【Rohto Pharmaceutical】 Mentholatum Mediquick Pro Cream 8g

A topical steroid that quickly soothes the itching caused by dermatitis.
It can also be used for eczema and rashes with redness, hives, heat rash, and insect bites.
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【Precautions for use】
■What not to do
(If you do not follow these guidelines, your current symptoms may worsen or side effects may occur more easily.)
1.Do not use on the following areas.
(1) Varicella (chicken pox), athlete's foot, ringworm, etc., or affected areas that are suppurative
(2) Eyes, areas around the eyes, mucous membranes such as lips, etc.
2.Do not use extensively on the face.
3.Do not use for long periods of time.

■To consult
1.The following people should consult a doctor, pharmacist, or registered seller before use.
(1)Person receiving treatment from a doctor
(2) Pregnant women or people who appear to be pregnant.
(3) Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs, etc.
(4) People with a wide range of affected areas
(5) People with severe dampness or sores
2. If the following symptoms appear after use, there is a possibility of side effects, so do not use it immediately.
Stop using the product and consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered salesperson with this instruction manual.

Related parts: skin
Symptoms: Rash/redness, itching, swelling

Related area: Skin (affected area)
Symptoms: Ringworm such as athlete's foot and ringworm, acne, purulent symptoms, and persistent irritation.

3. If your symptoms do not improve after using the product for 5 to 6 days, stop using it and bring this instruction manual with you.
Please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller.

Eczema, rash, itching, skin irritation, hives, heat rash, insect bites

Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day.

(in 1g)
Prednisolone valerate acetate 1.5mg, chlorpheniramine maleate 5mg, lidocaine 10mg, glycyrrhetinic acid 5mg, allantoin 2mg, isopropylmethylphenol 1mg, zinc oxide 15mg, dl-camphor 1mg, l-menthol 15mg
Additives include liquid paraffin, diethyl sebacate, stearyl alcohol, cetanol, glycerin stearate, pH regulator, isopropyl palmitate, behenyl alcohol, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, petrolatum, citric acid, dimethylpolysiloxane, BHT, sodium edetate. , contains parabens.

【Precautions for storage and handling】
(1) Store tightly closed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
(2) Please keep out of reach of children.
(3) Do not transfer to another container. (This may cause misuse or change in quality)
(4) Do not use products whose expiration date (written on the outer box) has passed.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【ロート製薬】 メンソレータム メディクイックプロクリーム 8g