Takeda Consumer Healthcare Benza Block L Premium 12 Tablets

Seven kinds of ingredients work in a well-balanced manner to relieve various symptoms of cold.
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Ibuprofen relieves sore throat and fever.
Tranexamic acid relieves sore throat.
L-Carbocisteine ​​dilutes sputum and makes it easier to get out.
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride suppresses redness of the nasal mucosa and relieves nasal congestion.
Seven kinds of ingredients work in a well-balanced manner to relieve various symptoms of cold.
A small white-yellowish white caplet type tablet that is easy to swallow.

[Ingredients / quantity]
In 6 tablets (daily dose)
Ibuprofen ... 600 mg
(Improves fever and chills and relieves pain)
Tranexamic acid ... 750 mg (to relieve sore throat)
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride ... 135 mg
(Relieves stuffy nose and runny nose)
d-Chlorpheniramine maleate ... 3.5 mg
(Relieves runny nose and sneezing)
Dihydrocodeine phosphate ... 24 mg
(Relieves cough)
L-Carbocisteine ​​... 750 mg
(Relieves sputum)
Anhydrous caffeine ... 75 mg
(Relieves headaches)
Additives: Cellulose、 reduced maltose water candy、 croscarmellose Na、 corn starch、 hydroxypropyl cellulose、 Mg aluminometasilicate、 Mg stearate、 polyvinyl alcohol (partially saponified) hypromellose、 titanium oxide、 talc

[Usage / Dose]
Take the following amount with water or hot water within 30 minutes after meals without chewing.
15 years old and over ... 2 tablets at a time、 3 times a day
Under 15 years old ... Do not take.
● Precautions regarding usage and dosage
(1) Please strictly observe the usage and dosage.
(2) How to take out the caplet (tablet)
Press the convex part of the PTP sheet containing the caplet strongly with your fingertip to break the aluminum foil on the back side、 take it out and take it.
(If swallowed as it is by mistake、 it may lead to an unexpected accident such as sticking to the esophageal mucosa.)

[Efficacy / Effect]
Relief of cold symptoms (throat pain、 cough、 fever、 stuffy nose、 runny nose、 sneezing、 chills、 chills (fever-induced sneezing)、 headache、 joint pain、 muscle pain)

[Precautions for use]
● Do not take the following people.
(1) Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to this drug or the ingredients of this drug.
(2) Persons who have had asthma after taking this drug、 other cold medicines、 or antipyretic analgesics.
(3) Children under 15 years old.
(4) Pregnant women within 12 weeks of the expected date of delivery.
(5) Persons with the following symptoms.
・ Difficulty urinating due to enlarged prostate
(6) Person who received the following diagnosis.
・ High blood pressure、 heart disease、 thyroid dysfunction、 diabetes

● Do not use any of the following medicines while taking this drug.
・ Other cold medicines、 antipyretic analgesics、 sedatives、 antitussive expectorants、 oral medicines containing antihistamines、 etc. (Oral medicine for rhinitis、 motion sickness medicine、 allergy medicine、 hypnotic sedative、 etc.)

● Do not drive a vehicle or machinery after taking this medicine.
(Drowsiness may occur.)

● Do not take this drug if you are breastfeeding、 or avoid breastfeeding if you take this drug.
● Do not drink alcohol before or after taking this medicine.
● Do not take for more than 5 days.

Consultation points for use
● The following people、 please consult your doctor、 pharmacist or registered distributor before taking.
(1) A person who is being treated by a doctor or dentist.
(2) Pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant.
(3) Elderly people.
(4) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs.
(5) Persons with the following symptoms.
・ High fever、 difficulty urinating
(6) Person who received the following diagnosis.
・ Glaucoma、 systemic lupus erythematosus、 mixed connective tissue disease、 people with thrombosis (cerebral thrombosis、 myocardial infarction、 thrombophlebitis)、 people who may develop thrombosis、 respiratory dysfunction、 obstructive sleep apnea syndrome、 Obesity、 bronchial asthma
(7) People who have had the following illnesses.
・ Stomach / duodenal ulcer、 ulcerative colitis、 Crohn's disease、 blood disease、 liver disease、 kidney disease
(8) People who are being treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (selegiline hydrochloride、 etc.).
(9) Persons who have had insomnia、 dizziness、 weakness、 tremors、 or palpitation due to cold medicine、 antitussive expectorant、 or oral medicine for rhinitis.

