Shoro Maru has been around in Japanese households for a long time. Some people are not good at it because it is a small granule and has a bad smell, but it is very effective for various types of diarrhea and is a popular medicine as a regular medicine. We will introduce in detail the efficacy and function of Seirogan, precautions when taking it, and the types of Seirogan.

What is Zhengrowan?

Many Japanese people have taken Seirogan. Many families always have it in the medicine cabinet at home. Seirogan is a medicine that even children can take, and it is taken when diarrhea or loose stool.

Generally people say that you should not take antidiarrheal medicine when you are hungry, but Xiluo Pill is a herbal medicine that works comprehensively on symptoms such as diarrhea and loose stools.

Drugs from Taiko Pharmaceutical

Taiko Pharmaceutical manufactures and sells Seirogan. The horn mark is a milestone, not only the series of Seirogan that are effective for diarrhea and loose stools, but also medicines, masks, body washes, deodorant disinfectants, and chlorine dioxide molecules with intestinal regulation to create spaces and objects. There are various products such as sanitizers that remove viruses, bacteria and odors.

Characterized by a distinctive smell

Many people remember the distinctive smell of Seirogan. It's not a good scent to smell the herbal scent on your nose, but if you're someone who feels better about Seirogan, you might have the impression that the scent works well for your symptoms.

Seirogan fragrance is Japanese Pharmacopoeia creosote oil, which is a herbal medicine made only from natural products.

A conventional drug used for a long time

Seirogan, which has been used for more than 100 years, is a medicine containing crude drugs such as creosote, Asenyaku powder, Oubaku powder, Gambir powder, and tangerine peel powder. Small black pills, slightly moist and soft to the touch. Small granules are easy for children to drink.

The effect of Seirogan

Seirogan is effective for symptoms such as diarrhea and loose stools. There are many causes of hunger and different types of diarrhea, but Seirogan is effective for many diarrhea symptoms. For people who are naturally prone to diarrhea or have weak gastrointestinal function in their families, it is safe to have Seirogan on hand.

Effective against viral diarrhea

Seirogan is effective for viral diarrhea. When the temperature and humidity increase, the virus attached to the food is activated and enters the body, causing symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

In addition, there are cases of human-to-human transmission, and there are also cases of food transmission, so if there are people with viral diarrhea in the family, measures such as avoiding using the same tableware and towels should be taken.

Diarrhea from excessive drinking or overeating

Drinking too much alcohol or eating too much food may cause diarrhea. If you drink too much, alcohol can irritate your bowel and stimulate bowel movements. Another cause is an increase in the amount of water in the stool, as more water flows into the intestine than usual.

In addition, if you eat too much fatty or sugar-rich food or irritating food with a lot of spices, you may have loose stools and diarrhea due to indigestion and malabsorption. Seirogan is also effective for these symptoms.

Diarrhea from a cold

You may develop diarrhea if you eat too much cold food or drink, or if you catch a cold or chill in the air conditioner in the summer. Stomach chills, decreased digestive function, Cold causes autonomic hypersensitivity, overactive intestines. Seirogan is also very effective for diarrhea caused by colds.

Stress diarrhea

You may feel nervous or stressed and feel sick. Seirogan is also effective for diarrhea caused by such mental disorders. People who get hungry easily when stressed may also feel hungry when they are stressed at school or work. It is safe to carry Seirogan with you when you go out.

per food/per water

Seirogan is also effective for food poisoning and water poisoning, such as when you have stomach pain or diarrhea after eating or drinking. When you go abroad, The water quality is not good, you may be hit by the water, or you may feel sick because you drink hard water different from Japan, so even when you travel, you should take Seirogan. Just go.

Dental caries pain

Surprisingly, Seirogan is also very effective for tooth decay pain. This is because Creosote, the main ingredient of Seirogan, has analgesic and sedative effects. When using Seirogan for tooth decay pain, do not take it, but insert it into the painful tooth.

It is not a cure for the cause of toothache, but it has the effect of temporarily stopping the pain.

How Seirogan works

There are three main causes of diarrhea. Diarrhea caused by excessive intestinal peristalsis, decreased water absorption from the intestinal tract into the body, and excessive secretion of water into the intestinal tract.

We will introduce why Seirogan is effective for diarrhea and loose stools, and the detailed functions of the ingredients contained in it.

Restore bowel function to normal

The herb containing Moku creosote, the main ingredient in Seirogan, acts on serotonin receptors in the large intestine. It is characterized by only acting on the large intestine without inhibiting the movement of the small intestine. Don't excessively suppress the excessive peristalsis of the large intestine, return to normal state.

Eliminate the cause of diarrhea

The herbs in Seirogan balance the water in the intestines. With the right amount of water and normal bowel function, it will eliminate the cause of the diarrhea. Seirogan will not prevent diarrhea, but it can regulate the function of the intestines, and if the cause is still present in the body, it will be excreted to relieve symptoms.

Precautions when taking Seirogan

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking Seirogan. Be sure to follow the correct dosage and frequency as stated in the over-the-counter directions, not just the Seirogan.

If you develop fever, rash, or other symptoms of anxiety while taking this medicine, stop taking it and consult your doctor.

Take 3 times a day

Take Seirogan 3 times a day. Take with cold or lukewarm water within 30 minutes after a meal. Properly taken 3 times a day, it can normalize the function of the large intestine, promote water absorption and restore healthy stool.

The effect appears about 30 minutes after taking Seirogan and lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. Take it after 3 meals for a sustainable effect.

If you suddenly have abdominal pain in the middle of the night or if you forget to take your medicine, don't wait until after meals to take it. However, if there is not much time between meals, do not take it and take it after the next meal.

Can't stop even if my symptoms return

Take Seirogan, even if you feel the effect, do not stop taking it immediately. When Seirogan works, intestinal peristalsis is cured, and diarrhea and loose stools are improved. However, if the drug is stopped there, the excess water in the intestines will not be absorbed by the body. Take until normal bowel movements return.

Do not use under 5 years old

Seirogan is a medicine suitable for people over 5 years old. Since it is an herbal remedy, it can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Note, however, that pills or tablets with a diameter of 6mm or larger should not be given to children under 5 years of age as they may become lodged in the throat.

Types of Seirogan

There are several types of Seirogan. Each has its own characteristics, so it is a good idea to choose based on drinking convenience and effectiveness.

Seirogan Sugar-coated A

Seirogan Sugar Coat A is characterized by the fact that the surface of the tablet is covered with sugar, which is less smelly and easy to drink. Recommended for those who don't like the smell of Seirogan.

Seirogan Quick C

Seirogan Quick C is a drug obtained by the Informed Movement, the first anti-doping certification. It comes as a liquid capsule that dissolves in about 6 minutes after taking it. This is useful when you want to get your stomach up and running quickly, such as when you're out and about, traveling or exercising.

It's also easy to drink since you only need to take it twice a day.

Seirogan is a Japanese medicine

Seirogan is a medicine that has long been popular as a routine medicine in Japanese households. Because crude drugs are used, even children and pregnant women can take it with confidence. It is effective against various types of diarrhea, so it is safe to take with you when you go out or travel.

It has a peculiar smell, but when you get used to it, you may feel that it seems to work. If you really don't like the smell, there are products that have less of it. If you feel unwell, please take Seirogan correctly and observe.