【Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare】 Minon Amino Moist Medicated Acne Care Milk 100g

A medicated moisturizing emulsion that absorbs easily into unbalanced skin that is concerned about both dryness and shine, and stores and conditions moisture.
Non-sticky and smooth to use.
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【How to use】
After preparing your skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount (1-2 pumps) into your clean palm and gently spread it over your entire face.

・When you first use it, press the pump several times until the contents come out.
- Blend the amount around the forehead, eyes, mouth, etc. with the pads of your fingers, making sure not to leave any residue.

Active ingredients: ε-aminocaproic acid, stearyl glycyrrhetinate

Other ingredients: Water, BG, concentrated glycerin, glyceryl trioctanoate, dimethicone, pentylene glycol, arakyl glucoside/arakyl alcohol/behenyl alcohol, diisostearyl malate, polyalkyl acrylate, trehalose, betaine, SE glyceryl stearate. , di(phytosteryl octyldodecyl) lauroylglutamate, isostearic acid, phenoxyethanol, carboxyvinyl polymer, sodium citrate, aspartic acid, L-valine, proline, threonine, L-isoleucine, histidine, L-phenylalanine, behenyl alcohol, potassium hydroxide , xanthan gum, cherry leaf extract, kiwi extract, 2-methacryloyloxyethylphosphorylcholine/stearyl methacrylate copolymer, citric acid, L-leucine, sodium lactate solution, PCA, arginine, DL-PCA/Na solution, sodium hydroxide , glycine, alanine, hydrogenated soybean phospholipids, serine, polyglyceryl laurate

【Precautions for use】
・Please be careful to check that there are no abnormalities on your skin before use. If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (vitiligo, etc.) or darkening during use, or if similar abnormalities appear when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, discontinue use. Please consult a dermatologist. Continued use may worsen symptoms.
・Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc.
-If you have sensitive skin, please apply a small amount to the sensitive area on the inside of your arm and make sure that no redness or itching occurs.
・If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately.
・Please keep out of reach of children.
・Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.
・Please be sure to close the cap after use.
・Please use as soon as possible after opening.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【第一三共ヘルスケア】 ミノン アミノモイスト 薬用アクネケアミルク 100g