【KOJI】 Eye talk pairing liquid 8ml

Eyetalk 8ml
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Eyetalk Cozy eye talk pairing liquid 8ml. Product type: Eyelid glue, Volume: 8 ml. Package type: Blister

A liquid product for beautifully natural eyelid folds.
Simply paint onto the eyelid then use the special EYETALK pusher to push the eyelid up onto itself, creating a picture perfect eyelid fold in seconds!
The liquid turns from white to clear, making this a great choice for first-time users too

Natural looking eyelid folds
So natural that the only thing people will notice is how great your eyes look.
The fold can be created wherever you like, so you can place it where it best suits your eyes―the perfect solution for naturally very deep set eyelid folds too

Long-lasting hold
Outstanding adhesion means that your eyelid folds will stay firmly in place for hours.

Convenient two-way pusher
Use the Y-shaped end to create the initial fold in your eyelid, and the pointed end to correct and tidy.
The pusher comes with a handy ring which attaches to the bottle, so you’ll never need to root around your make-up bag to find it.

Easy to remove
EYETALK is simple to remove too; just wipe off with a moistened cotton wool ball or tissue.

Gentle on the skin
Moisturising ingredient
Contains botanical ceramides.
Firming ingredient
rose extract
More Information
Japanese Product Name【コージー】 アイトーク8ml
Product typeEyelid glue
Volume8 ml
Convenient tagsYes
Easy to removeYes
Firming ingredientsYes
Moisturising ingredientsYes
Package typeBlister