About order

Q. Can you cancel an order / part of an order?

A. We do not accept cancellations in principle.
Please contact our shop as soon as possible only if cancellation is absolutely necessary.

Depending on the product / order / customer's purchase history, cancellation may be accepted, but the history will remain in your account.
Please understand in advance that this will affect the future use of your account / shop.
Please order only if you want to make sure your purchase.

Q. I received an order but I didn't get in touch.

A. We have sent an email to the email address you registered with your account.
As a reason not to receive mail from our shop

  • (1) Our e-mail has been treated as spam mail

  • (2) It is possible that your mail provider has blocked our domain (samurai-drugstoer.jp).

  • Order confirmation email (order email) sent automatically after your order
    If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder or contact your email provider.
    Please be sure to make settings so that you can receive mail from our shop.
    If you are using an email provider that can not make reception settings,
    Please use another e-mail address for registration to our shop.
    MSN (Hotmail, MSN, Live), Yahoo! , Gmail, AOL and other free email services
    Basically, you can receive mail from our shop.
    Among them, we recognize that Gmail is the least problematic service.

    Q.Can you add products to my order instead?

    A. We are very sorry, but we can not add items directly to your order.

    Q. The product page for the item you ordered is gone. Was my order canceled?

    A. If there are more items in your order, your order has not been cancelled.
    Products out of production by manufacturers, items before renewal, limited sale items, etc.
    Some products for which a new order can not be accepted may be withdrawn from the website.

    Q. Can you give me discounts by purchasing more than one?

    A. We strive to offer products as cheaply as possible.
    Therefore, we do not go through changes in the discount rate depending on the number of units purchased.
    As we also offer temporary discounts on campaigns regularly,
    We recommend receiving mail from our shop.

    Q. Can I give my order to others?

    A. You can not move orders across accounts.
    If you are trying to move your order,
    It may lead to cancellation of all orders and / or permanent deletion of all related accounts.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Q. Why was my order canceled?

    A.The following possibilities are possible

    1. The mail from our shop did not reach you.
    Please register an e-mail address from which you can receive e-mail from our shop (samurai-drugstoer.jp domain).
    By setting ISP / spam mail settings / mail application settings, etc.
    Please check if you can not receive mail from our shop.
    Smooth email communication is essential to complete the transaction.

    2. I asked the customer the necessary questions to complete the order, but the customer did not reply.
    If the registered address is garbled,
    In case you notice that you have accidentally made a duplicate order (the same order has been made more than once in a single day),
    We will verify the authenticity by email before completing your order.
    If no response is received after several days, the target order will be canceled.

    3. There are still unresolved problems with previous orders.
    If there are unresolved issues in the previous order, our shop can not accept new orders.
    We will accept new orders with the solution of that problem.

    4. The sale of the product itself has been canceled, the number of arrivals has suddenly dropped due to the manufacturer and the supplier reasons.
    In such case we will send you a notification.
    I am sorry, but I would like understanding.

    5. Your order quantity has exceeded our purchase limit.
    In order to provide all customers with equal purchasing opportunities, we have set purchase restrictions for some popular products.
    If there are items that exceed the purchase limit, cancel those orders that have been exceeded and
    We will contact you to that effect.
    For customers who repeatedly exceed the purchase limit, cancel the order,
    We will delete your account. Please be careful as shipped products are also subject to restrictions.

    6. You have ordered items that can not be shipped overseas.
    Flammable materials (paints, thinners, sprays, etc.) can not be placed on airmail and can not be shipped internationally.
    There are some items that can not be shipped internationally, even with flammable materials and products other than firearms and ammunition.
    Also, there are products that are restricted by the shipping country.
    For more information, please contact your local customs office.
    Products that can not be shipped internationally will be canceled from your order.

    7. We can not accept orders from customers who have had problems in the past.
    You can not accept any orders from a customer whose account has been deleted (stopped) in the past.

    About payment

    Q. When will you be charged?

    A. In our shop, it is prepaid regardless of the payment method.
    After payment is complete, it will be shipped after all items are ready in our warehouse.
    With regard to the amount billed, it will be commodity price + shipping = payment price.

    Q. Credit is on credit cards even though I have not paid.

    A. When new credit card information is registered on this site or credit card payment is used,
    Our payment agent will automatically ask your credit card company if the credit card is valid.
    How to check credit card validity depends on the card company
    Some card companies may temporarily hold temporary charge.
    We are very sorry, but our shop and our payment agency do not have any authority over these.
    Therefore, please contact your credit card company for questions regarding credit amounts and these

    Q. When I try to register / use a new credit card, an error is displayed.

    A. We use a payment agency company to settle credit cards,
    We can not answer questions about credit card registration / use from our shop.
    We're very sorry, but if you see repeated errors, please consider switching to PayPal payment.

