shoulders stiff

"A little exercise causes muscle pain, I have a hard time working and doing housework..."
"For health, I use muscles that I don't normally use in the gym, I get muscle pain... "
"Similarly, I have calf and back pain issues due to postural work..."
"I want to get rid of chronic stiff shoulders and back pain. .."

Have you ever been bothered by this?

I totally understand that feeling. If you don't realize it, you tend to be inactive, and if you exercise to counteract that inactivity, you'll have sore muscles and your heart will break.

This article is recommended for people who already have muscle pain, people who plan to exercise, and people with chronic muscle pain. Effective for Japanese muscle pain. Introducing Typical Drugs!

Know the types of muscle pain and choose Japanese muscle pain medicine that suits you

Before introducing Japanese muscle pain medicine, let me explain the mechanism of muscle pain and the factors that cause it. Choosing the best Japanese muscle pain medicine will be easier if you know, so please refer.

Muscle soreness is muscle soreness caused by exercise.

In modern science, inflammation occurs when muscle fiber damage is repaired during exercise, and inflammation is what causes pain, or muscle pain.

In other words, suppressing inflammation is effective in relieving muscle pain.

Conversely, if you keep the same posture all the time, you will experience muscle fatigue. If left untreated, muscle fatigue can progress to muscle pain and should be taken care of.

So, I would like to introduce you to Japanese muscular pain, specifically to relieve inflammation or muscle fatigue.

What are the muscle pain relievers in Japan?

Japanese muscle medicine can be roughly divided into the following two types.

  • The first generation plaster
  • Second Generation Plaster

First generation dressings are often referred to as cold and hot compresses. It primarily relieves pain by combining methyl salicylate with cooling/warming or blood flow improving effects.

The second-generation plaster contains a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is an antipyretic analgesic, as an active ingredient.

If you don't know which one to use, use it according to the pain level.

Speaking of Japanese compression, the familiar "Halix 55" series

Halix 55EX Cold A

The "Halix 55" series has long been popular in Japan, and it can be said to be the main product of the compression bag. There are three types of "Halix 55" series:

  • "Halix 55EX Cool A"
  • Halix 55EX Cold A
  • "Halix 55EX Warm A"
  • Halix 55EX Warm A
  • "Halix 55 ID Plus"
  • Halix 55 ID Plus

I will introduce the functions in order.

"Halix 55EX Cooling A" Contains two active ingredients, glycol salicylate and anti-inflammatory ingredient glycyrrhizic acid, which are effective for muscle pain, back pain, and stiff shoulders.

Excellent cooling effect, effective for sudden muscle pain.

Also recommended for muscular pain from sudden inflammation such as bruises and sprains as it provides pain relief with a long-lasting, pleasant refreshment.

"Halix 55EX Warm A" Contains the same dual anti-inflammatory ingredients as Harix 55EX Cold A. The difference is that it contains capsicum extract as an active ingredient.

Pepper extract promotes blood circulation in the affected area, warms the affected area and relieves muscle pain caused by stiffness.

Recommended for those suffering from chronic low back pain and stiff shoulders.

Hot compresses are very irritating and prone to rashes, so remove them 1 hour before bathing.

If you want to know whether you want to be cool or warm, use cool if you feel cold, and warm if you feel better when warming up or taking a bath.

"Halix 55ID Plus" is a second-generation plaster containing 0.5% indomethacin.

Indomethacin acts on the enzymes that produce prostaglandins, which are pain-causing factors, and exert anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

In addition, the L-Menthol formula has a heat-clearing effect on muscles and is effective on bruises and sprains.

People with asthma should not use indomethacin because it may cause seizures. Also, please be careful not to use by children under 15 years of age.

"Salonpas Taping Ae" for muscular pain in frequently moving joints

Saronpas Poster Ae

"Salon Pass Ae" is a muscle pain medicine that Japanese people often use when they worry that joints such as elbows and knees will fall off due to frequent activities.

"Salonpass Salon Pass Ae" is a compress called a plaster (tape), which is a thin cloth containing active ingredients. It is characterized by high adhesion, not easy to peel off, and almost no discomfort when pasting.

