【KOWA】 Doctor Nail Deep Serum 3.3mlX2

Deep Serum, 3.3 ml
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Kowa Doctor Nail Deep Serum 3.3mlX2. Nail balm effect: Moisturizing, Volume: 3.3 ml, Number of products included: 1 pc(s). Package width: 27 mm, Package depth: 77 mm, Package height: 86 mm

Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM is a nail-penetrating solution to fix nail trouble, and it is highly recommended by many pharmaceutical companies.
You will clearly come to feel the penetrating and healing ability that you have never experienced in the past.

Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM advanced formula with organic silicon and organic sulfur penetrates deep into the interior of the nail to repair damages from within that leads to strong and healthy nails.
Also, it is water-soluble, easy to use, smooth to put on, without stickiness, and without unpleasant smell that is a cause of discerning eyes.

The key difference with the nail care products in the market to date.
Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM, unlike the products which protect nails by coating hardeners to the nail surface or adding cuticle oils to add moisture, will penetrate deep into the nail to cure the problems from within.

Nail protection ingredients penetrate deep into the nails.
Fixes and strengthens the nails.
1. Hydroxypropyl Chitosan* creates a protection coating on the nail surface.
The solution makes dimethyl sulfone(2) and field horsetail extract(3) penetrate deep into the nails.
(2) Dimethyl sulfone* supplies “organic sulfur” necessary for the production of nail keratin.
(3) Field horsetail extract* supplies “organic silicon” necessary for strengthening nails.

Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM is the simple nail care that can be done easily and continuously
Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM is very simple to use, and it only requires applying the solution directly on the nails thinly.
- Apply directly on clean and dry nails.It is not necessary to rub the solution into the nails like cuticle oils.

-If your nails are covered by manicure or nail art, you may use Dr.Nail DEEP SERUM on the grown and bare part of the nails or on the reverse side of the nails.
- Keep the nails dry as long as possible since it is water-soluble.
- It is most effective when applied to left dry for long duration such as prior to going to bed.
- It is recommended for all nail care including toes.
- It can also be used by the men who have nail trouble.

The products can be purchased at drug stores and variety stores nation-wide.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【興和】 ドクターネイルディープセラム3.3mlX2個
Nail balm effectMoisturizing
Volume3.3 ml
IngredientsField horsetail extract, Dimethyl sulfone, Hydroxypropyl Chitosan
How to useApply a thin coating of the solution on a clean and dry nail.
Number of products included1 pc(s)
Package width27 mm
Package depth77 mm
Package height86 mm