Ryukakusan 's throat refreshing white peach flavor 80g

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Herbal Throat Refreshing Candy Peach Flavor, 80g
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Ryukakusan 's throat refreshing white peach flavor 80g. Flavour: Peach, Product type: Throat Refreshing Candy, Weight: 80 g. Energy value (per serving): 369 kcal, Carbohydrate content (per serving): 97.3 g

Ryukakusan’s first throat refreshing candy that blends in 19 flavors of gentle herbal extracts, and 100 microns of Ryukakusan herbal powder.

- The first Ryukakusan Herbal Throat Refreshing Candy that you can experience the cool refreshing sensation twice in one drop.
- The 19 kinds of herbal extracts in the candy that refreshes the throat.
- 100 microns of Ryukakusan herbal powder inside the candy reaches the throat to refresh and soothe the throat.
- Can be taken when you want to feel refreshed, feeling dryness in the throat or when the throat was under heavy use.
- Peach flavor that is kind to your throat.
More Information
Japanese Product Name龍角散ののどすっきり飴白桃味80g
Product typeThroat Refreshing Candy
Weight80 g
Energy value (per serving)369 kcal
Carbohydrate content (per serving)97.3 g