● If you experience any of the following symptoms after taking this medicine、 stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor、 pharmacist or registered distributor with this document.
・ Skin: Rash / redness、 itchiness、 bruising
・ Digestive system: nausea / vomiting、 loss of appetite、 stomach discomfort、 stomach pain、 stomatitis、 heartburn、 stomach upset、 gastrointestinal bleeding、 abdominal pain、 diarrhea、 bloody stools
・ Psycho-nervous system: dizziness、 insomnia、 nervousness、 mood blockage
・ Cardiovascular ... Palpitations
・ Respiratory: shortness of breath
・ Urinary system: Difficulty urinating
・ Others: Blurred eyes、 ears、 swelling、 nosebleeds、 bleeding of teeth、 bleeding that is difficult to stop、 bleeding、 back pain、 excessive decrease in body temperature、 dullness、 hot flashes、 hot flashes

● In rare cases、 the following serious symptoms may occur. In that case、 please see a doctor immediately.
・ Shock (anaphylaxis): Immediately after taking the drug、 itching of the skin、 hives、 faint voice、 sneezing、 itching of the throat、 suffocation、 palpitation、 clouding of consciousness、 etc. appear.
・ Mucocutaneous ocular syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome)、 addictive epidermal necrolysis、 acute generalized exanthema subitum ... high fever、 redness of the eyes、 sores on the eyes、 sores on the lips、 sore throat、 widespread rash on the skin・ Redness、 small lumps (small pustules) appearing on the reddened skin、 generalized sores、 loss of appetite、 etc. persist or rapidly worsen.
・ Liver dysfunction: Fever、 itch、 rash、 jaundice (yellowing of skin and white of eyes)、 brown urine、 general fatigue、 loss of appetite、 etc. may occur.
・ Renal disorders: Fever、 rash、 decreased urine output、 swelling of the whole body、 dullness of the whole body、 arthralgia (pain in the joints)、 diarrhea、 etc. may occur.
・ Aseptic meningitis: Severe headache with tight neck、 fever、 nausea / vomiting、 etc. (Symptoms like this are especially common in people who are treated for systemic lupus erythematosus or mixed connective tissue disease. It has been reported).
・ Interstitial pneumonia: Shortness of breath when climbing stairs or forcing a little. ・ Shortness of breath、 coughing、 fever、 etc. are observed、 and these suddenly appear or persist.
・ Asthma ... When you breathe、 you may feel sick、 squeak、 or suffocate.
・ Aplastic anemia: Blue bruise、 nosebleed、 bleeding in the teeth、 fever、 pale skin and mucous membranes、 tiredness、 palpitation、 shortness of breath、 feeling sick、 and hematuria.
・ Agranulocytosis: Sudden high fever、 chills、 sore throat、 etc. appear.
・ Respiratory depression: Shortness of breath、 shortness of breath、 etc. appear.
・ Blood disorders: Easy bruising、 sudden high fever、 swelling、 sore throat、 easy bleeding (gum bleeding、 nosebleed、 etc.)、 difficult blood retention、 etc. appear.
・ Gastrointestinal disorders: Blackened stools、 hematemesis、 bloody stools、 mucous stools (loose stools with blood、 mucus、 and pus) appear.

● After taking this medicine、 the following symptoms may appear. If such symptoms persist or increase、 stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor、 pharmacist or registered distributor with this document. please.
・ Constipation、 thirst、 drowsiness

● If the symptoms do not improve after taking 5 to 6 times (especially when the fever lasts for 3 days or more or the fever repeats)、 stop taking the drug and take this document to your doctor、 pharmacist or registered sales. Please consult with a person.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
(1) Store in a box in a cool、 dry place out of direct sunlight.
(2) Please keep out of reach of children.
(3) Do not replace with another container. (It may cause misuse or change the quality)
(4) Do not take the product after the expiration date.
(5) Enter the date when the inner bag (aluminum bag) was opened in the *Opening date* entry field of the box.
(6) After opening the inner bag (aluminum bag) once、 take it as soon as possible within 6 months from the opening date from the viewpoint of quality maintenance.
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Japanese Product Nameアリナミン製薬 ベンザブロックLプレミアム 12錠