Wakamoto Tablet was launched as a nutritional supplement in the early Showa era. Since then, with the Westernization of Japanese food, the ingredients and medicinal effects have been strengthened, and it is now recommended for symptoms such as upset stomach, indigestion, constipation, and loose stools. In this article, we will explain in detail how to drink Wakamoto Tablet effectively and its effects.

What kind of medicine is "Wakamoto Tablet"?

In early Showa Japan, people were undernourished and child mortality rates were much higher than in modern times. At the same time, in 1945, "Wakamoto", a single brewer's yeast formula for the purpose of supplementing nutrition, will be launched.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is rich in vitamin B1 and other nutrients. Beriberi was a common disease at that time, largely due to the lack of vitamin B1, but vitamin B1 preparations at that time were very expensive. In contrast, Wakamoto is very cheap, so it is very popular.

We then added digestive enzyme-producing bacteria and nutrients such as niacinamide and vitamins B1 and B2 in response to changes in the Japanese diet. In 1958, it was renamed "Wakamoto Ding", and it is still loved by many people.

The efficacy and function of Wakamoto Tablet

The three major functions of "Wakamoto Tablet" are digestion, intestinal regulation and nutritional supplement.

  • ・Bloating, loss of appetite, promoting indigestion, bloating due to indigestion and indigestion, chest tightness, and overeating
  • ・Intestinal regulating effect of loose stools, constipation, abdominal distension, and regulation of intestinal peristalsis
  • ・Nutrition tonic constitution, nutrition supplement when sick, postpartum, prenatal, postpartum, gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional disorders, heat wasting diseases, physical fatigue, etc.

What kind of people does Wakamotoding recommend?

Wakamoto Tablet uses naturally derived ingredients as the main ingredient, so people of all ages, from children to the elderly, can take it.

It promotes digestion, so it is suitable for people with severe gastrointestinal problems, low energy or overeating. Wakamoto Tablet's powerful intestinal regulation effect is suitable for loose stools and constipation. Also, since it is originally a nutritional supplement, it is recommended for people who get tired easily, those who have a weak constitution, and those who are particularly tired after childbirth, postpartum, prenatal and postpartum.

The main ingredients of Wakamoto Tablet are three natural ingredients

The main raw materials of Wakamoto Tablet are Aspergillus oryzae NK bacteria, "lactic acid bacteria culture powder" and "dry yeast", these three natural source ingredients.

Wakamoto Tablets are produced in facilities that comply with the GMP standard of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and are delivered to consumers after strict quality control. First, we cultured Aspergillus oryzae NK bacteria and lactic acid bacteria culture powder from rice and wheat germ, and mixed with dry yeast to realize commercialization.

(1) Aspergillus oryzae NK bacteria

"Aspergillus oryzae NK" is a species of Aspergillus originally developed by Wakamoto Pharmaceutical. In 1945, he discovered a strain with an excellent balance of digestive enzyme titers and named it Aspergillus oryzae NK. It is possible to produce "Aspergillus oryzae NK bacteria powder", which is a germ yeast that produces digestive enzymes through our own development, and has become the main ingredient of Wakamoto Tablet.

With insufficient digestive enzymes, the food you eat cannot be properly digested and broken down, and the undigested food becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in the gut. If the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut is out of balance, poor health can result. Aspergillus oryzae NK culture powder contains digestive enzymes such as "protease" for digesting protein and "amylase" for digesting starch, which help the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients.

(2) Lactic acid bacteria culture powder

"Lactic acid bacteria culture powder" is a unique solid culture of lactic acid bacteria "Streptococcus faecalis" in the intestinal tract of healthy people. The germ-containing medium is rich in dietary fiber, which has the effect of absorbing harmful substances in the intestinal tract and increasing the amount of stool by absorbing water.

