"I am adjusting my eating habits and exercise, but my stomach is not clear..."
"My stomach is getting fatter than it used to be..."
"I'm busy, I don't eat regularly, I don't have time to exercise..."

Do you have such troubles?

I'm worried that my tummy will be bulging, but if I don't pay attention to it, the risk of heart disease etc. will increase, so I want to improve it. It's also frustrating that even if you know it with your head, you won't be able to improve it as much as you expect due to your habits and the effects of age.

This time, I would like to introduce the recommended Japanese Bofutsushosan, which is expected to have the effect of removing fat.

When you are hesitating which one to choose in the store, please use this as a reference!

Also, we will explain when you can feel the effect of Bofutsushosan, so please read to the end.

4 recommended Japanese Bofutsushosan

Bofutsushosan is sold in drugstores, so it is easy to buy. However, there are also many people who get into trouble because of the variety and don't know which one is right for them.

I've searched online, but it's not uncommon for sites to have dozens of recommended types, and I just don't know exactly which one to buy.

Here, I will introduce "Recommended Japanese Bofutsushosan " carefully selected from dozens of types so that you don't get confused.

  • Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan 85a 1
  • Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan Zα
  • New Rohto Bofutsushosan Full Film
  • Maslaq Gold

Each has its own characteristics, so please refer to it when choosing the Japanese Bofutsushosan that is best for you.

Let's look at them in order.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan 85a 1

"I forgot to take my medicine today...I was busy with work during the day and forgot to take my medicine...I knew I had to take my medicine..."Taking medicine during the day For those who tend to forget, we recommend the new prescription Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan 85a, taken twice a day, is expected to be effective.

For a drug to be effective, the dosage must be followed. Just drinking, so I don't think it's hard, but once you start drinking, you can't help but forget about it in the middle of your day.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan 85a should reduce self-loathing caused by forgetting to drink during the day.

In addition, there is a portable 50-piece pouch. Twice a day is fine, but if you're about to forget it, why not take it with you?

By the way, all the Bofutsushosan I am going to introduce contain a large amount of Bofutsushosan extract, so I recommend Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan 85a to those who want to see what it looks like, and Not with such a strong effect.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan Zα

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan Zα is a full-dose Chinese herbal medicine containing 5,000 mg of Kangjin Jing San Extract.

Quanfang contains the largest amount of Chinese herbal medicines within the approved standards. If you have been using Bofutsushosan but cannot see results due to small amounts of Bofutsushosan extract, consider taking Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kampo Bofutsushosan Zα.

For example, I tried Nisitol 85 a first, but if you don’t feel the effect, why not switch to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s Han Fang Feng Tong Sheng San Zα?

There is a large-capacity type with a capacity of 420 tablets, which is also those who want to continue drinking every day can save the trouble of buying multiple times.

New Rohto and Hanjian Xin·Rohto Bofutsushosan Ingot Full Quantity

The new Rohto and Hanjian New Rohto Bofutsushosan Tablets Full Quantity is also the same full prescription as Naisitol Za Bofutsushosan.

Just look at the prescription. It is the same as Nisitol Za, but the number of tablets taken at a time is different. Nisitol Za must be taken 5 tablets at a time, while 4 new Rohto and Hanjian New Rohto Bofutsushosan Tablets are full dose.

People often think "it's hard to take a lot of pills a day...". If the number of pills becomes a bottleneck and continues to increase, consider taking the new Rohto and Hanjian New Rohto Bofutsushosan Tablet Full Quantity .

Sakamoto Hanfa Pharmaceutical Bofutsushosan GOLD

For those who are worried about the cost, "I started taking Bofutsushosan and felt the effect, but it is a bit economical to continue...", I recommend Sakamoto Hanbo Pharmaceutical Bofutsushosan GOLD.

Prices are usually set for easy continuation, so you don't have to worry about giving up for financial reasons.


think "cheaper price = less Bofutsushosan extract", but this is a misconception. The Bofutsushosan extract contained in Sakamoto Hanbo Pharmaceutical Bofutsushosan GOLD is a full prescription of 5,000 mg.

The reason why the price is lower than other companies' products is that they do not spend as much on advertising as other companies.

This is a bit off topic, but advertising can tell a lot of people how great a product is. On the other hand, advertising costs are inevitably incurred and reflected in the price. This also applies to medications and supplements.

Back to the topic, What matters is the content.

Each product has its own characteristics. Make sure you choose products that fit your lifestyle.

When will the effect of Bofutsushosan come out? [about 2 weeks to 1 month]

There are individual differences in the time to take Fangfeng Tongsheng Powder and feel the effect, but as a guide, continue to take it for at least 2 weeks to 1 month. Unlike cold medicine, you won't feel the effect immediately after taking it, so don't stop taking it immediately because you don't feel the effect.

  1. Activate fat cells
  2. Tummy fat burner
  3. Inhibits absorption of dietary lipids
  4. Stimulates bowel movements
  5. Excretes lipids and feces

As mentioned above, it is not something that removes fat from the root, but its characteristic is to reduce fat by improving physical fitness. Since physical fitness is also related, the effect varies from person to person.

Therefore, please be careful not to eat more greasy food or eat more than usual because you are drinking Bofutsushosan.

The secret to success is not to rush to improve your physique, but to continue patiently. Continuations don't betray. As you continue, you'll gain a better understanding of your body and have more opportunities to review your eating habits and other lifestyle habits.

People who should avoid Bofutsushosan

Bofutsushosan is expected to have the effect of removing fat around the abdomen, but some people should avoid taking it.

After understanding the precautions, you can safely use Bofutsushosan.

If you meet the following conditions, please do not take Bofutsushosan or consult your doctor.

  • Pregnant women
  • A person who is breastfeeding

In either case, the probability of developing trouble is not high, but if trouble develops, it can be said that the loss is great, so be careful.

Pregnant women

Bofutsushosan is said to be "not recommended for pregnant women or women who may become pregnant".

It is recommended not to take Bofutsushosan during pregnancy.

Consultation with your obstetrician/gynecologist is recommended if taking.

Breastfeeding persons

Bofutsushosan is said to be "carefully administered to lactating women".

Although the amount of Bofutsushosan that transfers to breast milk is small, the rhubarb contained in Bofutsushosan may transfer to breast milk and cause diarrhea in infants.

Recommend Japanese supplements suitable for you to improve your physical fitness

Bofutsushosan can be expected to have some effect if it fits the constitution, but it is still important to maintain a basic lifestyle.

Let's improve our way of life, because we can do what we can, not just expect Bofutsushosan.

However, it is difficult to change your habits suddenly. You need support if you can.

Why not take advantage of the recommended Japanese style books this time to restore a slim figure one step at a time?