    About shipping

    Q. Do you ship to my country?

    A. We ship to the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand.
    We apologize, but we do not ship to countries other than those countries.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Also, even in countries that can be shipped
    like flammable materials, rechargeable batteries (such as electric toothbrushes)
    Some products that fall under "Aircraft Dangerous Goods" defined by Japan Post and products restricted by the shipping country
    Some items can not be shipped.
    For more information, please contact your local customs office.

    Q. What shipping method do you have?

    A. We can use EMS, UPS in our shop.
    We are very sorry, but we do not deal with other shipping methods in our shop.

    Q. Is there a gift wrapping / message card service?

    A. I am very sorry, but now we have gift wrapping, message cards, etc.
    We do not provide services for packing your order.

    Q. Why were you charged an extra charge when receiving an order?

    A. In some countries, you may be required to pay customs duties and fees when receiving packages from overseas.
    These payments are determined by your country, and our shop does not have the power to stop these activities.
    Before using our shop, thank you for your understanding in advance.

    We do not accept under-values ​​for orders or shipping as "Gifts" in order to avoid customs duties.

    Q. I have been able to open the package at Customs.

    A. In some countries, packages may be opened during customs clearance work.
    We are very sorry, but we do not have the authority for these actions by customs,
    We can not be responsible for any actions taken by customs officials.
    Therefore, even if the goods were seized / lost / damaged by customs,
    Please be aware in advance that we can not offer damages or substitutes for those products.

    Q. The package has been returned.

    A. In the case of refusal of receipt or wrong shipping address, the package may be returned to our shop.
    In that case, we will notify you that the package has been returned and will send you a re-shipment guide.
    We will send it back to our store in the condition it was returned.
    The initial shipping fee and the recurring shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

    Also, for some orders shipped by UPS, shipping charges may occur upon return.
    Please note that you will be responsible for this as well.

    Q. It takes too long to arrive.

    A. If you feel your package arrives too late (more than 3 weeks with EMS)
    Prepare your package Tracking Number or Delivery Confirmation Number
    Please check the delivery status at the nearest post office.
    It may be stored undelivered at the post office, or may have stopped at customs inspection.

    If you waited long enough, but still can not find your luggage, please contact our shop.
    PayPal disputes,
    Don't chargeback at a credit card company.
    If these applications are made, it will interfere with our problem-solving process and you will have extra time.
    We will do our best to resolve the issue, so we ask for your understanding.

    Q. I haven't opened it yet, but I feel like my package is damaged.

    A. In the case of damage due to delivery, it is necessary to contact your post office.

    If you feel something unusual with your luggage
    (1) Take a photo before opening your package,
    (2) If possible, please open it with a representative of the post office.

    If the product has been damaged, please apply for a damage report at the post office.
    Once you have signed the required documents and received copies of them, please scan and send them to our shop.
    Only after a scan of the signed required documents has been sent to our shop can we file a claim for damages to the Japan Post.

    For customers using UPS, the damaged area and shipping label or
    Attach a photo with the order invoice attached to the shipping label,
    Please contact our shop as soon as possible.

    We will contact UPS from our shop and perform the procedure for damages.
    Please do not discard the documents (shipping labels, invoices) delivered with your package until the problem is solved.

    With regard to shipments shipped without registration (Unregistered), even if the shipment is damaged during delivery,
    We can not provide damages or substitutes.
    Therefore, in our shop, especially for high-priced items and fragile items,
    We strongly recommend shipping by EMS, UPS, etc.

    Q. Some of the products / products arrived in a broken / lost state.

    A. To our shop as soon as possible
    (1) Details about the problem,
    (2) Vivid pictures of problematic parts,
    (3) Problematic part and shipping label or
    A photo with an order invoice attached to the shipping label,
    Please send me an email containing a total of 3 points.

    Please be careful not to discard the documents (shipping labels, invoices) received with the package.

    We will propose a solution as soon as possible,
    It may take a few days to reply, as we need to discuss in-house.
    Also, if you do not see the shipping label or invoice on the photo you sent, you can not respond,
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Q. I have broken the product. Can you send me a replacement?

    A. We apologize, but we can not respond to your product damage.
    We can not offer replacements in our shop or be an intermediary between you and the manufacturer.
    Please understand in advance that the manufacturer only supports Japanese domestic customers.