Reward Points

Samurai Point agreement 

One point is given to your account for 100 yenshopping.

  • Samurai Points will be awarded when ordering a target item. 
  • It is a point that you can use as 100 points = 100 yen for every shopping. 
  • Samurai Points will expire for one year from the acquisition date. 
  • Please check My Page for points balance and usage history.

  • How to Use of Samurai points

  • It can be used as 100 points = 100 yen.
  • ou can get a 200 yen discount for 200 points.

  • Use at least 100 points per use, or use multiples of 100 points.

  • Bonus points can be discounted at any amount of consumption.
  • If payment is used as part of payment when ordering, but there is an error in the application for some reason, the bonus will be refunded preferentially.
  • * Samurai Drugstore reserves the right to change or suspend the use of the point program, and if there is any change or suspension,it will be announced on the website without notifying members