【AMO Japan】 Complete Double Moist Limited Special Pack 480 × 2 + 60ml

A cleaning、 rinsing、 disinfecting、 and preservative solution for soft contact lenses that also removes protein stains.
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A cleaning、 rinsing、 disinfecting、 and preservative solution for soft contact lenses that also removes protein stains.
A double moisturizing ingredient is blended to enhance the moisturizing effect、 prevent the lens from drying out、 and provide a comfortable wearing feeling.
The lens is *moisturized* and prevents the lens from drying out、 so it feels comfortable to wear.
It has an excellent antiseptic effect against bacteria and fungi that cause eye infections.
It also removes protein stains、 giving you a clear view.
It has properties similar to natural tears and is easy on the eyes.

[Ingredients / quantity]
In 1 mL
Contains 0.001 mg of polyhexanide hydrochloride、 surfactant、 buffer、 stabilizer、 isotonic agent、 viscous agent
● Display designated ingredients

[Usage and dosage]
● How to use
Before handling the lens、 be sure to wash your hands with soap、 rinse well、 and dry. When using this agent、 be sure to use the dedicated complete lens case (hereinafter referred to as *dedicated lens case*).
(1) Remove the lens from your eyes、 place it on your palm、 apply a few drops of this agent、 and wash both sides of the lens by rubbing lightly with your fingers 20 to 30 times.
(2) Rinse both sides of the washed lens thoroughly with this agent.
* Be sure to scrub and rinse properly. Removes dirt and bacteria.
(3) Fill the special lens case with this agent、 immerse the lens completely in it、 and tighten the case lid firmly.
Leave it as it is for 4 hours or more to complete disinfection.
・ It is recommended to rinse the lens with this agent before wearing it.
・ Be sure to wash and clean your hands before wearing the lens.
・ Empty the dedicated lens case after use、 wash it thoroughly with this agent、 and then let it air dry.

[Efficacy / Effect]
Disinfection of soft contact lenses (Group I-Group IV)

[Precautions for use]
・ Please read the package insert carefully before use.
・ If used improperly、 it may lead to eye infections.
・ A film (biofilm) made by invisible bacteria may be formed inside the lens case that has become dirty or has been used for a long time、 which may cause troubles such as eye infections. there is.
・ Replace the lens case regularly.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
・ Store out of reach of children、 avoiding direct sunlight and places with extremely high or low temperatures.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【エイエムオー・ジャパン】 コンプリート ダブルモイスト 限定スペシャルパック 480×2+60ml