improving sore throat, hoarseness and throat discomfort. The sugar-free ingredients can be taken with peace of mind even during weight loss.

In addition to relieving cough and reducing phlegm, Ryukakusan can protect the health of the throat when taken on a daily basis.

Powder and tablets can be taken without boiling water, and can be taken immediately if you have a sore throat during commuting or work.

In order to allow Ryukakusan to reach the throat directly to exert its effect, it is not necessary to take it with boiling water

To get the maximum effect of Ryukakusan, it is important not to take it with boiled water.
In order to directly reach the mucous membrane of the throat, please take Ryukakusan directly in your mouth, do not take it with boiled water.

The usage and dosage are as follows:

1. Candy type [How to take] Do not chew, keep it in your mouth until it melts slowly.
2. Powder
[How to take it] Put the powder on the tongue and wait for it to melt slowly.
【Dosage】Above 15 years old: 3-6 times a day, with 1 spoon in the attached spoon.
(Not for infants under 3 months old)
3. Ingot form
(20 ingots)
[How to take] Do not chew, keep it in your mouth until it melts slowly.
【Dosage】Over 15 years old: 1 tablet at a time, 3-6 times a day.
(Not for children under 5 years old)

In order not to interfere with the direct passage of Chinese medicine to the throat, please refrain from eating and drinking for 20-30 minutes after taking Ryukakusan.

In addition, if you put powdered Ryukakusan deep in your throat, you may choke, so swallow the powder little by little with your tongue.

In the tablet form, it can be contained in the mouth until it dissolves to achieve the maximum effect.
You can enjoy the cool feeling and refreshing fragrance brought by Ryukakusan, please remember not to chew.

There is no specific time for taking Ryukakusan.
You can take it whenever you feel uncomfortable in your throat.

There is no restriction on the consumption of candy-shaped Ryukakusan

Ryukakusan in the form of candy is not a medicine, so there is no restriction on its consumption.
You can take it in your mouth whenever you feel sore throat, cough, phlegm, or dryness.

There will be no side effects such as physical discomfort due to overdose, please take it with peace of mind.
However, most of the candies in the Ryukakusan series have added sugar or syrup.

If you are concerned about your sugar intake, "Ryukakusan Throat Lozenges Black Currant & Blueberry" is recommended.
This sugar-free throat lozenge is safe for those who care about calorie intake.

Three situations in which Ryukakusan should not be taken

If the following situations occur, please ask your doctor or pharmacist whether you can take Ryukakusan, and do not judge by yourself.

*Those who are being treated by a doctor
*Those who have experienced drug allergy
*When they have a high fever

After taking Ryukakusan, if symptoms such as skin itching, nausea, loss of appetite, and dizziness appear, it may be a side effect.

Please stop taking it and see a doctor in a medical institution if the above situation occurs.

No dosage restrictions for candy or tablet types

There are no usage restrictions for the candy or lozenge types. However, if the symptoms do not improve after taking Ryukakusan times, it may be a cold or dryness, etc. It is recommended to look for other possible reasons.

You can take Ryukakusan whenever you feel a sore throat

Ryukakusan, which can improve symptoms such as sore throat, cough, phlegm, and hoarseness, has been guarding the throat of Japanese people for a long time.
Because Ryukakusan can protect the throat without mixing with boiling water, it is the biggest feature that it can be taken anytime and anywhere.
When you feel uncomfortable in your throat, why not try to take care of your throat gently with the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients contained in Longjiao San?