"I'm not tired recently, I'm already tired when I wake up..."
"I have a lot of desk work, my work efficiency has decreased due to eye fatigue, stiff shoulders, and low back pain..."
" When you are busy with work or housework, you are prone to rough skin, acne, mouth ulcers..."

Do you have such troubles?

It's hard to do work and housework with a heavy body, isn't it? Still, it's hard to get satisfying breaks and vacations.

A vitamin supplement is what you want after such a busy day. In this article, we will introduce Japanese vitamins recommended for those who are physically tired, those who have muscle stiffness problems, and those who want to solve skin problems.


Do you know what a vitamin is?

Vitamin deficiency! Because what I see and hear in the media, even though I am familiar with the language, the reality is that very few people can explain vitamins.

Even if you don't know what a vitamin is, even if you moan in vitamin horn, choosing the right vitamin for you is like searching for gold dust in the desert.

So, let's take a quick look at vitamins. No prior knowledge required, as we'll chew it up and tell you. Please feel free to read and recommend it.

Vitamins are the cooks that make the nutrition you eat delicious

The reason vitamins didn't come to mind is because they don't burn energy and don't build your body.

Lipids and sugars are energy, and it's easy to imagine protein building muscle.

So what do vitamins do?

Vitamins are like cooks, using lipids, sugars and proteins as building blocks to generate energy and build muscle. Not only that, but one vitamin plays multiple roles, such as supporting another vitamin to do its job.

These vitamins are like great actors, unfortunately most of them cannot be stored in the body. Moreover, the types that the human body can produce are limited and can only be ingested from food.

Let's understand what vitamins do and use them as a guide when choosing a vitamin

I'll actually pick some typical vitamins and introduce them.

If you understand what vitamins do, it's easy to think about which vitamin you're deficient in from your symptoms, so use that as a reference when choosing a vitamin.

The following vitamins are described here.

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

I will explain in order.

Vitamin B1 is a vitamin needed to produce energy from sugar. If it is insufficient, it will be easy to get tired, eye fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain and so on.

Vitamin B2 is required for lipid metabolism and for skin, nail and hair growth. If it is not enough, rough skin, acne and mouth ulcers will easily appear.

Vitamin B6 is required for protein metabolism. If that wasn't enough, rough skin, acne, and mouth sores can easily develop.

Vitamin B12 is needed to make blood. If you run out, you may become anemic.

Vitamin C inhibits melanin production and is needed for collagen production. It also needs to generate more energy. If it is not enough, it may cause pigmentation and freckles and make you feel tired easily.

Vitamin E is a vitamin that promotes blood flow. If it is not enough, you will feel cold and your shoulders will be stiff.


, we will introduce Japanese vitamin preparations that actually contain these vitamins.

Use this as a guide when choosing a vitamin preparation that contains the vitamin you are deficient in.

A purposeful presentation of typical Japanese vitamins!

Earlier I covered an excerpt of what vitamins do and what happens when they are deficient.

As you can see, unless you choose a vitamin preparation that contains the right vitamin for your symptoms, you can't expect results.

For example, even if you're cold, it's unlikely that anemia will be resolved by taking a vitamin C-based vitamin, is it?

Still, it's a hassle to stare at the back of each pack.

Therefore, I will introduce recommended Japanese vitamins for typical symptoms!

"Alinamin EX Plus" for tired eyes, shoulders and waist

Alinamin EX Plus

Speaking of vitamins, "Alinamin EX Plus" is as famous as Alinamin in Japan. If your daily fatigue is causing eye strain, stiff shoulders, and back pain, this is the Japanese vitamin you should try first.

Specifically, symptoms like low back pain when your eyes lose focus, when your eyes are blurred, even when you move or don't move, or stiff shoulders no matter how much you rub. is not it.

Vitamin B1 derivative furultiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin E are included as active ingredients.

Vitamin B1 Derivative is an improved version of Vitamin B1 that is excellently absorbed and works effectively in the body.

