【Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare】 NF Kaloyanguache 240ml

It promotes hair growth by expanding blood vessels in the scalp and hair roots、 increasing blood flow and supplying the oxygen and nutrients necessary for hair growth.
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1. It promotes hair growth by expanding blood vessels in the scalp and hair roots、 increasing blood flow、 and supplying oxygen and nutrients necessary for hair growth.
2. It contains cashew tincture that lowers lipid content、 ginseng tincture that activates dermal papilla cells、 and hinokitiol that has a bactericidal action on the scalp to prepare the hair growth environment.
3. Adopting a measuring nozzle container with a massage head (made of silicon rubber) that does not damage the scalp、 you can easily measure the amount of use for one time.
(For the function of each ingredient、 please refer to the *Ingredients/Amount/Usage* section)
*The product name NF stands for Non Fragrance.
◆ Instructions on how to use the container and how to use it effectively are described in the instruction sheet included with the product. Please read carefully before using.

in 100 mL
Carpronium chloride hydrate ... 2.18 g (2 g as carpronium chloride)
(It has the effect of dilating blood vessels and promoting hair growth.)
Cashew tincture 3 mL (1 g as crude drug)
(It works to lower the amount of lipids in the skin and is effective in preventing hair loss.)
Chixetsu ginseng tincture 3 mL (1 g as crude drug)
(It works to activate dermal papilla cells and has a hair growth promoting effect.)
Hinokitiol 0.05g
(It has a bactericidal effect and is effective against dandruff and itching.)
Pantothenyl ethyl ether 1 g
(A derivative of pantothenic acid that helps maintain healthy skin and hair.)
(It gives you a refreshing feeling.)
Additives: sodium dL-pyrrolidonecarboxylate、 glycerin、 sodium edetate、 ethanol、 pH adjuster、 yellow No. 5
Dosage and dosage
Adults (15 years old and over): Rub 2 mL into the scalp and gently massage. Depending on the condition of the affected area、 if 2 mL is too much、 reduce the dose accordingly. Use twice a day (morning and evening)
Under 15 years old: Do not use.

■The container of NF Kaloyanguache is a *measuring nozzle container* that can easily measure the amount (2 mL) used at one time. Please read the usage instructions carefully and use it correctly.
The nozzle part is made of a soft material that is gentle on the scalp. Apply while tapping the tip of the nozzle against the scalp.
●Step 1
■Unscrew the cap and check that the central nozzle (black) is raised.
●Step 2
■Medicine is filled in measuring part when we turn container upside down.
■ Proceed immediately to step 3 in this state.
●Step 3
■With the state of step 2、 press the tip of the container against the scalp and push it in firmly until the nozzle stops.
■By pushing the nozzle in、 the amount used once (2 mL) is measured、 and the chemical solution comes out little by little from the tip.
■ Proceed to step 4.
●Step 4
■Remaining in the state of step 3、 apply the product to areas of concern or the entire scalp while pressing the tip of the nozzle against the scalp.
■Apply until the amount of one use (2 mL) filled in the measuring part is gone.
●Step 5
■ After applying the medicinal solution、 lightly massage the scalp.
●Step 6
■After use、 close the cap tightly and store. Close it tightly and it will be ready for the next time you use it.

(1) Strictly follow the usage and dosage、 and do not use excessive amounts. (Please note that if you use more than the prescribed usage and dosage range、 or if you use it frequently、 the possibility of developing side effects increases.)
(2) If you use this product immediately after washing your hair or after taking a bath、 you may experience side effects such as sweating.
(3) In general、 the elderly may have decreased physiological functions、 so please be careful when using this product、 such as reducing the dose.
(4) Be careful not to get this in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes、 immediately wash it with water or lukewarm water. If the symptoms are severe、 please consult an ophthalmologist.
(5) If you touch mucous membranes such as eyes with hands with chemicals、 it will be irritating、 so please wash off the chemicals on your hands thoroughly.
(6) Use only on the scalp.

Dosage form/shape

Alopecia areata、 alopecia areata、 diffuse alopecia、 alopecia pityriasis
Promoting hair growth、 restoring hair、 preventing hair loss (hair loss)、 thinning hair
● Dandruff and itching
Post-illness/postpartum hair loss

Precautions for use
Do not use on the following parts.
(1) Scalp with scratches、 eczema or inflammation (redness)
(2) Other than the scalp

Points to consult on usage
1. The following people should consult a doctor、 pharmacist or registered salesperson before use.
(1) People who have had allergic symptoms due to drugs、 cosmetics、 etc.
(2) Elderly people (see “Precautions related to dosage and administration” section)
2. If the following symptoms appear after using this medicine、 they may be side effects. (Please discontinue use and rinse with water or lukewarm water.)
Part involved: symptoms
Scalp: rash/redness、 itching、 swelling
Others: Generalized sweating、 accompanying chills、 hot flashes、 shivering、 nausea
3. The following symptoms may occur after use. If such symptoms persist or worsen、 discontinue use and consult a doctor、 pharmacist or registered salesperson with this leaflet. Please. (Please discontinue use and rinse with water or lukewarm water.)
Part involved: symptoms
Scalp: irritating pain、 local sweating、 heat sensation

Precautions for storage and handling
(1) Keep tightly closed in a cool、 dry place out of direct sunlight.
(2) Keep out of reach of children.
(3) Do not replace it with another container. (It may cause misuse or change the quality.)
(4) This agent may dissolve chemical fibers、 plastics、 painted surfaces、 etc.、 so please do not get it on the floor、 furniture、 glasses、 etc.
(5) If you are using hair dyes、 etc.、 please be aware that the use of this agent may cause color transfer to clothing、 pillowcases、 etc.
(6) Do not use the product after the indicated expiration date.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【第一三共ヘルスケア】 NFカロヤンガッシュ 240ml