Lactobacillus is a kind of good bacteria living in the intestine, they can reduce bad bacteria and improve the intestinal environment. Healthy people have lots of good bacteria and maintain their gut flora (bacterial flora), but due to changes in the environment and eating habits, aging and stress, the balance can deteriorate. What you eat tends to spoil in your gut, causing loose stools, constipation and an increase in carcinogens. Increase lactic acid bacteria to improve intestinal environment leading to daily health.

(3) Dry yeast

"Dry Yeast" is the main ingredient from "Wakamoto", the predecessor of Wakamoto Tin. Dried yeast made from beer yeast contains 9 kinds of vitamins including vitamin B1, 16 kinds of amino acids including essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the human body, and 7 kinds of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium.

Compared to the early Showa era when Wakamoto was born, the modern diet has become richer, but problems of malnutrition and undernutrition still exist. Dried Yeast contains a balanced composition of nutrients that are essential to maintain good health and support our health promotion.

How to drink Wakamoto Tablet effectively?

We will introduce in detail how to drink Wakamoto Tablet effectively. Consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking if you are taking other medications, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have any concerns about your medical condition.

Follow dosage and administration

When taking Wakamoto tablets, please follow the usage and dosage. Take it 3 times a day after meals, the dosage for each age is as follows.

  • Adults (15 years old and above) 9 tablets at a time
  • ・11 to under 15 years old 6 tablets at a time
  • ・Age 8 to 11 years old 5 tablets at a time
  • ·5-8 years old, 3 tablets at a time

Not if you are under 5 years of age.

Furthermore, ganache can react with the tannins in tea and coffee, making it difficult for the active ingredient to be absorbed, so take it with water or lukewarm. It is also important to take it after meals to neutralize the stomach with food so that the lactic acid bacteria contained in Wakamoto Tablets will not be killed by stomach acid.

Can it be taken with medication?

If you take Wakamoto Tablet with medical/over-the-counter medicines, the ingredients may overlap.

In addition, if bactericidal ingredients such as antibacterial agents are used together with Wakamoto Tablet, the main ingredient lactic acid bacteria may die, and the expected effect may not be obtained. If you are already taking other medicines, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking Wakamoto Tablets.

Can I take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, depending on your medical condition, the medicine may be too effective. It is safe to consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking Wakamoto Tablets.

"Aspergillus oryzae NK" contained in Wakamoto Tablet is a member of "Aspergillus oryzae" that has been used in fermented food production in Japan since ancient times. Although it is independently cultivated by a highly safe method, it is recommended to consult a pharmacist/doctor before taking this medicine even if you have allergic symptoms such as redness, rash, and itching.

Can I reduce my dose if I think it is too much?

For adults (15 years and older), Wakamoto Tablets are prescribed in doses of 9 tablets at a time. You can expect results by taking the prescribed amount. If you think one dose is too much, split the dose into two or three doses with a few minutes apart rather than reducing the dose.

Wakamoto Tablet is an uncoated tablet (bare tablet) in which the active ingredient remains as it is. If it is difficult to take the tablet as it is, you can chew or crush it before taking it.

If symptoms do not improve after taking it for more than a month, go to the hospital

It usually takes a few days to feel better after taking Wakamoto Tablets. However, if you are worried about taking it for more than a month and your symptoms have not improved, we recommend that you go to the hospital once instead of continuing to take it.

Let's use Wakamoto Ingot effectively while observing the physical condition.

Wakamoto tablets are recommended when you suffer from severe gastrointestinal diseases, eat too much, or suffer from severe intestinal diseases. In addition, since it is originally a nutritional supplement, it is also suitable for times when nutrition is needed, such as when the body is tired.

Let's understand the points of effective drinking and follow the usage and dosage. It is safe to consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking if you are taking other medications or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The main ingredient of Wakamoto Tablet is a natural ingredient. Continuous drinking will improve the intestinal environment and help maintain daily health. Why don't you take this opportunity to make Wakamoto Ting a home remedy?