【Meiji】 Zavas for Woman Shape & Beauty Chocolate Flavor 900g

Powdered protein containing soy protein and collagen that support building a lean body as protein、 as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for building a body.
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It is a chocolate-flavored powdered protein that contains soy protein and collagen、 which are proteins that support the creation of a toned body、 as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for body building、 so it can support the creation of a beautiful and toned body.
The manufacturer's formulation and granulation technology are used to ensure that it dissolves easily、 so you can quickly dissolve it and drink it deliciously.
It dissolves quickly and is easy to drink.

Defatted soy protein (manufactured in Japan)、 dextrin、 fish collagen peptide、 cocoa powder、 salt/calcium carbonate、 magnesium carbonate、 thickener (pullulan)、 sweetener (aspartame/L-phenylalanine compound、 sucralose、 acesulfame K)、 V.C. Emulsifier、 fragrance、 V.E、 ferric pyrophosphate、 V.B2、 V.B6、 calcium pantothenate、 V.B1、 niacin、 V.A、 V.D、 V.B12、 (partially contains milk ingredients、 soybeans、 gelatin )

[Nutritional information display]
Per serving (21g)
Dietary fiber…0.3-1.0g
Salt equivalent…0.34-0.81g
Pantothenic acid ... 0.46 mg
Vitamin A…110-340μg
Vitamin B1...0.50mg
Vitamin B2...0.57mg
Vitamin B6...0.42mg
Vitamin B12...0.11μg
Vitamin C…32mg
Vitamin D…9.1μg
Vitamin E…0.95mg

[Dosage and dosage]
○ For ice cream
・Shaker: Dissolve 3 spoons (approximately 21g) attached to 200ml of water or cold milk.
・Glass: Add 200ml of water or cold milk to 3 spoons (approximately 21g)、 and mix well with a teaspoon to dissolve.

○ Hot
・Mug cup: Add 200ml of hot water to 3 spoons (approximately 21g) and mix well with a teaspoon to dissolve.

[Precautions for use]
・If you have food allergies、 please check the ingredients before using.
・It may not suit your body depending on your constitution and health condition. In that case、 stop taking it and consult a doctor or specialist.
・Do not shake hot water or warm milk in a shaker. Water vapor or contents may splatter and cause burns.
・This container is not a shaker、 so please do not put liquid in it and shake it.
・Be careful not to burn yourself when cooking or drinking.
・Do not heat in the microwave.
・After opening、 close the lid tightly to prevent dust and hair from entering、 store away from direct sunlight、 hot and humid places、 and consume as soon as possible.
・Do not put a wet spoon in the container. Protein can clump.
・You may see dark grains in the product.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
Avoid storing in direct sunlight、 hot and humid places.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【明治】 ザバス for Woman シェイプ&ビューティ チョコレート風味 900g