【Kaijirushi】 QUECK Mayu scissors with comb 1 pcs

It is a eyebrow scissor with Mayu Kome and Mayu Sami.
You can cut Mayu hair with one hand.
Right hand -only. (It cannot be used with the left hand)
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An eyebrow scissor that combines an eyebrow comb and eyebrow scissors.
You can easily cut cocoon hair with one hand. Right hand only (cannot be used with left hand).
An oblique comb that matches the hair of Mayu.
The long handle makes it easy to see the mirror that does not block your view.
When cutting one by one、 slide the comb out before using.

[Precautions for use]
・When putting on and taking off the comb、 be careful when handling it as it is a knife.
・Because it is a knife、 please be careful when handling it.
・Store in a safe place out of reach of infants.
・After use、 wipe off sweat and dirt with a soft cloth or tissue paper、 etc.、 and always use it in a clean state. Wipe off the water especially well.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【貝印】 クエック クシ付マユハサミ 1個