【Kincho】Shinkatori 200-day odorless replacement cartridge

Just place it in the room and mosquitoes will fall off.
Indoor mosquito repellent "SHINKATORI".
To turn it on and off, simply turn the container upside down with one hand.
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Eradication of adult mosquitoes


One per 6 tatami mats, approximately 200 days when used 12 hours a day

【How to use】

1. Open the bag and remove the drug cartridge.

2. Write the replacement date (200 days after starting use*) on the drug cartridge with an oil-based pen. If you use it for 12 hours, turning it on at 6pm and off at 6am, and using it from April 1st (around October 20th)

3. Push the drug cartridge into the dedicated container until you hear a click and attach it. (Insert the drug cartridge from the bottom of the dedicated container) When placed upright (opening), it turns on and the drug evaporates. When placed upside down (opening closes), it turns off. (On/off: just turn it upside down!) The dedicated container can be used repeatedly. After use, push the drug cartridge from the top to remove it.

*This product can be used for 300 days when used 8 hours a day. Please use it for a total of 2400 hours (total of 100 days) according to your lifestyle. When the replacement date arrives, please replace it with the separately sold "Shinkatori 200-day replacement cartridge" or "Shinkatori 120-day replacement cartridge."

Active ingredient: Pyrethroid (Transfluthrin 7.0%), other ingredients: Polyolefin resin, 2 other ingredients

Use in a Shinkatori dedicated container. *Dedicated container not included
★Precautions for use
【Things not to do】
・Do not touch or remove contents directly
・Limit daily use to 8-12 hours, turn off when not in use, and do not leave on
【Things to consult】
・If you feel any abnormality in your body or accidentally ingest the contents, hold the product as much as possible and check that it contains pyrethroids. Inform your doctor that this is an insecticide that has toxic properties and receive treatment.
【Other precautions】

- Follow the prescribed dosage and use
- If using in a closed or small room, ventilate occasionally
- Do not place in direct sunlight or in high temperatures
- Use only the container for this product
- Do not block the opening while in use
- Do not use near open flames
- Keep out of reach of children
- Do not place in aquariums with ornamental fish, etc.
- If you come into contact with the contents, wash thoroughly with soap and water
- Use with caution if you have allergies
- Replace with a new drug cartridge after the usage period has ended
More Information
Japanese Product Name【金鳥】 シンカトリ 200日 無臭 取替えカートリッジ