【Wakoudo】 Keep bugs away 60 pieces

Easy insect repellent that you can stick to your clothes or other items around you. A sticker type that sticks firmly. Unlike spray types, there is no risk of inhaling the medicine.
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【How to use】
- Peel off the sticker and stick one at a time on clothing such as cuffs, trousers, skirt hems, collars, hats, etc., where skin is exposed. (Guideline: about 6 places)

Plant essential oils (eucalyptus, citronella), propylene glycol

- This product is not edible.
- Do not stick directly on skin.
- Do not use for any other purpose.
- If it gets on your hands or you accidentally put it in your mouth, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if any abnormalities are observed.
- Do not put it in your mouth as it may cause choking.
- If using on children, use under the supervision of a parent to prevent licking, touching, or peeling off.
- The effect may not be felt depending on the usage environment, such as in a windy place.
- After use, remove from clothing, etc., and do not leave it attached or wash it.
- After use, dispose as combustible waste.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【和光堂】 虫きちゃダメ 60枚