There are three reasons why Japanese eye drops are so popular in Taiwan.
They are "high safety and good quality", "rich and effective" and "exquisite packaging".
Eye drops that meet Japanese standards are trustworthy and popular; not only can they respond to various symptoms, but they are also effective. Beautiful packaging and a sense of fashion are also one of the reasons why many women choose Japanese eye drops.
Here, we have specially selected 3 Japanese eye drops to introduce to you.

3 reasons why Taiwanese choose Japanese eye drops and recommend 5 super popular eye drops

In Japan, tourists from all over the world, including Taiwan, buy Japanese pharmaceuticals in large quantities at drugstores, right?
Why are Japanese-made products so popular among tourists? ?

Among the popular products in Japan, especially those popular with tourists, there are
*high safety and good quality
*rich variety and effective
*exquisite packaging< br/> 3 features.
This time, in addition to introducing the advantages of Japanese eye drops, I also recommend 3 popular eye drops!

Reason 1. Japanese eye drops are safe and of good quality

The Japanese-made eye drops sold in Japan are products that meet Japanese standards.

In Japan, in order to commercialize eye drops, their safety and effectiveness are first confirmed based on clinical trials, and then they must pass a strict review by a professional team stipulated by the country.
Also, generally speaking, there are no low-quality imitations in Japan.

It can be seen that Japanese eye drops are not only safe but also of high quality. Not only in Japan, but also loved and trusted by Taiwanese.

Reason 2. There are many types of eye drops in Japan and the effect is very good

There are many types of eye drops in Japan.
For example, some products can respond to the following symptoms:

* eye fatigue
* dry eyes
* bloodshot eyes
* pain when wearing contact lenses Discomfort
*Itchy eyes (allergies)

After actual use, I really feel a sense of relief.

It is a good choice to buy suitable eye drops according to your own symptoms, or give them as gifts to relatives and friends!

For people who often use computers and smartphones, it is recommended to use eye drops that can relieve eye fatigue.
If you want to give it to the elders, eye drops that can relieve eye fatigue or relieve dry eyes are recommended.
In addition, there are low-irritation and mild eye drops suitable for children. Because the pH value is close to tears, it will not irritate the eyes too much, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Reason 3. Japanese eye drops are beautifully packaged

The packaging of eye drops in Japan is very exquisite.
At first glance, you will definitely not think this is eye drops.
There are many people who think "it doesn't feel like eye drops at all" and "very trendy".

Eye drops can be used several times a day.
Because the outer packaging of Japanese eye drops is beautifully designed, you can add a sense of fashion to yourself whether you are going out or in the company.

It looks like eye drops with a pink bottle like a perfume bottle specially designed for women.
There are many women who put a bottle of cute eye drops in their bags!

There are also blue packaging and luxurious gold packaging.
It feels like taking out eye drops from the bag when going out has become exciting!

Recommended to Taiwanese 5 eye drops that are also popular in Japan

Japanese eye drops are very attractive no matter what they are. But I would like to recommend 3 eye drops for Taiwanese.

Recommendation 1. LION Smile40 Premium Eye Drops 15ml

[Recommended for people with this symptom] People who are prone to eye fatigue or itching due to aging

Eyes will change with age, this product contains the most vitamin A in this series of products eye drops.
It restores water retention through tears, and hyaluronic acid has the effect of repairing the cornea, so it is especially recommended for middle-aged and elderly people.

Recommendation 2. Rohto Pharmaceutical Rohto V Top Eye Drops 15ml

【Recommended for people with this symptom】Deep eye fatigue of modern people

If you use 3C products such as computers for a long time, your eyes will be very tired due to "focus", "dry eye syndrome" and "blue light". tired. Rohto V Top Eye Drops is a high-quality eye drop with 12 active ingredients added to alleviate the damage to the eyes caused by the above three reasons.
For the comfort of use, essential oils are added, and it does not irritate the eyes, so please try it out.

Recommendation 3. Santen Pharmaceutical Beauteye eye drops for contact lenses 12ml

[Recommended for people with this symptom] Discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses

Add vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and neostemine methyl sulfate.
It can relieve eye fatigue caused by contact lenses and make your eyes closer to health.
The bottle body is like a perfume, which is very suitable for women.

Recommendation 4. Shentian Pharmaceutical Artificial tear type eye drops 5mlx4 bottles

[Recommended for those with this symptom] Insufficient tear secretion makes the eyes feel dry.

The same ingredients as tears, to prevent dry eyes.
It does not treat corneal damage or inflammation, but fully supplements the dry feeling caused by too little tear secretion.
No extra ingredients are added, it is simply the same liquid as tear fluid, so only continuous use can control dryness.
Does not contain cooling ingredients, is not irritating, and does not contain preservatives. It must be used up within the time limit according to the instructions, otherwise it will deteriorate!

Recommendation 5. Rohto Pharmaceutical Xinrohto Super Moisturizing Eye Drops EX 10ml

【Recommended for people with this symptom】Dry eyes, fatigue, blurred eyes

The biggest feature is that the viscosity is higher than other eye drops.
It is not easy to lose, so the eyes are easy to maintain a sense of moisture.
The ingredients belong to the top students in eye drops. It is based on artificial tears and added corneal protection ingredients.
No preservatives and vasoconstrictors are added, so it can be said to be an ideal eye drop.

When using, please be sure to follow the usage and dosage of Japanese eye drops.

Japanese eye drops are safe, effective, and beautifully packaged, which is really attractive.
But if you use the wrong method, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.
The enclosed instruction manual records the instructions on usage and dosage, please be sure to follow it!