【Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical】 Salon Pass Lotion 85ml

Glycol salicylate、 the active ingredient、 has excellent effects on stiff shoulders and muscle aches.
The soothing and comfortable stimulus of the salon pass relieves stiffness.
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○ Glycol salicylate、 the active ingredient、 has excellent effects on stiff shoulders and muscle aches.
○ The stimulus of a comfortable salon pass will loosen the stiffness. (Refreshing stimulus prescription)
○ Easy-to-apply bottle makes it easy to apply to areas that are difficult to apply.
○ Since it has a slight fragrance、 you can use it with confidence even when you are out.
* If you exercise after applying、 you may feel a strong stimulus (tingling sensation).
If the irritation is too strong、 discontinue use. Rinse with soap to relieve irritation.
No fires
Second Petroleum Water Soluble Danger Class III (Ethanol、 Propylene Glycol)

[Ingredients / quantity]
In 100g
Glycol salicylate ... 3.0g
Pelargonic acid vanillylamide ... 0.015g
Niacinic acid benzyl ester ... 0.02g
Glycyrrhetinic acid ... 0.05g
L-Menthol ... 5.0g
It contains ethanol and propylene glycol as additives.

[Usage / Dose]
Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day.

● Precautions regarding usage and dosage
(1) Please strictly observe the prescribed usage and dosage.
(2) If you want to use it for children、 please use it under the guidance and supervision of parents.
(3) Be careful not to get this in your eyes. Should it get in your eyes、 immediately wash with water or lukewarm water.
If you have severe symptoms、 please consult an ophthalmologist.
(4) Do not touch the mucous membranes such as eyes with your hands with this product.
(5) Please use only for external use.
(6) Avoid using before and after bathing.
(7) If you rub your skin while taking a bath or sweat in the summer、 you may feel the irritation caused by this product.
If you experience severe pain、 irritation or itchiness、 discontinue use、 wash the affected area with well-foamed soap and water several times without rubbing、 and then squeeze the affected area with cold water or lightly. Please cool it sufficiently with a wet towel.
If you do not see any improvement、 take this box and talk to your doctor.
(8) Do not warm the applied affected area with a kotatsu or electric blanket.
(9) If you have sensitive skin、 do not apply it to the same place continuously.
(10) Do not cover the affected area after applying this drug with a poorly breathable material.
(11) Soak the sponge with the chemical solution before applying it to the affected area. The sponge may be damaged if the chemical solution is used without bleeding on the sponge surface.

[Efficacy / Effect]
Stiff shoulders、 back pain、 joint pain、 muscle fatigue、 muscle pain、 bruise、 sprains、 fracture pain、 chilblains

[Precautions for use]
Do not use on the following parts.
(1) Around the eyes、 mucous membranes、 etc.
(2) Eczema、 rash、 sore、 wound、 suppuration site.

[Consultation points for use]
● The following people、 please consult your doctor、 pharmacist or registered seller before use.
・ People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs.
● If the following symptoms appear after use、 side effects may occur. Stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor、 pharmacist or registered distributor with this box.
・ Skin: Rash / redness、 itch、 swelling、 pain
● If the symptoms do not improve after using for 5 to 6 days、 discontinue use and consult a doctor、 pharmacist or registered distributor with this box.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
(1) Avoid direct sunlight、 close the cap tightly、 and store it in a cool place (cold and dark place).
(2) Please keep out of reach of children.
(3) Do not replace with another container. (It may cause misuse or change the quality)
(4) Keep away from fire.
(5) If it adheres to metals such as watches and glasses、 chemical fiber clothing、 plastics、 painted floors and furniture、 it may deteriorate、 so be careful not to adhere it.
(6) If it gets on your clothes、 wash it with water or detergent as soon as possible.
(7) Please do not use the product after the expiration date.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【久光製薬】 サロンパスローション85ml