Japanese vitamin preparation recommended for people who often use desk work and digital devices and maintain the same posture for a long time.

For those who want to rest but can't rest but have a heavy body... "Q&P Kowa Gold α Plus"

Q&P Kowa Gold α Plus

Sometimes you should be sleeping well, but when you wake up, you are too tired to work or do chores. In this case, please use "Q&P Kowa Gold α Plus".

It's easy to say "the fatigue of the day goes away in a day", but no one feels bad if it's possible. Also, unfortunately, the Japanese are notorious for short sleep periods and no rest. It's like letting the engine run and I'm trying too hard.

This is where "Q&P Kowa Gold α Plus" comes out.

Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C help produce energy from the diet. The biggest feature is that it contains not only vitamins, but also nourishing and nourishing herbs that are effective for fatigue.

Include the following four herbs.

  • Angelica
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Uggie
  • Mount Tarzan

I'll briefly explain.

Angelica improves blood circulation. The better the blood circulation, the easier it is for nutrients to reach the body.

Siberian ginseng supports cell energy production and is effective against fatigue.

Ougi is an herb that is highly tonic and tonic and promotes metabolism.

Taisan is an herb that helps absorb vitamins, improves blood circulation, and stimulates appetite, known for its garlic.

Japanese vitamin preparations are recommended when you feel general fatigue.

For those who are more concerned about skin spots than fatigue, "HYTHIOL-C Plus 2"


I worry about being tired, but sometimes I want to get rid of dark spots on my skin. It has a huge impact on your first impression, and some people may not even be able to focus on what they need to do because they want to know what they look like.

Most importantly, every time you look in the mirror, you'll feel aging with wrinkles.

Anti-pigmentation focuses on promoting UV care and skin circulation.

Originally, melanin will disappear naturally because of the cycle of skin. However, if the speed of skin circulation slows down, it will not be expelled from the skin, but will remain, resulting in pigmentation.

Therefore, the recommended Japanese vitamin preparation is "HYTHIOL-C Plus 2".

An amino acid called L-cysteine works with vitamin C to normalize skin circulation. In addition, it inhibits the production of melanin, making excess melanin colorless.

L-cysteine is difficult to obtain from the diet, and it is easy to be deficient, so if you are worried about spots, you can take "HYTHIOL-C Plus 2".

Of course, don't forget to take sun protection and other anti-ultraviolet measures!

"Qiaozhengmei Chocola BB Plus" targets rough skin, acne and mouth ulcers

Qiaozhengmei Chocola BB Plus

Sure, I've been busy with work and parenting and tired from lack of sleep, but I'm not as sad as when I look in the mirror and see my own skin. It's hard if you're tired and you have mouth sores.

In fact, the causes of rough skin and oral ulcers are the same.

Both are caused by a decrease in metabolism. Metabolism is the function of generating energy and promoting cell cycle. I can't get tired because of my low metabolism, my skin and mucous membranes are in poor condition because of my low metabolism.


, it appears that metabolic normalization will improve.

Therefore, we recommend "Chocola BB Plus".

"Chocola BB Plus" is a vitamin preparation that contains vitamin B1 necessary for sugar metabolism, vitamin B2 necessary for lipid metabolism, and vitamin B6 necessary for protein metabolism in a balanced manner.

If you have rough skin, acne or mouth ulcers due to daily fatigue, please take "Chocola BB Plus".

Let's survive in the busy modern society with Japanese vitamins!

Modern society needs to generate results digitally while being driven by time. It is impossible to say "not tired". Also, when I have to do chores and parenting, I don't know when to take a break.

Of course, it can be hard to actually take action with a tired body and mind, even knowing that you should have time to relax and adjust your eating and exercise habits.

So let's start preparing the environment step by step while eliminating fatigue with the Japanese vitamins introduced this time.

Don't overdose just because you're taking vitamins, so don't forget to take care of yourself!