Explains the characteristics and ingredients of all four types of "Eve" used as an analgesic for headaches and menstrual cramps, as well as recommended products and side effects for each symptom.
In addition to explaining whether or not to take with drinks other than water, the optimal timing for drinking and the daily dose limit, we will also introduce the effects on symptoms other than headache and menstrual pain.
If you are suffering from headaches on a regular basis, or if you feel sick during your period, please refer to it.

Eve, which can be said to be a representative of over-the-counter drugs, is sold in various types, and each has its own characteristics and the symptoms to be taken.
So, this time, I will introduce what kind of medicine Eve is, its characteristics, ingredients, and recommendations for each symptom. It also introduces side effects and precautions for taking.

Eve is best taken when you feel pain such as menstrual cramps or headaches

Eve is known as a pain reliever and is used to relieve stiff shoulders and back pain as well as menstrual cramps and headaches.
You can take it with water or lukewarm water, but try to avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

In addition, the dosing interval and the taking limit differ depending on the type.
・ Eve Quick Headache Medicine, Eve A Tablets
3 times a day every 4 hours or more

・ Eve Quick Headache Drug DX, Eve A Tablets EX
Twice a day every 6 hours or more

All types should be avoided for long periods of time and should only be taken by people over the age of 15.

Eve deals with a variety of pains, from headaches to wound pains

Eve Quick Headache Drug, Eve A Tablets, Eve Quick Headache Drug DX, Eve A Tablet EX are all expected to be effective and effective for pain and fever.

Specifically, take this medicine when you have the following symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Stiff shoulder pain
  • Toothache
  • Menstrual pain (menstrual pain)
  • Sore throat
  • Joint pain
  • Myalgia
  • Neuralgia
  • Back pain
  • Pain after tooth extraction
  • Bruise
  • Ear pain
  • Fracture pain
  • Sprain pain
  • Analgesia for traumatic pain Chills
  • Antipyretic when fever
  • Antipyretic during chills and fever
  • Eve can handle a wide range of pains, from headaches to joint pains and traumatic pains.

    Characteristics of each tablet of Eve and people who want to recommend

    There are many types of Eve, so be sure to choose the type that suits your needs.
    Here's what each type is recommended for.

    medicine Especially recommended symptoms Who do you recommend?
    Eve Quick Headache Medicine / Eve Quick Headache Medicine DX Headache / fever People who want to get rid of headaches quickly without hurting their stomach
    Eve A Tablets / Eve A Tablets EX Menstrual cramps / headaches People who want to relieve pain with easy-to-drink tablets

    Evequick Headache DX contains 0.75 times more ibuprofen than Evequick Headache

    Eve Quick Headache Drug DX Eve Quick Headache Medicine
    Ingredients Ibuprofen (pain-relieving effect) 150 mg / magnesium oxide (protection of gastric mucosa) 100 mg / allylisopropylacetyluric acid (enhancement of ibuprofen's analgesic effect) 60 mg / anhydrous caffeine (suppression of vascular dilation) 80 mg td> Ibuprofen (pain-relieving effect) 200 mg / magnesium oxide (protection of gastric mucosa) 100 mg / allylisopropylacetyluric acid (enhancement of ibuprofen's analgesic effect) 60 mg / anhydrous caffeine (suppression of vascular dilation) 80 mg td>
    Additives Water Silicic Acid / Cellulose / Hydroxypropyl Cellulose / Hypromellose / Macrogol / Magnesium Stearate / Talc / Titanium Oxide Water Silicic Acid / Cellulose / Hydroxypropyl Cellulose / Hypromellose / Macrogol / Magnesium Stearate / Talc / Titanium Oxide

    Evequick headache drug and Evequick headache drug DX are highly effective drugs for headache and fever symptoms, but the difference between the two is the amount of ibuprofen that suppresses the prostaglandin that causes pain. is.
    The Ibuquick headache drug contains 150 mg of ibuprofen, while the Evequick headache drug DX contains 200 g of ibuprofen, which is 0.75 times that amount.

    There is also care for the problem "stomach upset" that ibuprofen has.

    I think there are many people who have experienced "I got a stomachache when I took painkillers".
    Anti-inflammatory drugs (painkillers) that act on pain are divided into steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and ibuprofen belongs to the latter.

    NSAIDs inhibit prostaglandins, which are the cause of pain in inflamed areas. Prostaglandins have gastric protective effects such as promoting blood flow in the gastric mucosa and repairing cells. Therefore, when Ibuprofen is taken, the defense effect of the stomach is reduced, and stomach acid causes stomach upset.

