Living in Japan, known as a stressful society, many people will prepare stomach medicine for emergencies. This time, we will introduce 6 super popular gastrointestinal medicines (Biofermin, Zhengro Pills, Ota Isan, Kowa New Drug Kekujing Kowa α, Taisho Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine, Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine PLUS).
Next, we will introduce their characteristics and ingredients.

The content of lactic acid bacteria in different series of table Feiming is different

Biofermin is a gastrointestinal medicine manufactured by Biofermin Pharmaceutical and sold by Taisho Pharmaceutical. So far, there are 8 models, all of which contain lactic acid bacteria, but the types and contents are different. The difference in ingredients other than lactic acid bacteria can not only improve the intestines, but also improve various intestinal-related symptoms such as loss of appetite and rough skin, and also improve stomach discomfort.

Lactic acid bacteria can adjust the intestinal environment and have the effect of regulating the intestines. It is suitable for people with the following symptoms.
*Constipation/diarrhea due to changes in age and diet
*Constipation/diarrhea due to intestinal imbalance

Xinbiao Feiming S can make active lactic acid bacteria reach the intestinal tract

Image source: Biofermin Pharmaceuticals

Among the Watch Feiming series, the new Watch Feiming S allows lactic acid bacteria to reach the intestinal tract under the condition of live bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria are weak to acid, so they will be affected by stomach acid when you are fasting.

However, the lactic acid bacteria contained in Xinbiao Feiming S come from the human body, so they can reach the intestinal tract stably. Xinbiao Feiming S Granules can be taken after 3 months after birth.

The efficacy of Zhenglu Wan is almost the same in every family

Image source: Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ltd.

Zhengluwan is an antidiarrheal medicine manufactured and sold by many pharmaceutical companies. Although the ingredients and content used by each company are different, the effect is almost the same. It is recommended to take it when the following symptoms appear.

*Food poisoning/water intoxication
*Diarrhea caused by autonomic nervous disorder
*Diarrhea caused by cold

Zhenglu Wan can relieve diarrhea and toothache

The main ingredient of Zhenglu Pills is creosote oil, which can suppress diarrhea and abdominal pain. Creosote is also effective in soothing toothaches and can also be used against dental caries.
Generally, it is made into tablet-shaped small black particles, and has the unique aroma of creosote. Sugar-coated tablets are also available so that children or those who are sensitive to taste can take it easily.

The creosote oil in Zhenglu Pills is not a carcinogen

Zhenglu Pills are mainly gastrointestinal medicines made from natural ingredients. No matter what type of Zhengro pills, it contains creosote. Creosote and creosote, a carcinogen, were once misunderstood as the same thing, but in fact they are completely different, and creosote does not cause cancer.

Ota Isan mainly relieves the discomfort caused by excessive eating and drinking

Image source: Ota Isan

Ota's Isan is manufactured and sold by Ota's Isan Co., Ltd. There are 9 types of over-the-counter gastrointestinal medicine. Although the ingredients and functions of each product are different, they all contain traditional Chinese medicine ingredients that are effective for the stomach.

It is recommended to take Ota Isan if you have the following symptoms:
*Stomach discomfort caused by excessive eating/drinking
*Stomach discomfort caused by stress

Ota's Isan comes in various forms, and we care about the ease of taking it

Ota's Isan cares about the ease of taking. There are not only powders and tablets, but also chewable tablets and oral liquids. There are also products with a refreshing taste, and there are also subpackages that are easy to carry. When you suddenly feel uncomfortable Can be taken.

The ingredients of Ota's Isan are different for each series

Ota's Isan contains relatively large differences in the types of ingredients. For example, the basic Ota's Isan contains 7 kinds of stomach-invigorating traditional Chinese medicines and 4 kinds of antacids; Ota's Isan A tablet is made of 4 kinds of enzymes Ota's Isan Intestinal Medicine contains lactic acid bacteria, and each contains ingredients that are effective for the stomach.

Kowa α, a new drug from Xinghe, can improve stomach pain

Image source: Xinghe Limited company

Kowa α, a new drug of Xinghe, is a drug manufactured and sold by Xinghe Co., Ltd. It contains a compound called methionine sulfonium chloride, which can promote the repair of damaged gastric mucosa and increase gastric motility The traditional Chinese medicine ingredient perilla leaf can rejuvenate the stomach and restore normal functioning.

