Takeda Arinamin EX plus can effectively relieve eye fatigue, muscle pain and joint pain!

In modern society, sometimes the body feels inexplicably tired.
Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of "I don't know when I started to feel very heavy", "It's hard to see things..." and so on?
Alitalin series can be called the savior to relieve physical fatigue.
This time, I would like to introduce the features and effects of Takeda Arinamin EX plus.

Takeda Arinamin EX plus is most suitable for improving physical fatigue and nutritional deficiencies

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When you have the following symptoms, you can take Takeda Arinamin EX plus to achieve a palliative effect.

*Eye fatigue
*Low pain
*Stiff shoulders (50 shoulders)
*Muscle pain
*Numb hands and feet

Others, it can also be taken as a vitamin supplement when you feel tired, when your physical strength declines during or after illness, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Think of it as a comprehensive response to fatigue and malnutrition

Takeda Arinamin EX plus is suitable for taking when the body feels tired or unwell

Takeda Arinamin EX plus can be taken when blurred vision, tiredness, body and muscle pain.

In addition, please do not chew it when taking it, and take it with boiled water after meals.
Takeda Arinamin EX plus itself is a bitter medicine, so it is coated with a layer of sugar to make it easier to take. Don't chew it and swallow it directly, you won't feel bitter!

Please be sure to take it once a day if you are over 15 years old

Please be sure to observe the following dosage when taking it.

*0 years old to 14 years old: Do not take it
*15 years old and above: 1 time per day, 2~3 tablets per time

In addition to ex plus, Takeda Arinamin also has A50, ex plus α, ex gold and other series of products.
Depending on the product, some can be taken from the age of 7, and some can be taken up to 3 times a day. Please be sure to reconfirm the usage and dosage before taking other series of products.

Takeda Arinamin EX plus adds ingredients such as nerve function and energy conversion

(the content in 3 tablets in brackets)
1. Fursultiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1 inducer) (109.16mg) Helps produce glycosylated energy. Helps maintain muscle and nerve function.
2. Vitamin B6 (100mg) Maintains normal nerve function. In addition to the manufacture of neurotransmitters, breakdown occurs and is also involved in nerve sheath repair.
3. Vitamin E calcium succinate (103.58mg) Improve peripheral blood circulation such as subcutaneous veins.
4. Vitamin B12 (1500mg) Maintains neurological function. In addition to myelination, repair also takes place and is also associated with the regeneration of neurotransmitters.
5. Calcium pantothenate (30mg) Converts carbohydrates and lipids into energy.
6. Gamma oryzanol (10mg) For the normal functioning of muscles and nerves, it helps the absorption of vitamin B1・B6・B12.

Vitamin B1, which is indispensable for maintaining health, is not easy to be absorbed by the intestinal tract in normal diet. It can be frustrating not to be able to take in the nutrients that are essential for maintaining good health.

However, the Fursultiamine contained in Heritaming series products can effectively absorb vitamin B1 in the intestinal tract and make vitamin B1 play a role in the body. Therefore, vitamin B1 can be extended to nerves and muscles, exerting the effect of improving nerve and muscle pain.

Fursultiamine is an ingredient independently developed by Takeda Consumer Health Care Corporation.

Takeda Arinamin EX plus caffeine-free

Takeda Arinamin EX plus does not contain caffeine, so there is no need to worry about disturbing sleep if taken before bedtime.
As long as it is taken after meals, the effect can be achieved no matter whether it is morning, noon or evening. You can take it at your own convenient time.

What should be paid attention to when taking it?

If you continue to take Takeda Arinamin EX plus for a month and the symptoms do not improve, please stop taking it and consult a professional physician.

Also, do not take it with fruit juice or alcoholic beverages. This drug is characterized by being soluble in water and absorbing the drug components into the body through the intestinal mucosa.
So if you want to relieve symptoms, please be sure to take it with boiled water.

Tablets are less resistant to moisture and light, so special care must be taken when storing them. After opening, please be sure to store in a dry and cool place.
Do not place it in a car where the temperature tends to rise or in a humid kitchen.

Takeda Arinamin EX plus can effectively absorb nutrients

It is recommended that people who often use computers or mobile phones, and those who suffer from neuralgia and muscle pain can take Takeda Arinamin EX plus for effective vitamin intake.
In addition, if you feel chronic fatigue, you can also take this medicine, it will have the effect of improving fatigue!
Would you like to try to use the power of medicine to spend every day in a healthy way?