"My eyes are tired because I ignore the screen of my smartphone, tablet or computer..." I think many people experience eye strain at night.

These digital devices have become an integral part of our lives, both business and private.

To get work done, stay connected, read books, listen to music, watch movies, and shop.

In exchange for its convenience, we have encountered unprecedented troubles.

That's eye problems like eye strain!

Our eyes are abused more than ever, unable to adjust to the digital environment, and accumulating fatigue and screaming. Signs are tiredness, red eye and haze.

The most effective way is to stop using digital devices. However, we who live in the rapidly changing modern age cannot return to life without digital devices.

This article introduces recommended Japanese eye drops that can help you get along with your digital devices and those important eyes.

Enjoy a comfortable digital life with Japanese eye drops!

Sometimes I say "I'm too tired to keep my eyes open..." Sometimes I say "I'm a little out of focus...".

Or maybe you're feeling "I'm dry from looking at too much screen..." or "I want to feel refreshed!".

It's easy to dismiss the thought, "You should be patient and live!", but it's not good to let it go.

Your quality of life will drop due to stress, headaches, stiff shoulders, nausea, insomnia and poor concentration! Use eye drops as early care if you experience any eye strain.

However, even if it is a sip of eye drops, what you want depends on the situation, such as the degree and type of symptoms, which will vary from time to time.

Therefore, we have carefully selected recommended Japanese eye drops according to your needs. Please read to the end.

Highest quality "V Rohto Premium" series Japanese eye drops

V Rohto Premium

"V Rohto Premium Series" is Rohto Pharmaceutical's 100-year history of eye drops development and is the highest quality eye drops sold in Japan.

The development of technology has changed the living and working environment, it is developed for the modern people who abuse their eyes. A full lineup that can accommodate a variety of lifestyles is attractive.

  • "V Rohto Premium" specially created for the abused modern people by mixing 12 of the most active ingredients in Japan
  • "V Rohto Active Premium" reactivates the visual function of eyestrain and blurred vision caused by aging
  • “V Rohto Dry Eye Premium” for painful dry eyes
  • "V Rohto Contact Premium" for dry eyes and fatigue while wearing contact lenses
V Rohto Contact Premium

In addition, the one-button screw cap and the highly designed free-angle nozzle allow you to infuse in a comfortable posture without excessively tilting your neck.

Highest quality Japanese eye drops with emphasis on comfort of use. Especially recommended for those who want high specification eye drops and are prone to eyestrain.

Japanese eye drops "Soft Santear" recommended for dry eyes and discomfort on contact

Soft Santear

"Soft Santear" is an artificial tear eye drop with properties similar to tears. If you're constantly staring at your digital device, you'll blink less and your eyes will feel dry and foreign.

"Soft Santear" is recommended to improve such symptoms.

Even contact lenses can be used without problems and are effective for discomfort, tiredness, haze and dryness when using all types of contact lenses.

Moreover, it is easy on the eyes and non-irritating. Plus, no preservatives added. The container is airtight, so do not screw on the cap until use.

Do not use anything more than 10 days old, even within the deadline after opening.

Japanese eye drops that gently relax stiff eyes is "Soft Santear Hitomi Stretch"

"Soft Santear Hitomi Stretch" is a Japanese eye drop that gently relieves the stiffness in the eyes of modern people staring at digital devices.

Focus adjustment, a major cause of eye fatigue Neostigmine sulfate and vitamin B12, two ingredients that relax muscle stiffness, are combined at the maximum concentrations approved for the standard.

Vitamin B6, which also has the effect of fatigue recovery, is also very effective for the most concentrated "stiffness" and "tiredness" of modern people.

Similar to the previously introduced "Soft Santear", it does not contain parabens and is gentle on the eyes, reducing the burden on overworked eyes.

This is a Japanese eye drop recommended for those who do not want to put pressure on the eyes but want to firmly keep stiffness and fatigue at bay.

As a precaution, like "Soft Santear", no preservatives are added, so do not screw the cap on before use.

For refreshing tired eyes, "Sante FX Neo"

Sante FX Neo

"Sante FX Neo" is a Japanese eye drop recommended when you want to refresh yourself with a refreshing feeling.

The biggest feature is its cool feeling. The discomfort of eye fatigue is swept away in an instant, which is very suitable for changing the mood.

In Japan, it is an eye drop popular among students and adults.

It is not only comfortable to use, but also contains taurine, which can activate the tissue metabolism of tired eyes. Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride and chlorpheniramine maleate are effective for redness and swelling caused by eye fatigue.

Furthermore, it is no exaggeration to say that UV protection is perfect in modern times.

ε-Aminocaproic acid inhibits the production of inflammatory substances caused by ultraviolet rays.

Recommended Japanese eye drops to refresh you in various scenarios from daily use to the outdoors.

If you want to refresh yourself and supplement nutrition, "Sante FX V Plus"

Sante FX V Plus

"Sante FX V Plus" is recommended for those who are a bit greedy and want to refresh themselves and get proper nutrition.

Similar to "Sante FX" introduced earlier, it contains a bonus ingredient that takes care of eye fatigue of the abused modern people while maintaining a refreshing feeling.

Taurine promotes eye metabolism, L-aspartate potassium enhances eye respiration and improves eye fatigue.

Vitamin B6 also boosts eye metabolism. And, these three vitamins and amino acids are blended in maximum concentration.

This is a Japanese eye drop recommended for refreshment and nutrition when you are tired from work or study.

Let's use Japanese eye drops to heal the eyes that are working hard every day

Digital devices such as smartphones have become must-haves, but our bodies haven't evolved to keep pace with our ultra-new civilization.

As a result, I have been suffering from eye strain, haze, red eye, dry eye, etc.

But that doesn't mean you can't go back to living without your digital devices.

Let's pamper those dutiful eyes with the Japanese eye drops presented in this article and let's get along well with our digital devices.

However, no matter how many eye drops you take, don't overdose.

If you're tired, close your eyes for a while, take time off from looking at your digital devices, massage the muscles around your eyes, get enough sleep, etc. let's do it!