【ROSETTE】 Face Wash Pasta For Dry Skin 90g

Face Wash Pasta for Dry Skin, 90g
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ROSETTE For Dry Skin, Face Wash Pasta. Suitable for: Women, Skin care effect: Acne prevention,Exfoliation,Refreshing, Suitable for skin types: Dry skin

Long-time best-selling medicated face wash for dryness-prone skin.

Gently cleanses, leaving the face moist and hydrated.
Medicated face wash ingredients fight acne and dry skin.

Dull, rough skin is not only the result of aging and dryness—it also has a lot to do with dead cells, or the waste products produced by the skin. Face washing and sulfur play an important role in whisking away dead cells so they can be replaced by fresh, new skin. This is the secret to retaining beautifully smooth skin texture.

Rosette Face Wash Pasta taps into the power of sulfur by adding it in the form of microparticles. Get beautiful, evenly textured skin that is as clean and smooth as if you just stepped out of a natural hot spring.

- The words paste and pasta come from the same Latin root meaning “dough”, or a fine powder kneaded into a soft mixture. Rosette Face Wash Pasta gets its name from the tiny sulfur particles that are blended into its creamy formula
More Information
Japanese Product Nameロゼット洗顔パスタ荒性肌90
Suitable forWomen
Skin care effectAcne prevention,Exfoliation,Refreshing
Suitable for skin typesDry skin
Suitable for sensitive skinYes
Volume90 g
100% natural ingredientsNo
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)