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The "Mentholatum" series is manufactured and sold by Rohto Pharmaceutical. Its history dates back to 1894. At that time, Albert Hyde of the United States developed products using menthol, which had been used in Japan for anti-inflammation. It was released in Japan in 1920 and has been used by many people for a long time.

This time I will introduce the ingredients and characteristics of the "Mentholatum" series of products.

Represents 3 products of the "Mentholatum" series

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Among the "Mentholatum" series sold by ROHTO Pharmaceutical, the most representative ones are "Mentholatum Ointment", "Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment" and "Mentholatum AD Botanical". Please refer to the description below for its features.

1. Mentholatum Ointment
[Features] Protects the skin surface. Reduce stimuli from external factors. Improve blood circulation and solve skin problems.
【Effects】Cracks, wounds, frostbite, itching, etc.
2. Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment
(Detailed description of capacity below)
【Features】It can prevent dry skin caused by lack of oil and moisture. Make skin less itchy.
【Effect】Severely itchy dry skin・Xeroderma
3. Mentholatum AD Botanical
[Feature] Instantly calms itching. Adjust the skin so that it is not easy to itch.
【Effect】Severe itching

The characteristics and effects of the 3 types of Mentholatum are different.

"Mentholatum Ointment" helps sebum enhancement

"Mentholatum Ointment" has the characteristics of helping to protect the skin's sebum, so it will have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

Although Vaseline is used as a base with excellent moisturizing properties and safety, the disadvantage is that it feels sticky after application. Therefore, Rohto Pharmaceutical emulsifies petroleum jelly under high pressure, turning it into a cream with a smooth texture.

There are 3 types of "Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment"

"Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment" has the following 3 types.

*Cream Type (50g / 90g / 145g)
*Emulsion Type (120g)
*Spray Type (100ml)

It is recommended to use a spray type if you have skin problems such as the back and other places that are difficult to apply.

The characteristic of the spray type is that even if it is used in cold winter, it will not feel cold, and the liquid is not easy to leak is also an advantage.

"Mentholatum AD Botanical" has a unique fragrance

The biggest feature of "Mentholatum AD Botanical" is its unique aroma.
In addition to anti-itching ingredients, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and almond oil are also added.

Mentholatum AD Botanical also has the following characteristics:

・Slightly acidic
・No coloring
・No urea
・No preservatives

None of the above ingredients will affect sensitive skin.
Therefore, Mentholatum AD Botanical has the characteristics of not easily irritating sensitive muscles.

What ingredients does Mentholatum contain?

The 3 Mentholatum products introduced above contain the active ingredients and additives described below in order to improve the skin condition.

1. Mentholatum ointment [Active ingredients] dl-camphor, eucalyptus oil, l-menthol
[Additives] methyl salicylate, turpentine, titanium oxide, yellow petrolatum
2. Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment 【Active Ingredients】Crotamiton, Lidocaine, Diphenhydramine, Vitamin E Derivatives, Glycyrrhetinic Acid-Ammonia, Urea 10%
【Additives】Moisturizing Base (Glycerin), Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Lactate , liquid paraffin, etc.
3. Mentholatum AD Botanical [Active ingredients] Crotamiton, lidocaine, Diphenhydramine, vitamin E derivatives, glycyrrhetinic acid
[Additives] lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, almond oil

Mentholatum contains a variety of active ingredients and additives in order to relieve itching.
Mentholatum AD Botanical uses natural essential oils as additives. These natural essential oils can relax the body and mind. It is recommended to apply them on the skin and then take a deep breath!

About the effect of containing common active ingredients

If you compare the active ingredients in the above table, you will find that Mentholatum AD Anfukang Ointment and Mentholatum AD Botanical have the same ingredients.

The role of these ingredients will be described in detail below.

1. Crotamiton Gives a warming sensation to the skin and relieves itching. Mild efficacy and few side effects.
2. Lidocaine Has a local anesthetic effect that reduces itching.
3. Diphenhydramine Inhibits the activity of "histamine" which causes itching. Because the skin reaction is suppressed, it can also be used to treat eczema, urticaria, mosquito bites, etc.
4. Vitamin E derivatives Improves blood circulation to reduce inflammation.
5. Glycyrrhetinic acid Inhibits inflammation and relieves itching.

The above ingredients can not only suppress itching, but also moisturize the skin.
After improving dryness and itching, it can also renew the skin so that it is less itchy.

The whole series of products do not use steroids, so you can use them with peace of mind

Mentholatum products are steroid-free.

Steroids are added to many ointments.
Steroids are often used as active ingredients in the treatment of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, but the possibility of side effects cannot be denied.
Possible side effects of topical steroids include hirsutism and subcutaneous bleeding. However, the Mentholatum series does not contain steroids and can be used with confidence.

Mentholatum is best used when the skin is dry and itchy

Use Mentholatum immediately if you feel itching.

Use Mentholatum if your skin is dry, even if it is not itchy.
Keep your skin from drying out, prevent moisture and oil from evaporating, please use Mentholatum to take care of it.

In addition, please pay attention to the following items to maintain a state that makes itching difficult to approach!

・The temperature of the bathtub is set at 38-40 degrees.
・Do not scrub your body with a towel when taking a bath.
・Apply Mentholatum to the concerned area immediately after bathing
・Do not blow on heating or cooling air directly.
・From autumn to spring, the room is easy to dry, please use a humidifier to maintain the humidity in the room.

This prevents skin from drying out and keeps itching to a minimum.

Use Mentholatum first when you feel itchy skin

Mentholatum can effectively improve itchy and chapped skin. Please choose the product that suits you best according to your symptoms.
Once the skin becomes dry, it will produce an unstoppable itching sensation. In order to prevent dry skin, it is necessary to use Mentholatum to care for the skin!