【Lion Pet】 Poop and pee smell-free bag 100 pieces

From a sand brand that removes odors, a bag for treating cat excrement.
7-layer structure & special film adopted.
The wide opening makes it easy to put cat litter and excrement.
Large capacity type with 100 sheets.
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【how to use】
Put cat litter and excrement after use in a bag.
After twisting the opening of the bag about 3 times, tie it tightly.
dispose of.

[Standard overview]
・Product name: Cat excrement disposal bag
・Material: Polyethylene, etc.
・Dimensions: Width 20cm, Length 30cm
・Color: White (milky white)
・ Number of sheets: 100 sheets (1 box)
・Cold resistant temperature: -30 degrees
More Information
Japanese Product Name【ライオンペット】 ウンチもオシッコも臭わない袋 100枚入