Seirogan is an antidiarrheal drug manufactured and sold by many pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is mainly used for symptoms related to diarrhea, such as food poisoning, vomiting, water intoxication, abdominal pain, soft stools, etc. It is also effective for toothache. One of its characteristics is that it mainly uses natural ingredients. Generally speaking, everyone’s impression of Seirogan is a black pill with a unique taste. Children don’t like it. However, Seirogan can be taken by people over 5 years old. Now there are sugar-coated tablets that are convenient for children to take.

No matter what kind of Seirogan pills contain creosote

Although there are many kinds of Seirogan pills on the market, they mainly contain creosote, axian medicine powder, cork powder, licorice powder, tangerine peel powder, etc.

The effects of the above ingredients are as follows:

Ingredients utility
Creosote Regulates water secretion in the intestine
Normalizes an overactive large intestine
Axiom Powder Inhibit excessive intestinal peristalsis
Cedar powder Has astringent effect and inhibits stomach inflammation
Licorice powder Suppress intestinal spasms and diarrhea
Orange peel powder Inhibit excessive intestinal peristalsis
Stomach effect

Among these ingredients, creosote is the main ingredient, and all Seirogan pills contain it. Creosote has a smoky taste, which is why Shoromaru has a distinctive smell.

Creosote does not cause cancer

Creosote is similar in composition to creosote. Creosote is mainly used as a wood preservative, and this ingredient contains carcinogens. However, creosote oil with a similar name has no carcinogens at all, so you don’t have to worry about causing cancer if you take Seirogan. [Note 1]

[Note 1] Carcinogenicity studies in the United States, clinical trials Taixing Pharmaceuticals

Seirogan can exert a wide range of effects from diarrhea and abdominal pain to toothache

Seirogan Pills can not only treat diarrhea caused by various conditions, but also relieve toothache.

Diarrhea or abdominal pain from tension or stress

Your stomach will make sounds during stressful situations such as commuting to school or before important meetings or discussions, exams, appointments, etc. This is known as an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptom and is caused by too much stress. Seirogan can also play a role in improving this type of diarrhea or abdominal pain.

According to the research results published by Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., creosote can inhibit abnormal peristalsis of the large intestine caused by chronic stress. [Note 2]

One type of stress-induced diarrhea is caused by changes in the environment, known as "travelers' diarrhea." Symptoms like this can also be improved by taking Seirogan pills.
When traveling to Japan, you can feel more at ease in your carry-on bag.

[Note 2] Chronic psychological stress leads to abnormal peristalsis of the large intestine Through rat experiments, it can be confirmed that creosote can inhibit the abnormal peristalsis of the large intestine caused by chronic stress『American Gastrointestinal Published in Disease Weekly (DDW) 2009

Diarrhea or abdominal pain from excessive eating or drinking

Consuming irritating foods with too much sugar, fat, and too many spices can easily cause intestinal indigestion or malabsorption, resulting in soft stools or diarrhea. This is because undigested food remains in the intestines, water is transferred to the intestines and causes intestinal irritation.

In addition, the next day after drinking beer or drinking too much alcohol, there will be unsmooth defecation, sudden desire to defecate, or diarrhea. This is because excessive alcohol stimulates the intestinal tract, making the intestinal tract more active, and a large amount of water flows into the intestinal tract, which increases the water content of the stool.

These are diarrhea or loose stools caused by abnormal bowel movements.
Seirogan Pills can regulate bowel movements, and can also be taken for diarrhea or soft stools caused by overeating.

Creosote can exert an analgesic effect on tooth decay pain

Seirogan can also be used to relieve tooth decay pain, because creosote oil, one of the ingredients of Seirogan, can relieve tooth pain and disinfect. When tooth decay hurts, you can take an appropriate amount of Seirogan pills and stuff them on your teeth, which can relieve tooth pain.
But it can only relieve pain temporarily, without any therapeutic effect, please be sure to go to the dentist for proper treatment.

Seirogan can treat diarrhea and abdominal pain caused by various reasons

The main ingredient of Seirogan Pills, creosote oil, can not only cure diarrhea and abdominal pain, but also inhibit tooth decay pain. In addition, the effectiveness and safety of creosote have been confirmed. If you want to suppress diarrhea and relieve tooth decay pain, it can be said to be a very suitable medicine!