Takeda Chinese Herbal Laxative is a Chinese herbal prescription laxative that contains the herbs "rhubarb" and "licorice". It is characterized by promoting large intestine peristalsis, helping defecation, and being close to nature. If you drink it before going to bed, you can have a smooth bowel movement the next morning. It is also recommended for those taking laxatives for the first time, as the dosage can be adjusted. We will explain in detail the properties, ingredients and usage of Takeda kampo benpiyaku.

Characteristics of Takeda kampo benpiyaku

When you are constipated, the lack of bowel movements can make you more likely to get sick in other parts of your body. If your constipation doesn't improve due to lifestyle changes, you may want to consider medication. If you take laxatives, you may have difficulty going to the toilet. If you want to use laxatives to improve constipation without slowing down your pace, we recommend taking Takeda Chinese laxatives. Introduce the characteristics of Takeda kampo benpiyaku.

Efficacy of Takeda kampo benpiyaku

When taking laxatives to relieve constipation, it is important to check the effectiveness of the medication before taking it. Takeda Chinese herbal laxative is effective for nighttime constipation and bloating. Relief of the following symptoms caused by constipation can also be expected.

  • Acne
  • Intestinal fermentation abnormalities
  • Hot flashes
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • head heavy
  • Loss of appetite/loss of appetite

Usage/Dosage of Takeda kampo benpiyaku

When taking medication, it is important to follow the prescribed usage and dosage. Adjust the dose according to your own symptoms when taking Takeda kampo benpiyaku. Do not take under 5 years old, 5 to 14 years old and a half to 1 tablet, 15 years old and above 1 to 3 tablets per day. If no bowel movement for 4 days or more, take 1 to 2 tablets for ages 5 to 14, 2 to 4 tablets for ages 15 and older.

Takeda kampo benpiyaku Components

Takeda Chinese herbal laxatives are herbal medicines whose main ingredients are "rhubarb" and "licorice". Daiokanzoto can be taken regardless of physical fitness. The contents of each are as follows.

  • Daiokanzoto Extract Powder (Kinpo, 26.7% Quantity): 800mg
  • Rhubarb: 1067mg
  • Licorice: 267mg

It also contains the following additives:

  • Silicic anhydride
  • Cellulose
  • Calcium carboxymethylcellulose
  • Magnesium stearate

How to take Takeda kampo benpiyaku

Takeda kampo benpiyaku comes in tan colored tablets. Each piece weighs 0.25g, has a diameter of 9.6mm and a thickness of 3.0mm. Since it is a small granule, it is easy for women and children to take. When taking Takeda kampo benpiyaku, please take it according to the specified time. Find out if you can take it daily and who should avoid it.

When to take Takeda kampo benpiyaku

Takeda kampo benpiyaku should be taken once a day, before going to bed. Takeda traditional Chinese medicine constipation can be expected to defecate 8 to 10 hours after taking it, so the time of defecation can be predicted. Since you can have a bowel movement at a fixed time, your rhythm of life will not be disturbed. For those who sleep less than 8 hours, it is recommended to start counting from the time of defecation the next morning, and then decide when to take it.

Can I take Takeda kampo benpiyaku every day?

Takeda kampo benpiyaku is not recommended to be taken every day, but only when constipation is difficult. Taking laxatives is effective when constipation is severe, but long-term use may cause the body to get used to the stimulation of the drug and the effect will become poor. because. Once your bowel movements are smooth, you should stop taking it and see what happens.

Who should avoid taking Takeda kampo benpiyaku?

Takeda kampo benpiyaku can be taken from the age of five. Do not give this medicine to children younger than 5 years old. Parental supervision is required when bringing children. It is recommended that people who are breastfeeding avoid taking this medicine, but if taking it, do not breastfeed the next day. If you are pregnant and are considering taking Takeda kampo benpiyaku, you should consult your doctor to see if you can take it.