Recommended for those suffering from chronic muscle pain and stiffness as it contains Vitamin E which further improves blood circulation. It is also recommended for those prone to rashes because it uses a material that absorbs sweat and suppresses skin irritation.

Depending on the part to be pasted, there are recommended ways to paste the salon pass, so I will introduce two.

  • Neck Pain Shoulder Shoulder "Bazi Stickers"
  • The "flounder" of calf pain

"Bazi sticking" is a sticking method from neck to shoulder. Recommended for those who are constantly staring at a computer screen and whose forward posture puts stress on their neck and shoulders.

"Flounder paste" is a paste method in which the shank is sandwiched. Recommended for those who stand for a long time in the hotel industry and whose calves become puffy at night.

Precautions for plaster (tape) If used for a long time, it may be difficult to peel off due to high adhesion. If you find it difficult to peel off, try peeling it off slowly or wet it with water.

"Loxonin S Tape" for back pain and stiff shoulders

Loxonin S

Loxonin S Tape is recommended for people who have problems with back pain and stiff shoulders that cannot be warmed up even when cooled.

The second-generation dressing containing loxoprofen sodium hydrate, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredient used in Japan's most famous antipyretic and analgesic drug "Loxonin S".

Loxoprofen sodium hydrate inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, which cause inflammation by penetrating directly to the core of pain.

It only needs to be applied once a day, it is highly elastic, does not come off easily, and it is easy to reapply, so I am glad that it is convenient.

However, please note that it should not be used by people who are on medication for an asthma attack or who have asthma. Children under the age of 15 cannot use it, please keep it properly to avoid misuse.

For those who want to heal myalgia but are concerned about the obvious compression, "Amero A"

If you apply a compress on bare skin like your neck and shoulders, it will definitely stand out. Too bad your fashion might be ruined. If you also want to get rid of stiff shoulders and muscle pain, "Amiro Yoko Yoko A" is a recommended Japanese medicine for muscle pain.

"Amiro YokoYoko A" is a liquid type ointment.

It does not stick out even when used on bare skin. Another point is that it is odorless and does not bother with the smell.

Easy to carry, take it anywhere without getting your hands dirty. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to apply to areas that need attention, which is very convenient.

"Vantelin Kowa Liquid α" for stiff shoulders that are difficult to remove

Vantelin Kowa Liquid α

For those who are particularly concerned about "I have stubborn muscle pain in the exposed part of the skin, but the compress is a little difficult ...", "Vantelin Kowa Liquid α" is effective in Japan. It is a muscle pain medicine.

"Vantelin Kowa Liquid α" is a second-generation myalgia drug containing indomethacin.

Indomethacin directly acts on the affected area, inhibits inflammation and exerts analgesic effect.

It also contains menthol and tincture of arnica that promote blood circulation, so you can expect the effect of relaxing stiff muscles.

Compared with "New Ammel Tsuyoko Yoko A", it has a higher anti-inflammatory effect, so "Vantelin Kowa Liquid α" is recommended for pain that cannot be taken with "New Ammel Tsu Yoko Yoko A".

Since it contains indomethacin, do not use it if you have asthma. Not for use by children under 15 years of age.

If you have asthma or are under 15 years old and want to use this ointment, please use "New Ammel Tsuyoko Yoko A" introduced earlier.

Let's treat painful stiff shoulders, back pain and muscle pain with Japanese muscle pain medicine

Japanese muscle pain medicine

My muscles are constantly strained from long hours of desk work and hospitality. There are times when I will be mentally exhausted, so I will be more tense.

Still, I'm getting less exercise than ever.

So if you exercise to change your mood or your health, you will get rid of muscle pain. With this, even if I try to enjoy my work and private life, I don't want to.

If you're in the same position for a long time, try stretching while standing and sitting to relieve tension. recommend it because it can So a refreshing change.

You can also try using your smart watch, which will notify you with a push notification if you continue to hold the same posture.

If you still have stiff shoulders, back pain, muscle soreness, please use the Japanese muscle pain medicine introduced in this article to take care of it!