【Morinaga】 inbar protein <Matcha> 37g

A protein bar that is delicious and filling, and provides 10g of protein in one bar.
This is a delicious bar with the perfect balance of matcha-like bitterness and not-too-sweet taste.
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【Raw materials】
Shortening (domestic production), wheat flour, soy protein, whey protein (contains milk ingredients), inulin, sugar, vegetable oil, matcha, cocoa powder, resistant dextrin, corn starch, salt/emulsifier, flavoring, enzyme-treated rutin, Safflower yellow pigment, leavening agent, sweetener (sucralose), gardenia blue pigment, niacin, Ca pantothenate, V. B6, V. B2, V. B1, Sericulture, V. B12
【Nutritional information】 Per bottle (standard 37g)
Energy: 200kcal Protein: 10.3g Qualities: 12.4g Carbohydrates 14.1gg - Carbohydrates: 9.5g - Dietary fiber: 3.4-6.1g Salt equivalent: 0.09-0.56g Niacin: 6.1-165.74mg Vitamin B1: 0.08-1.16mg Vitamins B2: 0.47-1.65mg Vitamin B6: 0.42-1.16mg Vitamin B12: 0.72-2.47μg Folic acid: 65-198μg

【Things not included in the nutritional information table】
Enzyme-treated rutin: 42mg combination
Amino acid score: 100 *Amino acid score is a numerical value that represents the performance of a protein, and the highest value is 100.
【Allergens】 Milk, wheat, soybean
【How to enjoy】
Please consume one bag per day.
Contents 1 bottle
please note
Please consume immediately after opening.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【森永製菓】 inバープロテイン <抹茶> 37g