【Pigeon】 Mushi Kururin sticker type 60 pieces

This sticker is impregnated with the essential oil of a natural herb that is said to be disliked by insects.
The essential oil of natural herbs evaporates from the seal continuously, making it difficult for insects to approach.
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【Suggested use】 Approximately 6 locations at a time.
[Duration] Approximately 6 hours *Varies depending on usage environment.

[Materials/ingredients/raw material names]
Natural herbal essential oil (citronella oil)

【please note】
(Precautions for use)
●This product is not edible. ●Do not apply it directly to your skin. ●If it gets on your hands or accidentally enters your mouth, wash it thoroughly with water, and if any abnormalities occur, consult a doctor. ●Do not use for any other purpose. ●If children are using this product, please keep it within the reach of their parents to prevent them from licking, touching, or peeling it off. ●After use, please remove it from clothes, strollers, etc. If you leave it attached or wash it, the adhesive may stick to your clothes, etc. ●Depending on the usage environment (due to the influence of wind, etc.), the effect may not be felt. ●Avoid using on areas where friction is likely to occur, such as the armpits of clothes or the crotch of pants, as color may transfer. ●For brushed materials such as terry cloth or delicate materials such as silk, adhesive may remain or the texture may deteriorate, so please test in an inconspicuous area first. ●Leather and synthetic leather may lose their texture, so please use them as soon as possible.
(Storage method)
●Please keep out of reach of children. ●When storing, please close the zipper tightly and use it as soon as possible. ●Do not store in direct sunlight or high temperatures. *Please dispose of it as combustible garbage after use.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【ピジョン】 虫くるりん シールタイプ 60枚