Salonpas is a very effective remedy for chronic problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain. Simple because it's just posted, and it's readily available in general pharmacies and pharmacies. We will also explain in detail the active ingredients of Salonpas, how to use it effectively, precautions when using it, and possible side effects.

What is Salonpas?

Salonpas, listed as a third-class drug, topical analgesic/anti-inflammatory drug. Class 3 drugs are generic drugs that are not Class 1 or Class 2 drugs.

It can be purchased from pharmacists or registered sellers, or from general workers under the control and guidance of pharmacists or registered sellers. Since it can be easily purchased at general drugstores and drugstores, it can be said to be a topical drug that can be obtained anytime and anywhere.

Jiuguang Pharmaceutical Products

Salonpas is manufactured and sold by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical. Types of Salonpas are Salonpas, Salonpas Ae (both medium and large format), Salonpas Ae with hole, Salonpas 30, Salonpas 30 Medium Format, Salonpas Bath 30 Heat, Salonpas High and Salonpas. Salonpas Roll, Salonpas EX, etc.

You can choose the most suitable one according to the position and symptoms to be pasted.

Recommended for stiff shoulders and back pain

Salonpas is also indicated for chronic conditions such as stiff shoulders and back pain. It is also good for sore muscles, so it is recommended after exercising more than usual during sports, leisure and travel.

It's not bulky, so it's easy to carry around.

Characteristics of Salonpas

Let's take a look at the active ingredients and characteristics of Salonpas. There are 40, 80 and 120 Salonpas. It is easy to use because it is divided into 20 sheets. In addition, The size of the formula remains the same, and the appearance is 5-6% more compact than the conventional size.

While this is an environmentally friendly and sustainable corporate endeavor, it also has the advantage of being smaller which is easier to store and more convenient.

Methyl salicylate combination

The active ingredient in Salonpas is methyl salicylate. This is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredient contained in Salonpas at 10%. By attaching salonpas, you can reduce stiffness and pain in the affected area.

In addition to stiff shoulders, back pain, and muscle pain, it is also effective for muscle fatigue, joint pain, bruises, sprains, and chilblains.

Other active ingredients include l-menthol and vitamin E acetate.

Larger size

The Salonpas is 4.6 cm x 7.2 cm, larger. Therefore, the active ingredients penetrate into wide areas of stiffness and pain such as the waist and shoulders. Men will also experience an anti-inflammatory effect with a small amount of sheets.

Also, because it is large, it is easy to stick, and you can easily stick it where you want to loosen it.


The color of the Salonpas is beige. Close to the skin color, even if it is pasted, it is not conspicuous. Even in light-colored clothes, white clothes, or light-colored clothes, it is difficult to see that you have Salonpas, so you can use it in your daily life without difficulty.

Also, because it uses rounded corners, it will not come off easily even if you wear clothes on Salonpas, and the effect lasts for a long time.

Comfortable fit

Salonpas is soft, so it sticks easily. Even if you put on the salonpas and move your body, you won't feel any discomfort or limit your movement. It also does not hurt when peeled.

With regular topical pain relievers, the adhesive is strong enough to keep them from peeling off, and when you peel them off, your skin might get pulled, but with Salonpas, you don't have to worry about that.

Recommended way of pasting Salonpas

Introduce the recommended pasting method, so that you can feel the effect of Salonpas. Try it when you feel stiff or stiff, or when you have muscle soreness.

Paste the number of eight

From the neck to the shoulders, it is literally attached to the left and right sides of the horoscope. It's a good idea to stick two sheets at a time. In the case of stiff shoulders, it can be attached not only to the shoulders, but also to the neck, which can effectively relieve shoulder stiffness.

It's a good idea to hold your finger down on it, search and paste the finest bits. Be careful not to glue the neckline over the hairy areas.

Paste characters

The method of attaching the scapula is not only to attach the two sides of the shoulder and neck into a figure-eight shape, but fit the shape of the scapula left and right between the scapula and the spine.

If you have severe shoulder stiffness, you can stretch your back and shoulders. Stick one on each side of the spine. It's hard to stick to your back, so it's best to ask your family.

flounder paste

If you want to relieve tired feet, we recommend sticking flounder. Calf muscles can get tired if you stand for long periods of time or walk more than usual. Put the shin on the left and right so that it is sandwiched between the salompas.

Paste cross

When you work long hours at a desk or drive, it can put pressure on your lower back. If your lower back is tired, we recommend attaching it to the cross. Cross paste is a paste method that covers the waist extensively. It is suitable for the parts that feel stiff around the back of the waist from the lumbar spine to both sides of the sacrum to relax the stiffness.

You can use 4 sheets or 6 sheets, depending on the degree of stiffness and tension. Covers a large area of the waist.

Paste scissors

For the tiredness after wearing high heels, scissors are suitable. To glue the scissors, glue one salonpas on the instep and another on the bottom. Please paste it so that the part where your feet feel tired is covered with salonpas.

By sticking on both sides, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

Salonpas Precautions and Side Effects

It is a saronpas that can be easily applied to the affected area to loosen dust and relieve fatigue, but there are some precautions when using it. You should also read the directions carefully before using Salonpas, as improper use can cause side effects.

Especially if you are using Salonpas for the first time, be sure to read the precautions and learn how to use it properly.

Peel off slowly

Salonpas is soft and easy to apply, but if you use the same one for a long time, the bond strength may increase. You may be in pain if you try to get salonpas right away because you think it doesn't hurt, or if you try to strip it in a hurry.

When peeling the salonpas, hold the edges and peel it off slowly. If the hair is difficult to peel off, it is best to wet it with water before peeling off.

Do not use on mucous membranes around eyes

Salonpas should not be used around the eyes or on mucous membranes. Since it contains the active ingredient menthol, it may cause side effects such as stinging and inflammation when used on sensitive areas such as around the eyes and mucous membranes.

Be careful if there is a wound

You cannot place Salonpas in the injured area. Also, it is best not to place salonpas near a wound. Also, avoid using it on areas with eczema or rash.

Due to the stickiness of the active ingredient, other ingredients, and salonpas, symptoms may worsen or side effects may occur.

Don't put it in the same place in a row

Do not use Salonpas in the same place for a long time, even if you have great stiffness and tension. People with thin skin may experience problems like inflammation and eczema. Even if your skin isn't particularly sensitive, it's not good to stick it in one place for a long time.

If your symptoms do not improve after using salonpas for 5 to 6 days, stop using salonpas and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Stop using if side effects occur

If you get a rash or redness, itching or rash, hyperpigmentation, or peeling skin with or while using Salonpas, you may have side effects. Stop using your salonpas immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Beware of Salonpas Side Effects

salonpas is a topical medication that is readily available in pharmacies and is easily used to prevent inflammation and stiffness in stiff shoulders, low back pain and muscle soreness.

It is convenient, but since it is a drug, it may have side effects and effects. If you feel any discomfort during or after using salonpas, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.