【Taisho Pharmaceutical】 Pabron S Gold W Granules 12 packs

Pabron Publon S Gold W Granules 12 packs, Anti-cold remedy, Powder, Adults, 12 yr(s), 12 pc(s), 105 mm
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Pabron Publon S Gold W Granules 12 packs.

Product type: Anti-cold remedy,
Dosage form: Powder,
Target audience: Adults.
Quantity per pack: 12 pc(s),
Package width: 105 mm,
Package depth: 25 mm


Reduction of all symptoms of colds (cough, phlegm, sore throat, sneezing, nasal discharge, stuffy nose, chills, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)


Please take the following amount with water or lukewarm water within 30 minutes after meal.
Age / Single dose / Number of doses
15 years old and over / 1 packet / 3 times a day
12 to 14 years old / 1/2 packet / 3 times a day
Under 12 years old / Do not take

(1) Please adhere strictly to the prescribed usage and dose.
(2) When taking this medicine for children, take it under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


In one packet (0.96g)

Additives: Cellulose, D-mannitol, potato starch, silicic anhydride, Mg metasilicate aluminate Mg, hydroxypropyl cellulose, aspartame (L-phenylalanine compound), fragrance, octenyl succinate starch Na

Although urine may become yellow when taking this drug, this is due to vitamin B2 in this drug, so do not worry.

Precautions for storage and handling

  • (1) Store in a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight.
  • (2) Keep out of reach of children.
  • (3) Do not replace with another container.
    (It may cause misuse or change quality.)
  • (4) If you take the rest of the divided one packet, fold the mouth of the bag and store it, and take it within 2 days.
  • (5) Do not take the product beyond the expiration date.
ingredient Volume Action
Ambroxol hydrochloride 15mg Makes it easier to get rid of the throat that causes coughing.
L-carbocysteine 250mg Brings airway mucus and mucous membranes to a normal state.
Dihydrocodeine phosphate 8mg It works at the cough center and stops the cough.
acetaminophen 2.5mg Relieves fever, headache, sore throat, etc.
Chlorpheniramine maleate 60mg Relieves symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose and stuffy nose.
riboflavin (vitamin B2) 4mg Replenish vitamins that are easily consumed during a cold.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【大正製薬】 パブロンSゴールドW微粒12包
Product typeAnti-cold remedy
Dosage formPowder
Target audienceAdults
Minimum age12 yr(s)
Quantity per pack12 pc(s)
Package width105 mm
Package depth25 mm
Package height76 mm