    However, both Evequick Headache DX and Evequick Headache contain magnesium oxide that neutralizes stomach acid and protects the gastric mucosa, so ibuprofen can be taken with less strain on the stomach.

    The difference between Eve A Tablets EX and Eve A Tablets is the content of ibuprofen

    Eve A Tablets EX Eve A Tablets Ingredients Ibuprofen (analgesia) 150 mg / allylisopropylatyluric acid (enhancement of ibuprofen's analgesia) 60 mg / anhydrous caffeine (inhibition of vascular dilation) 80 mg ibuprofen (analgesia) 200 mg / allylisopropylacetyluric acid (ibuprofen) (Enhanced analgesia) 60 mg / anhydrous caffeine (suppresses vascular dilation) 80 mg Additives Silica anhydride / Cellulose / Croscarmellose Na / Polyvinyl alcohol / Acrylic acid / Methyl methacrylate copolymer / Tarku / Mg stearate / Hydroxypropyl cellulose / Hypromerose / Macrogol / Titanium oxide Silica anhydride / Cellulose / Cloth Carmellose Na / Polyvinyl Alcohol / Acrylic Acid / Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer / Tarku / Mg Stearate / Hydroxypropyl Cellulose / Hypromellose / Macrogol / Titanium Oxide

    Eve A Tablets EX and Eve A Tablets are recommended mainly when you have menstrual cramps or headaches. The difference between the two is the amount of ibuprofen, as well as the difference between Evequick Headache DX and Evequick Headache.

    For Eve A Tablets, ibuprofen is 150 mg, and for Eve A Tablets EX, ibuprofen is 200 mg, which is 0.75 times more.

    In addition, both are smaller than Evequick headache drug DX and Evequick headache drug and are film-coated, so they are easy to swallow.
    Therefore, it is recommended for those who do not want to swallow large tablets.

    Precautions and side effects of Eve that you should know before taking

    There is not much difference in the main components of the four types of Eve. Therefore, the precautions and side effects are common to all.

    Headaches that can be taken with Eve are chronic headaches

    A headache that is safe to take Eve is a chronic headache. There are three types of chronic headache: migraine, tension headache, and cluster headache, but these have different symptoms and treatment strategies when they become serious.
    Therefore, before taking Eve, get a doctor's diagnosis of which headache you have.

    Also, when taking it to relieve headaches, it is important not to take it chronically. Weekly painkillers, not just Eve, can cause substance abuse headaches.
    According to Showa University, 14 out of 22 patients (64%) have substance abuse headaches due to over-the-counter analgesics, and it is clear that over-the-counter drugs should be avoided.

    If you have repeated headaches, first get medical attention.
    There are also signs of major illnesses such as stroke in headaches. Spend years on painkillers and don't miss the signs of a major illness.

    Drinking Eve as a countermeasure against fever may delay healing.

    Fever is a state in which the body is getting rid of the bacteria that have invaded the body. Eve is also effective against fever, not because it works on the bacteria that cause fever, but because it temporarily inhibits heat and pain substances to reduce fever.
    Therefore, if you take it indiscriminately, healing may be delayed.

    Side effects of Eve

    As a side effect that can be caused by Eve,

  • Anaphylactic shock (allergic reaction)
  • Mucocutaneous ocular syndrome
  • Liver dysfunction, renal disorder
  • Aseptic meningitis
  • Asthma
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Agranulocytosis
  • Can be mentioned.

    These side effects are caused by ibuprofen, which is always contained in Eve.
    In particular, the anaphylactic shock caused by taking Eve has become a hot topic in Taiwan.

    According to the "Status of Domestic Side Effect Reports (Over-the-Counter Drugs)" released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, four cases of anaphylactic shock thought to be caused by ibuprofen have been confirmed in Japan (April 1, 2015). ~ Until July 31st).
    Eve boasts the top share of the antipyretic analgesics on the market. Therefore, it can be said that the probability of 4 side effects is low in terms of consumption.

    If you have had anaphylactic shock in the past due to Eve (ibuprofen), please refrain from using it. Also, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or elderly, consult your doctor before taking.

    Eve is an excellent solution to pain problems when used properly

    As you can see, there are four types of Eve, and their usesIt can be used according to the symptoms and the needs of the user.
    However, Eve is not an over-the-counter drug because it is safe. Since it is a drug, there is a possibility of side effects.
    However, it is an excellent solution to your pain problems if you follow the precautions.