It is most effective when taken at the beginning of a cold! More than 90% of Japanese people know the cold Explanation of the characteristics, effects and ingredients of the medicine and Kakkonto

Kakkonto, a Chinese herbal medicine, is chosen by many Japanese as a cold medicine.
According to the results of a questionnaire survey, as high as 92.3% of the people answered "Have heard of Kakkonto", one can imagine the high popularity of Kakkonto. [Note 1]

This time, we will introduce the characteristics, consumption methods and ingredients of Kakkonto. Let's see why kudzu soup is so popular in Japan.

[Note 1]Kracie Holdings Co., Ltd.: Questionnaire about Kampo medicine. The number of people who have experience in taking Kampo medicine is more than twice that of 7 years ago!

Gegen Decoction is a Chinese medicine that is very effective in the early stage of cold

It is said that Kakkonto is very effective in the early stages of a cold.
If you have the following symptoms at the beginning of a cold, please take Gegen Decoction immediately.

*Feeling cold even in heavy clothes
*A sense of body fatigue
*Head feels tight and has a headache
*Stiff shoulders and neck

Gegen Decoction is most effective when taken within 1 to 2 days of the initial symptoms of a cold. "The early stage of a cold is the most important thing." If you treat it immediately at the early stage, it will prevent it from becoming serious.

However, if the symptoms of cough and sore throat are severe, or the fever exceeds 37.5 degrees, taking Gegen Decoction alone may not improve the symptoms.

If the symptoms are worse than the initial cold, please go to the hospital or clinic.

Also effective for improving back stiffness, chronic headaches, and stiff shoulders

Pudzu root soup contains ingredients that warm the body, and drinking it every day can improve the body's chills.

Therefore, it is recommended to take Kakkonto for those who have the following conditions.

*Tension-type headaches
*Chronic shoulder stiffness
*Bad gastrointestinal conditions
*Chronic back and neck stiffness

It can be taken even if there are no early symptoms of a cold. Those who are interested can try it.

The main ingredient of kudzu soup・In addition to kudzu root, there are many ingredients that warm the body

The following are the ingredients of Kakkonto. [Note 2]

*Pueraria Puerariae 4.0g
*Jujube 3.0g
*Ephedra 3.0g
*Licorice 2.0g
*Cinnamon 2.0 g
*Daily peony 2.0g
*Japanese ginger root 2.0g

The main ingredient kudzu root not only warms the body, but also contains ginger root (root of ginger), ephedra and other ingredients to improve blood circulation and promote perspiration. Because of the interaction between the ingredients, it can quickly improve the symptoms of the initial cold.

Kudzu root can also help the body discharge old waste substances, and ginger root and ephedra can promote metabolism. Therefore, it can not only improve physical fatigue, but also improve metabolism and secretion function.

[Note 2]Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency: Tsumura Kakkonto extract granules[PDF]

Gegen soup has no drowsiness ingredients

Gegen Decoction has no drowsiness ingredients
so you can drive and cycle with confidence after taking it.

You won't feel dizzy after taking kudzu soup, so you can concentrate on class, work, and housework.

Pueraria decoction should be dissolved in hot water or boiled water before meals

Pueraria decoction should be dissolved in hot water or boiled water before meals (30 minutes before meals) before taking.
Traditional Chinese medicine is easier to absorb when taken before meals, and it is characterized by rapid efficacy.

Generally speaking, Chinese herbal medicines are relatively mild in efficacy, so in order to improve the absorption rate, it will not be affected if taken before meals. Therefore, Kakkonto is best taken before meals.

Just take kudzu root decoction to deal with cold symptoms without taking multiple medicines

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, "When you catch a cold, you must warm your body first."
The purpose is to relieve the symptoms faster by improving the root cause of "cold body".

Generally speaking, traditional Chinese medicine uses a combination of various ingredients to warm the body and improve immunity to treat colds.
Gegen Decoction also contains a variety of active ingredients, so it is also an advantage that it can deal with a variety of cold symptoms.

Western medicine usually prescribes medicines that can relieve cough, nasal discharge, fever and other "symptoms that can be seen with the eyes" to treat colds.

Most cold medicines used in Western medicine have only one active ingredient. Cold symptoms are relieved with active ingredients that reduce fever, clear throat or headache, and kill bacteria. This is why it is necessary to take several medicines at a time when taking Western medicine.

If you take Pueraria decoction to treat a cold, you don't need to take multiple medicines like western medicine.

Pudzu root soup, which is also available in drugstores, is best for treating the initial symptoms of a cold!

This time, we introduced the characteristics, ingredients and consumption method of Kakkonto.

Kakkonto is the most common Kampo medicine in Japan. Available in pharmacies and pharmacies.
It can be taken when the body starts to feel cold, feels a little fever, etc. when it is suspected to be the initial symptoms of a cold.

Use Kakkonto to deal with the initial symptoms of a cold, so that the body can recover as soon as possible!