Takeda kampo benpiyaku is recommended for such people

Takeda kampo benpiyaku is a Chinese prescription laxative. Traditional Chinese medicine is a combination of two or more herbs in fixed proportions and is widely used in Eastern medicine. Takeda Chinese Medicine Constipation Medicine should be taken in small amounts as Chinese medicine needs to be taken according to your symptoms and constitution. I will explain the people who recommended Takeda kampo benpiyaku.

People taking laxatives for the first time

When using laxatives, you may worry about when to have a bowel movement. Takeda Zhonghua Laxative is a laxative that makes it easy to understand when you can have a bowel movement. It is a laxative that can easily create a daily rhythm, so it is also recommended for those who are taking laxatives for the first time. Takeda kampo benpiyaku contains crude drugs, so it can be taken regardless of physical strength and constitution, so it is safe even for those who have just started taking traditional Chinese medicine.

People who want to defecate naturally

The strength of the effect and the time it takes for the constipation medicine to work depends on the ingredients in it. Takeda kampo benpiyaku is a laxative that can be taken before going to bed in anticipation of a natural bowel movement the next morning. Herbs that help the large intestine move without stressing the body. Therefore, laxatives are an ideal choice for people who want to have a close-to-natural bowel movement.

People who want to take laxatives prescribed by traditional Chinese medicine

Takeda Chinese herbal medicine laxative is a Chinese herbal medicine containing "Shinshu rhubarb" cultivated in Hokkaido. The efficacy of imported "rhubarb" varies from variety to variety. However, the "Shinshu Rhubarb" contained in Takeda Chinese herbal medicine for constipation is a high-quality crude drug researched and cultivated by Takeda for more than 20 years. Recommended for those who want to take laxatives of Chinese herbal medicine, you can take it with confidence.

People who want to adjust their dosage

Takeda kampo benpiyaku is also recommended for those who want to adjust the dosage. There are individual differences in the symptoms and pain of constipation. Takeda Chinese Medicine Laxative Tablets have scoring lines, so check your stool and adjust the dose according to your symptoms. If that doesn't work, try increasing your dose by half or by one capsule up to the prescribed range.

Will the effect of Takeda kampo benpiyaku become worse after long-term use? What are some ways to relieve constipation that can be used together?

Takeda kampo benpiyaku is a prescription drug, but like ordinary medicine, if you continue to take it, it will be difficult to exert its effect. Therefore, it is hoped that the symptoms of constipation can be relieved through the action of Takeda Chinese herbal laxatives, and measures such as paying attention to diet, exercising abdominal muscles, and developing bowel habits will be taken. This paper introduces a method for relieving constipation that can be used in combination with taking Takeda kampo benpiyaku.

Be careful what you eat

It is important to pay attention to your normal diet to improve the symptoms of constipation. Eating more fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and beans, can improve the intestinal environment and reduce constipation. Drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up can promote intestinal peristalsis and effectively relieve constipation. Frequent hydration is recommended during the day.

Abs attached

Abs are needed for comfortable bowel movements. Try working your abdominal muscles with abdominal massage or twisting exercises. Incorporate moderate exercise into your life, moving your muscles can stimulate your bowels and help facilitate bowel movements. If you have no exercise habits before, it is recommended to start with exercises that you can comfortably start, such as stretching and walking.

Cultivate the habit of defecation

People who are less likely to be constipated are characterized by a regular pattern of bowel movements. If you are constipated, getting into a bowel habit is helpful. Going to the bathroom at a regular time each day, such as after breakfast, will help your body naturally create its own bowel rhythm. Also, it's important not to live with the sensation of having a bowel movement other than the time of the day.

Cultivate a natural bowel habit with Takeda traditional Chinese medicine laxatives

If you want to improve your constipation symptoms, it is recommended that you review your diet and lifestyle. If you suffer from constipation and various symptoms caused by constipation, try Takeda Chinese Medicine Laxative to improve your symptoms. If you take it before bed, you can have a natural bowel movement the next morning, so it is safe for people who are using laxatives for the first time. Eliminate constipation and live a comfortable life.