Payment method

Credit card payment

At SAMURAI DRUGSTORE, we are now asking for payment by credit card.
The available credits are as follows.


Other payment methods will be added

  Shipping Methods

Order to delivery flow

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Logistics company we use

In our shop, it ships using two companies of "EMS"and "DHL".
We will select the better method according to the delivery area and product content.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any other shipping options.
※ By a customer, you can't designate it.
Please accept it.

Estimated delivery time
(varies by country)
Generally 3-7 days Generally 2-5 days
Online tracking
Compensation for loss or damage
Restrictions ・Not available to all countries
・Cannot ship rechargeable battery items that are not built-in.
・Not available to all countries
・Complete and correct address required for delivery
・Cannot ship rechargeable or dry cell batteries.
Notes ・Fast, Safe
・Highly Recommended
・Fast, Safe ・Recommended
・DHL offers On-Demand Delivery service

※Compensation for loss or damage may vary by country. ※Compensation is available only if contacted within 1 month from the shipping date for DHL and within 10 days from delivery date for EMS. ※EMS orders are not eligible for compensation or investigation of non-delivery if 6 months have passed from the shipping date. (Investigation of non-delivery may be requested only after 3 weeks have passed from the shipping date for both EMS and DHL)

About DHL

DHL is a courier with branches all over the world.
Unlike normal international mail, which is handled by different postal services depending on the country,
parcels shipped with DHL will be handled by the same company in all countries, allowing for a smoother delivery.

「On-Demand Delivery (ODD)」 service only of DHL you can use it . You will receive an email from DHL and you will be able to use the following services.

  • ①「Schedule Your Delivery」→Package delivery/re-delivery can be scheduled.
  • ②「Collect from Service Point」→Package can be picked up at local Service Points.
  • ③「Vacation Hold」→DHL will store your parcel for a maximum of 30 days.

※These services might not be available in some countries. Please check with your local DHL branch to find out whether they are available in your country. ※Customer's e-mail address will be forwarded to DHL. ※Samurai-Drugstore cannot take any responsibilities after it has been forwarded to DHL.


・DHL requires a complete and correct address for delivery.
 Please make sure that you enter all information without mistakes, using only the English alphabet.
 Non-English alphabet (such as accented/special letters or symbols used in other languages and Chinese characters) cannot be used.
 For customers without "state" and such information, please leave the space blank.
 We will do our best to suit the entered address to DHL's method.
 However, we may contact customers if the address information is still not enough.
 Please note that, in this case, shipping of the order will be delayed.

・Please check the item for any issues when you receive it.
 If you find issues, please contact Samurai-Drugstore with clear pictures of the item together with the order invoice or shipping label.
 The claim will be sent to DHL.
 If DHL acknowledges the issue to be on their side, compensation will be provided to the customer by DHL through Samurai-Drugstore.
 Please refer to DHL's official website or to the "Terms of Conditions" linked below for more information.
 Please note that Samurai-Drugstore cannot offer a product exchange in case of damage happened during shipping.

Updating Shipping Address

The shipping address of your orders can be updated in your My Account page.

Orders that have been paid, shipped or are being processed for shipping cannot be modified.


Customers may be required to pay customs fees when receiving foreign shipments.
Samurai-Drugstore unfortunately has no control over any fees/taxes levied by your country's government.
We are by law unable to undervalue shipments or mark them as "Gift", and therefore cannot fulfill any such requests to do so.
All orders are marked as "Merchandise" with the full value of contents written on an invoice attached to the outside of the parcel.
We are unfortunately unable to put invoice documents inside parcels, or ship orders without an invoice.
Please be aware of the matter before placing any orders.
Please note that some countries may require parcels to be opened for customs inspection.
Our store cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by customs officials, and we are unable to provide compensation or replacements for any items lost, seized, or damaged during the inspection.

Shipment Tracking

Online tracking is available for all shipping methods.
Online tracking is available at the following websites.

Japan Post→

Please note that online tracking status may not always be up-to-date.
Samurai-Drugstore has no control over the delivery of parcels and
we are therefore unfortunately unable to answer any questions relating to parcel delivery status.
Please contact your local office for more information.

Shipping Limitations

Not all shipping methods may be available for all orders.
Some countries do not offer EMS, DHL service, and there are size and weight limitations.
Your order may be modified without prior notice if it is not eligible.


All sales are final and returns are not accepted.

However, there are some cases in which local postal services may return your parcel to us because of it being unclaimed, failure to pay import fees, etc. If that happens, we will contact you to arrange reshipment.
In case a reshipment fee is required, our shop will be unable to cover it, therefore we will require that the customer pay for it.
Please note that items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they are returned to our store.
Postage fees for initial delivery are non-refundable.

Please also note that, in certain cases, orders shipped DHL may be charged an additional shipping fee to return the parcel to us.
As with reshipment fees, we are unable to cover it and will require the customer to pay for it.

  About Tariffs

For customs duty, the information site on the customs duty of the shipping destination is summarized below. Please refer to the applicable area.

  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • Middle Eastern countries
  • Africa
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
KR Korea
HKHong Kong
MO Macao
SG Singapore
PH Philippines
TH Thailand
VN Vietnam
MY Malaysia
KH Cambodia
LA Laos
IN India
LKSri Lanka
PK Pakistan
BD Bangladesh
NP Nepal
BT Bhutan
BN Brunei
MV Maldives
MN Mongolia
ID Indonesia
TM Turkmenistan
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
AU Australia
NZnew Zealand
NCNew Caledonia
FJ Fiji
GU Guam
MP Saipan
PFFrench Polynesia
ASAmerican Samoa
VGBritish Virgin Islands
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
US America
CA Canada
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
AR Argentina
SVEl Salvador
CRCosta Rica
CL Chile
BB Barbados
PRPuerto Rico
BR Brazil
PE Peru
MX Mexico
CO Columbia
CU Cuba
JM Jamaica
PA Panama
UY Uruguay
GFFrench Guiana
VIUS Virgin Islands
ANNetherlands Antilles
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
GB England
FR France
DE Germany
ES Spain
IT Italy
RU Russia
IS Iceland
UA Ukraine
EE Estonia
AT Austria
GR Greece
HR Croatia
CH Switzerland
SE Sweden
SK Slovakia
CZCzech Republic
DK Denmark
NO Norway
HU Hungary
FI Finland
BY Belarus
BE Belgium
PL Poland
PT Portugal
MT Macedonia
MC Monaco
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
LI Liechtenstein
RO Romania
LU Luxembourg
BG Bulgaria
SI Slovenia
VA Vatican
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
AEUnited Arab Emirates
IL Israel
QA Qatar
TR Turkey
BH Bahrain
KW Kuwait
OM Oman
Country / Region Code Country / Region Name Link destination
EG Egypt
SASaudi Arabia
TN Tunisia
ZASouth Africa
MA Morocco