【Meiji】 Zavas Advanced Whey Protein 100 Cocoa Flavor 280g

You can replenish protein according to the protein intake point such as immediately after training、 so it supports the creation of an ideal body.
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Whey protein blend with good absorption. Contains vitamins necessary for body building.
Contains 20g of cocoa flavored whey protein per serving.
Among them、 the main ingredient is acid whey、 which is rare and has a high content of essential amino acids.
You can replenish protein according to the protein intake point such as immediately after training、 so it supports the creation of an ideal body.
Contains *vitamin B group and vitamin D* that are essential for building a healthy body、 and *vitamin C* that is essential for maintaining physical condition.
Pursue the ease of protein solubility with our unique granulation method and formulation.
It melts easily、 so you can easily dissolve it not only in a shaker、 but also in a glass or cup and drink it deliciously.
A refreshing and easy-to-drink cocoa flavor that is delicious with water or milk.

Whey protein (manufactured overseas)、 cocoa powder、 vegetable oil、 salt/emulsifier、 fragrance、 V. C、 thickener (pullulan)、 sweetener (aspartame/L-phenylalanine compound、 sucralose、 acesulfame K)、 V. B2、 V. B6、 V. B1、 niacin、 V. D (contains some milk ingredients and soybeans)

[Nutritional information display]
Per serving (28g)
Protein ... 20.0g
Lipid ... 1.7 g
Carbohydrate ... 3.1g
Salt equivalent: 0.31 to 0.80 g
Niacin ... 4.5 to 13.9 mg
Vitamin B1...0.67mg
Vitamin B2 ... 0.76 mg
Vitamin B6...0.56mg
Vitamin C ... 43 mg
Vitamin D ... 12.1 μg

[Dosage and dosage]
(1) Dissolve 4 spoons (approximately 28g) in 250ml of water or milk twice a day.
(2) Dissolve 4 spoons (about 28 g) attached to 250 ml of water or milk.
(4 spoons (28g) provides 20g of protein.)
(The guideline for 1 spoonful is fine.)
(3) Drink immediately after dissolving in water or milk.
(4) Please adjust the amount of drink to be dissolved according to your preference.
(About 10 servings for 4 spoons (28g).)
*Protein shaker sold separately.
*There are individual differences in protein intake. If you are a first-time user or think that the amount is large、 please try a small amount at a time.

[Precautions for use]
(1) If you have food allergies、 please check the ingredients before using.
(2) It may not suit your body depending on your constitution and health condition. In that case、 stop taking it and consult a doctor or specialist.
(3) Do not put hot water or warm milk in the shaker and shake. Water vapor or contents may splatter and cause burns.
(4) This container is not a shaker、 so please do not put liquid in it and shake it.
(5) Do not put a wet spoon in the container. Protein can clump.
(6) You may see dark grains in the product. This is part of the raw materials and there is no problem with quality.

[Precautions for storage and handling]
After opening、 close the lid tightly to prevent dust and hair from entering、 store away from direct sunlight、 hot and humid places、 and consume as soon as possible.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【明治】 ザバス アドバンスト ホエイプロテイン100 ココア味 280g