Ota Isan is a popular gastrointestinal medicine in Japan! Next, we will introduce its characteristics, ingredients and effects!

As of January 2019, there are a total of 10 series of Ohta's Isan products on sale.
Among them, 9 are gastrointestinal medicines. Although the ingredients and functions of each product are different, they all contain traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.

"There are so many types, I don't know which one to choose..." "Which one is more effective?" If you have such doubts, please read this introduction to Ohta's Isan series products, and then choose the one that suits you according to your own symptoms medicine!

The most basic product in the " Ohta's Isan" series

*Cinnamon: Intestinal adjustment, pain relief, etc.
*Fennel: Stomach strengthening, intestinal adjustment, pain relief, etc.
*Nutmeg: Stomach strengthening, antidiarrheal, etc.
*Cloves: Increase appetite, Stomach invigorating, etc.
*Wenzhou Satsuma: Stomach invigorating, antiemetic, etc.
*Gentian: Analgesic, inhibiting indigestion, etc.
*Bitterwood powder: Inhibiting indigestion, antidiarrheal, etc.

Ohta's Isan is added with the above 7 stomach-invigorating traditional Chinese medicines to adjust gastric function and secretion of gastric juice, and improve symptoms of stomach discomfort such as overeating and bloating.
Plus 4 kinds of antacids (sodium bicarbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, synthetic aluminum silicate) can neutralize excessive gastric acid and adjust the acidity in the stomach.

Biodiastase, a compound digestive enzyme that aids in digestion, such as starch and protein from food sources, can relieve stomach discomfort caused by indigestion.
Ohta's Isan is made with a unique manufacturing method in order to effectively utilize the active ingredients of 7 kinds of stomach-strengthening traditional Chinese medicines. Therefore, it has the cooling effect of l-menthol and the aroma of traditional Chinese medicines, and you will feel refreshed after taking it.

" Ohta's Isan " is easy to carry

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Ohta's Isan has the same ingredients as the previously launched Ohta's Isan.
Ohta's Isan cans are inconvenient to carry, but Ohta's Isan is a single serving (over 15 years old: 1 package), which is more convenient to carry.

" Ohta's Isan " has a refreshing taste

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Ohta's Isan can restore the function of the intestines and stomach that has been reduced due to overeating to a normal state, and improve stomach tightness and nausea.
Gastrointestinal liquid is a medicine with a cool mint flavor.

The ingredients contain 10 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that improve stomach discomfort (Magnolia officinale extract, Atractylodes atractylodes extract, Gentiana gentiane extract, Cinnamon flow extract, Fennel flow extract, Ginger root flow extract, Clove extract, Wenzhou citrus extract, citronella extract), carnitine chloride to restore the normal function of the stomach, and licorice extract to repair the gastric mucosa.

" Ohta's Isan Chewable Tablet NEO" is a good helper in case of emergency

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Ohta's Isan Chewable Tablets NEO is a chewable portable gastrointestinal medicine that can be taken even without boiling water. It can be taken even without boiling water. It is a good helper when you suddenly have a stomach problem when you go out.
Lightweight aluminum can, easy to carry.

The active ingredients will pass through the affected area, which can effectively relieve gastroesophageal reflux, bloating, and discomfort. Refreshing lime taste, refreshing feeling after taking.

" Ohta's Isan A " quick results

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Ohta's Isan A is a tablet-shaped gastrointestinal medicine that relieves symptoms such as indigestion and overeating.
Digestive agent made of 4 kinds of enzymes (lipase AP6, Prozyme 6, Biodiastase 1000, ursodeoxycholic acid) can effectively decompose fat, protein, carbohydrates, and improve indigestion and other symptoms.

Small particles are designed to be easier to take, and can quickly dissolve and spread in the stomach, reducing discomfort when taking. In addition, the sub-package (1 serving size is 3 tablets) is convenient to carry.

"Ota Kampo Digestive Medicine II" relieves symptoms caused by stress

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The above products are all medicines for relieving stomach discomfort caused by overeating. Next, we will introduce Ota Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine II. This drug can relieve stomach discomfort caused by psychological factors such as worry, restlessness and tension.

Stomach anxiety is a state in which the balance of the autonomic nervous system is disturbed by stress such as anxiety and tension, resulting in stomach discomfort.
Ohta Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine II can adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous system and improve symptoms such as stomach pain, loss of appetite, and nausea. Adding Poria cocos powder to Anzhong San can stabilize the mental state and improve stomach discomfort caused by stress.

Those who want to take lozenges can choose "Ota Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine II "

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Ota Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine II is the tablet type of Ohta Kampo Gastrointestinal Medicine II introduced above. Both ingredients are the same. You can choose powder or lozenge according to your personal habits.

Using the power of lactic acid bacteria to adjust the intestinal environment, " Ohta's Isan Intestinal Regulatory Medicine"

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Ohta's Isan Intestinal Medicine is a bowel medicine that contains lactic acid bacteria and traditional Chinese medicine.
Contains 2 kinds of lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium, Lactomin) and Clostridium butyricum. These three kinds of gut-regulating bacteria can adjust the intestinal balance and make the intestinal tract less irritated. ideal state.
In addition, 2 kinds of intestine-regulating traditional Chinese medicines (Chinese and Japanese geranium and wild sycamore) are added to restore intestinal peristalsis to normal, making it easier for good bacteria to survive in the intestinal tract.

Chronic constipation can take " Ohta's Isan Intestinal Medicine DE・RUMOA Tablets"

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Ohta's Isan Intestinal Regulatory Medicine DE・RUMOA Tablet is a bowel-regulatory medicine for the treatment of chronic constipation symptoms.
Cassia seed extract can moisturize the intestinal tract, expel stool, add 3 kinds of beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium, Lactomin, Clostridium butyricum) to adjust the intestinal environment, and improve the state of constipation.
The magnesium hydroxide in the ingredients can protect the beneficial bacteria in the stomach acid, and the tangerine peel that improves the gastrointestinal function, the synergistic effect of the two can effectively improve constipation.

Choose the right product to adjust to a good physique

Ohta's Isan series are mainly effective drugs for various stomach symptoms caused by excessive eating and drinking, and also improve stomach anxietyAnd intestine-regulating products.
All series contain traditional Chinese medicine, live bacteria, enzymes and other ingredients, please choose the right product according to your own symptoms and physical condition!