【Kincho】Effective against mosquitoes, Mushi Conners Premium for entrances, odorless 250 days

Easy mosquito control just by hanging it on your front door or installing it outdoors!
No fire, electricity or batteries required. Can also be used in homes with children, dogs, and cats.
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Preventing or repelling adult mosquitoes

[Usage and dosage]
This product can be used for approximately 366 days. For the purpose of preventing adult mosquitoes from entering, one is installed outdoors at entrances and exits such as windows and doors. Use outdoors at a rate of 1 per 1m (3 square meters) radius to repel adult mosquitoes.

Active ingredient: Pyrethroid (transfluthrin 14.5%), other ingredients: polyolefin resin, other 2 ingredients

Please read the product label before use and keep this box during use. *Effects vary depending on the usage environment, so please read the label on the back carefully.
★Precautions for use
[Something you can not do]
- Do not directly touch or remove the mesh inside the plastic container.
- The chemical will evaporate continuously, so when not in use, return it to the original bag and be sure to seal it with tape, etc.
[Things to consult]
・In the event that you feel any abnormality in your body or accidentally ingest the mesh, hold this product as much as possible and consult a doctor to confirm that this product is an insecticide containing pyrethroid transfluthrin. Report it and receive medical treatment.
[Other notes]
・Please carefully follow the prescribed usage and dosage.
・This product is intended for adult mosquitoes. Use during mosquito outbreak season.
・Please be aware that if the product is affected by wind, it may not be as effective as it should be.
・Do not place this product in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
・Do not cover the opening of the plastic container during use.
・Do not use near fire.
・Be careful not to let children or pets come into contact with it during and after use.
・Do not allow this product to enter an aquarium containing ornamental fish, etc.
- If you touch the mesh, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.
・If you have allergies, please be careful when using this product.
・When the period of use ends, replace the drug with a new one.
- If this product is shaken violently, such as during strong winds, it may be damaged depending on the material of the installation location, so in that case, please remove this product.
・When throwing away, do not remove the mesh and dispose of it properly according to the instructions of the local government.
[Precautions for storage and handling]
・Store out of reach of children.
・Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【金鳥】 蚊に効く 虫コナーズプレミアム 玄関用 250日無臭