It is recommended to take Kowa α if you have the following symptoms:
*Stomach indigestion after meals
*Stomach pain on an empty stomach
*Loss of appetite

Xinghe's new drug Ke Kui Jing Kowa α neutralizes gastric acid through a double effect

The cloxacine lozenge has two layers of coating film, which has a double effect. Specifically, the antacids in the outer layer can neutralize excessive gastric acid secretion, relieve stomach pain, and because the gastric acid is neutralized, it can create an environment for digestive enzymes to work easily. Then the core tablet in the inner layer will slowly dissolve, making it easier for the active ingredients to work. The synergistic effect of methylthio amino acid chloride, perilla leaf and other medicines can restore the stomach to a normal state.

Xinghe New Drug Kekuijing Kowa α contains 4 active ingredients

Xinghe New Drug Kekujing Kowa α contains 4 active ingredients with different effects. Contains methionine chloride that can repair the gastric mucosa, 4 types of antacids (sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, Scopolia Extract) that inhibit excessive gastric acid secretion, and 2 types of stomach-enhancing ingredients (perilla leaf, as medicine) , 2 kinds of digestive ingredients (vitamin-derived digestive enzyme 2000, リパーゼAP12). With the cooperation of various ingredients, it can exert excellent effects and improve stomach discomfort.

Taisho Kampo gastrointestinal medicine is suitable for alleviating loss of appetite caused by summer heat

Image source: Taisho Pharmaceutical

Taisho Kampo gastrointestinal medicine is manufactured and sold by Taisho Pharmaceutical. The ingredients are a combination of Anzhongsan and Shaoyao Gancao Decoction. If the following symptoms occur, you can take Taisho Kampo gastrointestinal medicine.

*Irregular eating habits cause stomach discomfort
*Summer heat causes loss of appetite

Taisho Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine is a microparticle type that is easy to take

The aroma and flavor of Taisho Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine are not pungent, and they are in the form of fine particles that are easy to take. With exclusive technology and careful selection of raw materials, whether it is aroma, taste, or ease of consumption, it is more acceptable to the public because it contains high-quality ingredients.

Taizheng Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine is rich in natural Chinese medicine

Dazheng Hanfang gastrointestinal medicine contains the following traditional Chinese medicine ingredients
*Cinnamon bark 200mg
*Anzhong powder 700mg
*Ryanhusuo 150mg
*Oyster 150mg
*Fennel 75mg< br/> The above ingredients can effectively relieve stomach discomfort.

About Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal medicine PLUS

Image source: Taisho Pharmaceutical

Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine PLUS is manufactured and sold by Daiichi Sankyo. It contains 6 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients that can strengthen the stomach, and plant-based lactic acid bacteria can restore the intestinal tract to a normal state. It can be regarded as healthy stomach and intestines. medicines. In addition, it also contains lipase AP12, which decomposes fat in food, and Taka-diastase N1, which decomposes protein and sugar. Under the interaction of the two, it can help digest the food accumulated in the stomach.

When the following symptoms appear, you can take Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal medicine PLUS.
* Nausea
* Indigestion
* Excessive eating/drinking

Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal medicine PLUS takes care of the stomach and intestines through digestive enzymes and antacids

Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal medicine PLUS added lactic acid bacteria, Digestive enzymes and antacids protect the stomach and intestines through a variety of ingredients. There are two types of lozenges and fine grains, and the fine grain type can be taken from 3 years old and above.

Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine PLUS is rich in Chinese medicinal ingredients

Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine PLUS contains the following Chinese medicine ingredients in addition to lactic acid bacteria, digestive enzymes, and antacids.
* Cork powder 105mg
* Cinnamon powder 225mg
* Ginger powder 75mg
* Aldioxa 60mg
The above ingredients can help gastric mucosal repair, multiplied with other ingredients It can protect the stomach under the effect.

When choosing gastrointestinal medicine, in addition to your own symptoms, you also need to consider convenience

The selection criteria of the 6 products should be selected based on the effect of the main appeal of each product.

For example, you can take Zhenglu pills for diarrhea or abdominal pain, Biofermin for stomach abnormalities caused by the deterioration of intestinal environment, Xinghe new drug Kekujing Kowa α for gastric mucosa repair, Dazheng Hanfang gastrointestinal medicine for improving loss of appetite, diet and drinking Take Ota Isan for overdose or stomach pain due to stress, and Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine PLUS if you want to take care of your stomach at once.

Due to age restrictions, differences in portability and ease of taking, it is best to choose the type of medicine that suits you in addition to choosing according to your own symptoms when choosing!