【Menicon】 Epica Cold 310ml x 2

For soft contact lenses、 cleaning / rinsing / disinfecting / preserving liquid.
OK for all 2-week types and silicone hydrogel lenses!
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● For soft contact lenses、 cleaning / rinsing / disinfecting / preserving liquid
● All 2-week type、 silicone hydrogel lenses are also OK!
● Natural power and comfort
・Fruit acid、 a natural ingredient、 wraps protein stains、 prevents them from adhering to the lens、 and works effectively against adhering protein stains.
・Natural ingredients fruit acid and amino acids stabilize the shape of the lens and maintain a clear field of view.
● Thorough disinfection and cleaning
The active ingredient polyhexanide hydrochloride and the surfactant of the plant material work to disinfect and clean the lens gently and effectively. Keep the lens clean.
● W moisture that is gentle on the eyes and lenses
Plant-based surfactants form a moist veil on the lens surface. In addition、 the hydrophilic component that attracts water molecules soaks into the inside of the lens to keep it moisturized、 so it is moisturized from both inside and outside the lens.
● With lens case

[Efficacy / Effect]
・ Disinfection of soft contact lenses (Group I to Group IV)

Main component: (in 1 mL) contains 0.001 mg of polyhexanide hydrochloride、 surfactant、 isotonic agent、 metal sequestering agent
Labeled designated ingredients: edetate、 propylene glycol

【how to use】
・ Before handling the lens、 be sure to wash your hands with soap and rinse thoroughly with tap water (running water).
(1) Cleaning
Remove contact lenses from your eyes、 place them on your palm、 apply a few drops of Epica Cold、 and wash both sides of the lenses 20 to 30 times、 rubbing lightly with your fingers.
(2) Rinse
Rinse both sides of the scrubbed lens thoroughly with Epica Cold.
(3) Disinfection and storage
Completely immerse the lens in a lens case filled with Epica Cold and tighten the cap. Disinfection is complete if left for 4 hours or more. Take the lens out of the lens case and fit it. We recommend rinsing with Epica Cold before fitting.
* After using the lens case、 drain it、 wash it thoroughly with Epica Cold、 and then let it air dry. Also、 replace the lens case regularly for cleaner use.

[Precautions for use]
● What you have to protect
・ Since the disinfectant effect of Epica Cold is recognized only when the usage and dosage are observed、 please strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage.
・ Before handling the lens、 be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse them thoroughly with tap water (running water).
・ Be sure to scrub according to the usage instructions described in the instruction manual attached to the product.
・ After using the lens case、 discard the liquid、 wash it thoroughly with Epica Cold、 and then lay down the main body and cap and let it air dry.
・ When using by small children、 please supervise the parents.
● What you should not do
・ Use Epica Cold only for cleaning、 rinsing、 disinfecting and storing soft contact lenses、 and do not drink.
・ Please note that if the tip of the container touches contact lenses、 human fingers、 etc.、 the chemical solution may be contaminated or turbid due to germs. Also、 do not use turbid ones.
・ Do not use for boiling disinfection. Also、 do not use or mix with other soft contact lens disinfectants.
・ Do not reuse Epica Cold once it has been used.

● Consultation
・ The following people、 please consult an ophthalmologist before use.
(1) People who have had allergic symptoms of the eyes (for example、 redness、 itching、 swelling、 rash、 redness、 etc.) of the eyes.
(2) Those who are being treated by an ophthalmologist.
・ Please note the following during or after use.
If you experience any abnormalities such as inflammation、 dryness、 pain、 itching、 lacrimation、 blurred vision、 or redness of the eyes while or after wearing soft contact lenses using Epica Cold、 immediately remove the lenses. Please consult an ophthalmologist. Continued use may lead to severe eye damage such as infections and corneal ulcers.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
・ Keep out of reach of small children.
・ After use、 tighten the cap tightly、 avoid direct sunlight、 and store at room temperature.
・ To avoid misuse and maintain quality、 do not replace with another container.
・ When using Epica Cold、 please use the special lens case included in the package.
・ Do not use the special lens case for boiling disinfection because it is sensitive to heat.
・ If the lens case is used for a long period of time、 it may cause the growth of bacteria due to the accumulation of dirt、 so replace the lens case with a new one every time you use up one Epica Cold.
・ Please use immediately after opening the container.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【メニコン】 エピカコールド 310ml×2