【Lion】 vitalis hair liquid 355ml

It blends easily with your hair and quickly conditions your hair while maintaining its natural luster.
It has a slight citrus floral scent.
It's non-sticky and won't stain sheets or pillowcases.
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Refreshing scent、 clean hair
Blends easily into hair and quickly conditions hair while preserving natural luster
A refreshing citrus floral fragrance
Non-sticky and won't stain your sheets or pillowcases

Wetting agent/Sorbit liquid、 PG
Cleaning agent / silicic anhydride A、 silicic anhydride
Foaming agent/coconut fatty acid amidopropyl betaine liquid、 POE hydrogenated castor oil、 POE stearyl ether、 sodium lauryl sulfate
Medicinal ingredients/PEG4000、 sodium polyphosphate、 sodium fluoride (fluorine)、 dextranase (enzyme)、 sodium lauroyl sarcosine、 tocopherol acetate
Flavoring agent/fragrance (cool mint type)、 xylitol、 saccharin Na
Viscosity modifier/carrageenan、 sodium alginate
Stabilizer/Ti oxide、 DL-alanine、 glycerin fatty acid ester
Binder/xanthan gum
cooling agent/menthol
Coating agent/hydroxyethyl cellulose dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride

Dosage form/shape
More Information
Japanese Product Name【ライオン】 バイタリス ヘアリキッド 355ml