【Shiseido】 Anessa Night Serum (Refill) 160ml

For full body care at night after exposure to UV rays.
Contains niacinamide for whitening care and wrinkle improvement.
An all-in-one serum with a relaxing lavender scent.
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Niacinamide*, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*, Ashitaba extract, aloe extract (2), tea extract (1), tormentilla extract, D-glutamic acid, purified water, dipropylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, liquid paraffin, methylpolysiloxane , cetyl 2-ethylhexanoate, methylphenyl polysiloxane, self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate, carboxyvinyl polymer, polyoxyethylene glyceryl isostearate, polyoxyethylene (17) polyoxypropylene (4) dimethyl ether, potassium hydroxide, Erythritol, polyoxyethylene (14) polyoxypropylene (7) dimethyl ether, xanthan gum, acrylic acid/alkyl methacrylate copolymer, l-menthyl glyceryl ether, 1,3-butylene glycol, rosemary oil, disodium edetate, Lavender oil, macadamia nut oil fatty acid phytosteryl, sodium pyrosulfite, phenoxyethanol, fragrance * indicates "active ingredients" No indication indicates "other ingredients"
*Some actual ingredients may differ due to product improvements or changes in display methods. Please see the product label for actual ingredients.

【Precautions for use】
◇If the dispenser no longer moves smoothly, please purchase a new unit.
◇If you have not used the pump for a while, the contents remaining at the mouth of the pump may harden, but this does not affect the quality of the contents. If there are any lumps in the contents you took out, remove the lumps before use.
◇You can also use it after cooling it in the refrigerator, but in that case, be sure to shake the container before use, return it to the refrigerator immediately after use, and store it in the refrigerator until used up.
◇The contents may become hard when cooled, but this does not affect the quality.
◇It is not a drink. Please be careful not to accidentally ingest it by children or family members.
◇Never put it in the freezer. If it freezes, the quality may deteriorate.
◇Do not place it in sunlight or high temperatures.
◇Please be careful of fire.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【資生堂】 アネッサ ナイトセラム(レフィル)160ml